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  1. And to that I can heartily agree. The appearance of Rebel Commandos with Sharpshooter, Snowtroopers with Flamethrowers, etc. does seem like we're headed in the right direction. Too early to tell if they provide a similar 'illusion of choice'. And now to see if 3 unarmed AT-RTs can serve as an effective Melee Assault Force for digging out troops
  2. If you'll allow a brief side slip on this one, I think you might agree that Armada was in a similar state at first release. I would agree each trooper unit in play currently does have a 'dominant' strategy, and the tools and variety available on the Unit Choice/List Design are so limited that it certainly could boil down to the situation you express - and most certainly so in the Demo environment. I think you can begin to see some of those Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanics start to bubble up, but they're not all there yet. My response to a bunch of dug-in troopers should be something different than a similarly sized bunch of dug-in troopers. It might be an AT-RT with a Flamethrower - or (in a few months) a Snowtrooper assault squad with a Flamethrower attachment. I would argue putting myself in an engagement such as you describe is the result of poorly managing my risk - if the odds are even, I haven't done my job as a commander. However, I would agree the opportunity to create those asymmetric situations is fairly limited right now, given the limited variety of units/upgrades available in the game.
  3. I think there's more meat to Legion's system over Armada, and it hinges more on risk mitigation both on and off the field. In Armada, the only opportunity to mitigate risk was in your list design - take Ord Experts in case you whiff, take anti-squadron tools if you think you'll run into squadrons, etc. Once the game began, activation order was an 'illusion of choice' - there was only one optimal ship to activate first, then second, etc. and there was no chance those ships would activate in a different order. In Legion, you have the same risk management opportunities in list design, but now also on the field of play. Activation is variable - and fantastically so - and a good commander must account for this throughout the course of the game. There may still only be one optimal unit to activate first, but there is no longer a guarantee they will do so. That 'risk' is what makes the game great, and the ability to manage that risk is what makes a commander great.
  4. Right - the more effective use of it is area denial. Without them, AT-STs and AT-RTs can effectively move wherever they want - unhindered by engagement, and some pretty nasty melee combat attacks. Throwing 5 points of Impact Grenades means those armored units aren't going to risk walking all over you because they'll get slammed by a high Impact attack. The best corollary I can think of are Panzerknackers or Panzerfausts in most WWII mini games - great for defending an area against tanks/vehicles - awful for running out and trying to attack something.
  5. Caldias, you sexy b*tch, way to kill all the fun we were having lawyering.
  6. So perhaps the reason we cannot find a general rule for it, is that it is keyword specific. Page 30 in the RRG looks pretty definitive: "If a unit performs an attack using multiple weapons that have the impact x keyword and those weapons contribute dice to the same attack pool, the x values of each impact x keyword are cumulative." I have 5 weapons that add 5 black dice to my attack pool. If the argument is that the unit only has 1 Impact Grenade Weapon, then I would go back to page 44 under Upgrade Cards: "Some upgrade cards feature the hard point (?) or grenade (?) icons; these are weapon upgrades. These upgrades do not add any minis to a unit; instead, every mini in that unit may use that weapon when attacking the enemy." EDIT: Ahhhhh - okay, I think I see where you guys are coming from. "Every mini in that unit may use that weapon when attacking." It's still only 1 weapon, so you only add the Impact 1 once instead of for each time the dice are added. This is different than Speeder Bikes because each mini is using a separate weapon with Impact 1. Consider me learned and awaiting an FAQ
  7. See, that's what I think is just not the case. Having played at least a few games on TTS so far, you're just not going to get 5 dice with impact 5 on an armored target. It looks great on paper, but Range 1 is really hard to get to and your Troopers are just not that survivable.
  8. So right, the Arsenal 2 ability granted by General Weiss would be 100% moot if that ability did not "stack" or was not "cumulative" with the Arsenal 2 ability listed on the AT-ST. "If you stack this with the AT-ST’s pre-existing Arsenal keyword, you gain Arsenal 4—enough to make an attack with every single one of the AT-ST’s weapons!" However, the L2P Document does specifically address weapon keywords on page 15: "Weapon keywords are cumulative; when performing an attack that includes two weapons that have the impact 1 keyword, these two keywords combine to add up to impact 2." This can really only apply to the Speeder Bikes in the Learn to Play scenario - two identical weapons with the same keyword. This leads me to say the stacking "Impact 5" has to be true. But I do agree for now - Circumstantial Evidence at best
  9. Agreed on both points. I did a quick search through the RRG to see if they reference how abilities stack, and the word "stack" only returns 1 search result in the document - which relates to the command token stack The Learn to Play document does cover it, but RRG overrides L2P, etc. etc. etc. I'll have to keep looking myself
  10. No, Step 6 is where the keywords modify the dice in the attack pool - they are not where they are applied to the attack pool. I will concede the Attack section of the RRG does not actually cover where they are applied. However, the other text in the rulebook would be moot, specifically: "• Each weapon that contributes dice to an attack pool also applies its keywords to that attack pool." I am adding 5 black dice from 5 Impact Grenade Weapons. I have to add Impact 1 (times 5) to my attack pool. Those affects are then applied in Step 2c as the dice are added to the pool. At Step 6, I then modify the attack dice using the ability Impact 5.
  11. Right, Thoras, Step 2c says exactly that: "Gather Dice: For each eligible mini [that] chose a weapon, the attacker gathers the number and type of dice depicted on that weapon...." The Upgrade Card detail on Page 44 says: "Some upgrade cards feature the hard point (?) or grenade (?) icons; these are weapon upgrades. These upgrades do not add any minis to a unit; instead, every mini in that unit may use that weapon when attacking the enemy." So I have the Impact Grenade upgrade card attached to my Stormtrooper unit. That gives each mini the Impact Grenade weapon. When I get to Step 2c, each of my Stormtrooper minis now have 2 weapons - E-11 Blaster and Impact Grenade. For each mini I chose Impact Grenade as the weapon to fire, and so add 1 black dice for each of my Stormtrooper minis (in range, LOS, etc.). As I add each of those weapons/dice to the attack pool, I add the keyword Impact 1. These keywords stack in the attack pool, so I now have an attack pool of 5 black dice with the keyword Impact 5.
  12. Yeah, I think this is pretty cut n dry - no FAQ required - especially looking at the 5th bullet point under Attack Pool on Page 15: "Each weapon that contributes dice to attack pool also applies its keywords to that attack pool." So yes, the weapons are identical, but they all add dice to the attack pool. When they add those dice, they also apply their keyword - which stacks. Said another way, the reason you roll 5 white dice when you fire with your 5-man squad of Stormtroopers is because you have 5 weapons that each add 1 white die to the attack pool. If those E-11 blasters had a weapon keyword, you would apply it to the attack pool 5 times.
  13. A trooper unit has multiple weapons that fire - just like a unit of 2 speeder bikes has multiple weapons that fire. Each model in the unit is firing a weapon. So continuing with Speeder Bikes. You are firing 2 weapons - 1 from each speeder bike. Each weapon has Impact 1. You pool the dice together and the attack pool now has Impact 2. Impact Grenades are the same thing. You're firing 6 weapons from 6 troopers. Each weapon has Impact 1. You pool the dice together and the attack pool now has Impact 6. As for the comparisons vs Vader, your 6 troopers are so unlikely to survive getting into grenade range that it's nearly a moot point. They are weapons of desperation, not of primary use and effectiveness.
  14. Listen, guys, if you're that worried about the posters, 3 of them are on the website. Snipping Tool -> Ctrl-P => Done! The best part is that you can print them out in any size you want! Need 5x7's for that picture frame on your office desk? Done! Want to include a cute 4x6 in your Valentine's Day card? Easy Peasy! Need some Wallets to hand out to friends and family at your kid's birthday party? Who wouldn't want a pocket sized slice of joy?
  15. Mark: "Hey Brian, the only way I could get our money back from FedExKinkos for that Legion shipping delay was a credit for 3 million prints on high gloss copy paper." Brian: "What the **** are we going to do with that?" DudeFromAcrossTheRoom: "I HAVE AN IDEA!"
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