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  1. You'd be surprised how far primer> highlight base layer > quality wash can get you.
  2. 3 jerjerrod ISDs is trouble no matter how you slice it.
  3. Well that's good since Mon Karen is better anyways. Take Spinals instead of XI7s and enjoy your instant death zone drop. Use it well.
  4. Mon Karen is way scarier out of a Raddus drop.
  5. Gr 75 with flight commander and expanded hanger is a pretty sporty pusher. Sato changes the squad game completely. The value of your squads hangs on presence and mobility. Things that can be crummy in other fleets get a new shine when Sato commands. Grit, Rogue, Bomber and being named Tycho are all great with Sato. Deep hull values and Jan's Brace lending are useful too. And Biggs. I think an X-wing ball with Biggs, Nora, Jan and maybe a jamming field would be hard to dislodge from the table. A squad token can do wonders at the right time when you need to "paint" something.
  6. In my experience 3 things Sato really likes are Han Solo, Tycho Celchu and MC-75s. I was running Sato with salvation and liking QBTs and Engine Techs as a nice way to crank more dice out of that front arc.
  7. Yeah I have a couple tweaks in mind. The obvious defensive one was staring me right in the face. See you at nationals!
  8. Haha next time I won't go down so easily! That match more than any other was a huge learning opportunity for me. You flew brilliantly!
  9. To clarify, I know there are lots of good approaches, that's why I posted, in case there was a pretty solid simple but effective approach I hadn't thought of. BT Avenger is as pull trigger/kill target as it gets but maybe I am missing something or underestimating the complexity of building the rest of your fleet around it.
  10. I'm not the new one it's for my brother. We have access to basically everything at least twice in most cases.
  11. Ok I feel like less of an illiterate then.
  12. Oh nvm. Where did I see that Regionals were premier tier?
  13. I thought in premier tier events there was an 11 day window or is that old info?
  14. Just to be clear the new toys didn't quite make it in time for this tournament eh?
  15. What would you guys suggest for a new player in terms of simple but effective? Ie maybe not too complex on the rules but still capable of winning? I think two big ships but those usually come with complex uprgrade loadouts, but depending which ones you have that might be trickier for a new player to run without getting tripped up a bit. Conversely a higher number of less tricked out ships might be tricky to maneuver. What do you guys think? I am open to all feedback here.
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