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  1. Scojo2

    T-70 Nick names

    So in other words we could call it the Sex-Swing? Wife: "Honney, where were you yesterday?" Husband: "Familiarizing myself with the new X-Wings our squadron just received." Wife: "DONT LIE TO ME! YOUR FRIENDS SAID YOU WERE FLYING IN A SEX SWING! WHO IS SHE!?"
  2. Well first off, I bet friend or foe detection is the reason, but if you could shoot your own squadmates they would likely still roll defense dice and give points to the opposing player.
  3. Yea i didn't see that one either... Where is those?I can't remember, I was just going through every topic until I saw this. It's under Dust Tactics
  4. A hangar made of explosions!? BRILLIANT!
  5. Scojo2

    T-70 Nick names

    T-70 "Scissor Wing"
  6. Buy them a nice box to sit in. One day you'll be able to sell them for lots of money as a collectors item and you'll be able to show it to your kids as proof that you survived the falling skies in growth of the X-Wing miniatures game. You could also: Make tiny card houses. Practice throwing cards with them. Use them as some obstacle for home rules. Mix them in with your new damage deck for really weird casual games. If I come up with more, I'll post later.
  7. I can't believe they're making me buy the whole base just to get different color pegs! Literally unplayable
  8. I would be ok with the rules being changed so that you could deploy them close to the sides of the play area, but not within range 1 of each other and not within range 2 of the deployment play area edges. Removing any more restrictions would cause problems, I think.
  9. That would throw off the part where players get to choose which side they want to deploy on after putting out obstacles.
  10. The dice and attack count aren't designed that way. Those are set to represent the crafts accuracy and weapon power. The Z is fine, I think, considering it's cost. The ship that I feel is misrepresented is the A-Wing. The A-Wing has low power gimbal laser cannons, meaning it should have a better chance to hit than other craft, but deal low damage. They compensated for this in the design by adding in the test pilot title, though.
  11. I don't think 4 Ys with TLT create that bad of a play experience. Why? First: 4 TLT Ys = 4 dials to set and execute 8 TIEs/Zs = 8 dials to set and execute Setting and executing maneuvers takes much longer than rolling dice in this game, so the TIE and Z swarm are worse about that than the Ys. Also, Ys can usually stay in formation so their maneuver selection is quicker, whereas swarms turn into furballs which add more time to maneuvering decisions. Finally, swarms bump more often than the Ys, and bumping adds to game time AND ITS FRUSTRATING TO PHYSICALLY DO OVER AND OVER. Second: 4 TLT Ys = 4 targets to declare 8 TIEs/Zs = 8 targets to declare While the swarm matches the number of attacks to roll as the Ys (if they are all in range), the Ys don't have as many targeting decisions to make, and sometimes targeting decisions can take as long or longer to make than rolling the attack. This means the swarm once again will typically take longer than the Ys to resolve shooting. Third: Half of the Ys dice rolls are usually unmodified, whereas all swarm attacks will usually be modified, meaning the swarm will again take more time than the Ys to resolve. In conclusion, I think 4 TLT Ys made it through testing because it's not as bad as you think in terms of playing experience. The swarm is much worse.
  12. Running with interceptors, you're going to want a target that makes target choice a tough one for the enemy to take some heat off the interceptors. This means something maybe bit easier to hit, something with a threatening quality the enemy can't really ignore, or both. Doomshuttle Bomber with ordnance Advanced with AC and Cluster Missiles If you could shave 4 points off the interceptors, the shuttle with Emperor is my favorite.
  13. I personally go with always rerolling the correct amount. Adding or removing a die after rolling is too complicated. What if he doesn't roll all the same result? Which do you remove? No matter what you choose to do about it, be consistent with it throughout the rest of the match. Changing how you do something in the middle of an ongoing game is definitely unfair
  14. Scojo2

    Should I Play?

    Actually I have both! I gave up with X wing because I thought all the games started to seem the same. I'm not interested in tournies. The main reason I am interested in the game again is Episode 7. With this in mnd I'm not realy interested in A wings annd Y wings and having white and black Ties. So for a casual player who would vote the rules at about 6.5 out of 10 is it worth it? And if so should I wait till we have another wave that may have more Episode 7 fighters? What happens if you go see Ep 7 and there are A-Wings and Y-Wings in it? Just curious
  15. The sky will have completely crashed to Earth by then
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