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  1. Can I just offer my sincere congratulations to Biggs for a most fabulous reworking of Devil Went Down to Georgia. Bravo, sir, Bravo.
  2. I was still delighted but confused seeing the MC-75 briefly in that fleet, since it was captured in R1 and I thought canon is that all the MC ships are unique.
  3. On that note, introduced it to our 8nplayer crew and we set everything up, but then it emerged you can't start a campaign with 8. OP, I love what you've done with this. Is it possible to accommodate 8 player campaigns? I know that this would necessitate a modification of the rules: campaign points being one. Maybe it would be possible to set custom levels for these? Do you have a donation link? I would be very happy to contribute to your work.
  4. I definitely spotted a MC-75. Given that Mon Cal ships are supposed to be unique, that raises the question of whether this is somehow Profundity, which was captured by the Empire in R1, or a different MC-75.
  5. I feel personally attacked by this comment.
  6. Yeah, I realised after I wrote and thought I had edited it out.
  7. Heavy Fire Zone turbolasers will turn this into a long range flak monster (no ruthless strategists). Not sure if it's worth the opportunity cost, though. Heavy Fire Zone While attacking a squadron, before you gather dice, if the defender is not engaged with a friendly squadron you may replaceallthe blue dice in your squadron armament (with) red dice. Edited Ruthless Strategists out. On mobile so can't do strike though!
  8. At this price point,what's everyone's thought about owning 2 of these in the context of 400 point games? I can see two of the Mk 1 versions working with a few upgrades and flotilla support, or an ablative squad screen. Gonna be tight on those points, though!
  9. It's really nice to have a Rebel large that will be a different aesthetic to the Mon-Cal designs.
  10. Those decals really do look great! Where did you get them? I would be really keen on trying the same.
  11. Can anyone recommend a close colour match for the stock base grey of the Hammerheads? I'm planning to selectively repaint the coloured accents and would like to mask some of the existing accents with as close to base colour as possible. I've can lay my hands on the main brands fairly easily.
  12. Hey ! Great to see your write up and to see the evolution of the list that you clubbed me with in warm up games on Vassal! Huge congratulations for breaking the mould and taking Madine into the top commanders. I find it's so easy to fall into a rut and go with the popular commanders. I heard one if your games described on Galactic Conflict as 'trying to fight water' and I know exactly what they mean. Big props for a great achievement!
  13. Thanks. I've been planning on buying I to IA for casual play at some point. Maybe in the short term this will make it easier to do, if people sell up. Came here to say that. Now there's precedent for bridging two bases with a ship, maybe that would be more appropriate for a Lucrehulk. However, they'd still need to make specialised bases or come up with tiered card because the ridges on the left and right ride of the bases stop you overlapping a single layer of card like that.
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