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  1. Or flip his thinking and make being an Inquisitor desirable. After all, if a PC gets good enough, perhaps they could pull a Galen Marek and be a secret apprentice.
  2. Well, the player always has the choice of how many and which pips to use. If you roll 3 Force dice and they come up 2 white, 3 black, you could choose to use just the white and ignore the black.
  3. Isn't that how it works anyway? "I use move to lift that rock." *rolls a DS point* "...But nothing happens."
  4. it's true. Sidious is an excellent example of a guy with Willpower 6 and Discipline 5. So is Yoda. How they use that willpower and discipline makes all the difference.
  5. Then again... The list of redeemed Sith, even taking legends into account, is a pretty **** short list.
  6. Vader did completely flip light. Somehow. You don't get to be a glowing blue force ghost chilling with Obi Wan and Yoda if the Force hasn't completely forgiven you. Then again... If a Lightsider gets conflict for flipping dark pips...does a Dark Sider get negative conflict for flipping light pips? Are there other deeds you can do that grant 'negative conflict' to explain something dramatic like Vader->Anakin?
  7. The Emperor is certainly psychotic, but he is still a genius and a political mastermind. There is such a thing as 'REALLY **** SMART' evil. Sidious is example A of really **** smart evil. The only bad call he ever made is missing the fact that the guy who joined him to stop people he cared about from dying might take offense to him torturing someone he cares about to death.
  8. The problem is more the Dark Side tends to lead to sociopathic behavior...on a good day. 'Apology accepted, Captain Needa.'
  9. For those who are Sam Jackson fans, Seek does contain Shatterpoint. It's not just 'find my lost puppy.' Typically, my jedi have the Enhance/Foresee/Influence/Move/Sense set. I consider that the basics, really.
  10. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Force is how forgiving it actually is. Even if you've murdered a temple full of children, force choked your wife, chopped your son's hand off, tortured your daughter, and killed dozens of Jedi...you can still be saved by the standards of the Force. I somehow don't think the Rebel court of law would find him not guilty, however.
  11. Indeed it is. After all, you never HAVE to spend those dark pips. Nobody's holding a lightsaber to your skull...but if you choose to do so, you too can find yourself cackling about UNLIMITED POWER!
  12. Actually, it's very easy for the DC and Marvel characters to generate enough conflict, even with their strict no kill policies...to end up Dark. Look at the list of everything that generates conflict, and realize how often comics characters do that stuff, even if they never kill. Oliver Queen, in Arrow, often puts an arrow through somebody's hand or shoulder to get information. That's torture. Lots of conflict there, bro. Batman's interrogation techniques might also qualify as torture from the Force's point of view, and there's his fall in a nutshell.
  13. I'd think twice about the concept. 'He who fights monsters' is a real danger in the Star Wars Universe.
  14. Darksiders can have high Discipline and Willpower too. Those traits don't make him immune to the effects of his actions. Also if he were to be suddenly transported to the Star Wars universe I'm not sure he'd learn what he'd need to learn to avoid falling to the darkside fast enough. Acquiring knowledge on Sith and Jedi takes time. Years. It doesn't take all that long to fall to the darkside all things considered. He could fall before he even realizes there is a fall in the first place. Agreed, you are no more noble for letting evil do it's thing. It's a bit pedantic. Either I'm right and he learns fast enough, or you're right and he becomes a monster. But in neither case will he be what a DC Comics reader expects.
  15. Well, I was speaking of 'if Batman as is were suddenly transported into Star Wars.' In which case, yes, I believe he'd change and adapt and become unrecognizable from the DC character rather then lose his moral compass. We are talking about a guy with 5 ranks of Discipline and a willpower of 6, after all.
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