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  1. One store in my town got them and one didn't. That more than anything struck me as a bit odd.
  2. Is this an iOs thing? In the Android app, the points are right next to the card's name.
  3. Yeah, I would ultimately like a Kindle version as well. Edit - Actually, I wonder how the web interface works on the Kindle browser...
  4. Launch bugs aside, this is my only real complaint about the mobile app.
  5. It's due out tomorrow. This is today.
  6. Jam tokens are round. Round tokens fall off at the end of the round. The ship "remains jammed" in case it receives a token during that round, in which case it loses both.
  7. Probably into plastic bags, then into the empty conversion boxes. I'd recycle it all, but I'd still like to play HotAC, so keeping at least the Rebel stuff around as a dedicated set seems reasonable.
  8. I don't think so, cuz Gavin's ability is to change 1 die result. The hit elected by homing missiles isn't a die result.
  9. I put together an interesting list with Vess and a couple of OS-1 Rho Gunboats with FCS.
  10. Yup, I did the job successfully today, and I've never done any model work before. The only thing I'll say is to make sure you have the smaller, finer X-acto to split the seam.
  11. Rexler, Soontir and Duchess fit pretty comfortably in a list. Could probably finagle Whisper in rather than Soontir if you were inclined.
  12. Rexler w/ Juke and FCS Howlrunner 3x Academy Pilot 200 points. *Checks calendar*
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