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  1. I thought Armada seemed better for this (to establish starting bonuses/penalties in the mission), because, at that scale, it's more conceivable that your team made it out regardless of the outcome*; or that the engagement just had a broader repercussions for faction-wide logistics that may have affected the mission relevant details/supplies. *Examples: The rebels get annihilated, but maybe you hit the escape pods. Or maybe the engagement had nothing to do with you directly, but a transport containing some of your random gear cards was diverted to help out recovery efforts.
  2. Correct. "A Massive figure can end its movement in spaces that contain blocking terrain and/or other figures. Any figures in its spaces are pushed into the closest empty space of its controller’s choice (taking impassible terrain into account). The player moving the Massive figure pushes friendly figures first, and then other players push their figures." "After a Massive figure ends its movement in spaces containing at least one other figure, the Massive figure cannot move any more during this activation." (I never noticed / forget the bolded)
  3. Are they still around in Civil War era? I thought I finished off what was left from the purge in KotoR! We have to have Salacious, along with Jabba, Bib, Malakili and obviously the Rancor. Why would wamprats be useless, whoever said that? I know they're not much more than two meters, but they could still have uses. I did too! But apparently the mention of Yoda and Dooku killing one is canon. Wookipedia 'Legends' explain that many of them hibernate when the dark side is weak, and re-emerge when it gets stronger (and notes the rise of Palpatine as such a time). So the Jedi thought they had killed them all in KOTOR, but they apparently repopulate after such purges.
  4. Terentateks are nominally trainable; but they would be pretty out of place in most missions. (...like all the other creatures?)
  5. Nice write up; concise. Should note more clearly that the implicit Recovery surge power is once per attack, just like all the rest. (As a new player, I might interpret it as a great way to spend ALL my unused surges)
  6. Chewie, specifically the mission The Spice Job, is available in TP 2; which would put TP 2 around 5 BBY, the same time frame as the Rebels series.
  7. That's just it though. She's posing. Nobody else is posing, the rest of the minis are in action positions. Why is she different? Royal Guards are just standing around. Sorin has his hands behind his back. Also, Jyn and Diala are in action poses so its not like every woman is 'posing'. Those are pieces are all depicted fulfilling their role - the guards are guarding, Sorin is overseeing, Imperial Officers are ordering, they're all performing their roles, not posing. This suggests Leia's role is to look a certain way. Yes, you could argue that that's what Leia genuinely looks like sometimes while performing her role in the conflict, and personally I don't think the Leia sculpt is that bad, just that I can totally see the problem that's bothering people. I think they've gone a *little* too posey. Leia is a warrior-princess, emphasis on princess, but not in the derisive sense. Rather in the sense that she was literally raised as a member of the aristocracy and, as such, brings a certain air of regal haughtiness with her to the battlefield. So it doesn't read to me as "posing," I'm seeing an aloof Leia strumming her fingers on her hip, impatiently waiting to see if those buffoons at the front are going to execute her orders properly or if she needs to get in there and handle it herself. The leg looks a little awkward, but the sculpt works for me over all.
  8. Never knew this. Typo. They meant IA there.
  9. One extra droid item seems a lot less crazy.
  10. What I noticed that you seemed to have missed is 28 Hero Class cards. So one of the Heroes has an extra card in their deck. I couldn't make out the number. If it really is 28 then this means that there are FOUR additional hero cards. Each hero normally gets 8 cards, 2 for 1 exp, 2 for 2 exp, 2 for 3 exp, 2 for 4 exp. On the core box, the rewards from the heroes side missions are considered reward cards and not hero class cards. Could be 5 different cost 0 droid attachments? 1 or 2 max, to customize him for a particular role.
  11. Officers, makes sure you get the most out of Firing Squad, and those heavies are slow.
  12. I was hoping this, but I think the face down card in the FFG preview picture is the Rule by Fear skirmish upgrade card in the Team Covenant photo. 2 Skirmish missions, Agenda Set, 3 Command Cards, Somos himself, and Skirmish upgrade accounts for everything in that image.
  13. You mean you don't think it sounds in place for 3PO to talk Vader out of attacking someone? Well, I suppose they do have a history, maybe he knows how to talk to him... 3PO just suggests that the target may have the high ground; he's not going to risk making that mistake twice.
  14. Those are mainly for skirmish mode though. I'm interested to see the rules for implementing the extra Stormtroopers in the campaign (if any), but we aren't likely to get that from Gencon.
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