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  1. Rules reference: "The letter “X” Unless specified by a card ability or granted player choice, the letter X is always equal to 0. For costs involving the letter X, the value of X is defined by card ability or player choice, after which the amount paid may be modified by effects without altering the value of X."
  2. As good as a win in my, and I imagine, many other books...
  3. Yeah I probably should have read the whole thread first tbh.
  4. As far as I can see, they do not share the same timing. Gunner says immediately, TLT does not...IDK am I missing something here? Seems straightforward enough
  5. Expose is primary weapon only
  6. You don't want to have predator on the titled Inquisitor, as you'll be using the target lock action ideally every time. 3 points would be better spent on Push the Limit, or you could try Juke, or possibly Veteran Instincts. I would also drop cluster missiles (or maybe the prockets if I was giving Inqy an EPT that was 2 points or less) and upgrade the Omega Squadron to Omega Leader with the same loadout
  7. displaced

    The 3 Scouts

    Want a squad name referencing U Boats, Space Pirates and Toilet Seats? How about Das Booty?
  8. See long running clip show "America's Dumbest Criminals"
  9. Latest FAQ: "When the inquisitor attacks with his primary weapon, he rolls an additional attack die. if the defender is at range 3, the defender does not roll an additional defense die. only the range of the attack is treated as range 1. Any abilities that reference the range of ships, such as Carnor Jax or scum & villainy Boba Fett, are not affected by The inquisitor’s ability. Autothrusters now reference the specific range of the attack, and therefore never trigger against The inquisitor’s primary weapon"
  10. It can use Gunner, but not Vader. Vader requires the ship utilizing to have a hull remaining. Gunner triggers because the stipulation is the attack has to miss and a primary weapon attack may be performed immediately after the trigger
  11. Imo one should be a Patrol Leader with gunner and Vader, then you can have RAC with 6 points of upgrades so that could be; VI, Engine or Predator, Rebel Captive for example. You could also go Oicunn with 10 points of upgrades which lets you access the Daredevil/engine combo, or something like Predator, Isard, Captive
  12. Id take OL over both options without fail especially as the base Tie/ln is 15 points because **** not having crackshot Yeah you like your build we get it, bringing it up in every thread whether it's relevant or not kind of let us all know. I'm the defender guy and I never spammed the forums in a year the way you have in a few weeks. Your jobs done you can dial it back. the hell did this come from? havnt brought it up except where relevant, like in a thread about FOs He got you mixed up with Paragoombaslayer, not sure how but there you go...
  13. I'm actually taking him to a tournament this Saturday, with the possibility of using the list in a store championship if it performs OK. The quandary I'm facing though is whether or not to have Predator on Zeta Leader or Juke, I have the points for relay regardless...what is going to be the best fit?
  14. I took a Jukey squad to a third place finish at a recent winter OP event Vader [Title, ATC] Omega 'El Presidente' Leader [Juke. Relay] Omega Squadron [Juke, Relay] x2 Extremely happy with the performance of the unit, its most impressive display was tabling some advanced sensor Bro's in under half the time limit. A relatively cheap Vader was still a bit of a aggro magnet, but he did some decent work, but I do wonder if another FO ace might be better in this spot. Zeta Leader with Juke/predator and relay would enable me to stealth device El Presidente, but at present I'd be restricted to a PtL Omega Ace due to having not enough FO expacs.
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