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  1. curious to see if it's an early-release typo and they meant enemy player edge.. if it is future proofing I can't wait to see what is coming with clone wars
  2. Sadly Gencon is holding the tourney on Thursday and I'm not missing out on all the vendor promos and early bird items to play Armada again I'll swing by and say hi tho
  3. And no other listed Armada events Can't miss opening day vendors again, hopefully there will be some other Armada stuff goin on.
  4. Clone wars *maybe* Gencon will have something to show us, and hopefully the 2 new ships will be spoiled at or by then.
  5. Players who are meticulous will stay meticulous no matter what parameters you give them regarding tool use. Generally the less tools you have, the longer you will take. Having a clock, either turn limit or overall limit would be the "best" way to handle this, while allowing more freedom in premeasurement (multiple tools ect), this would allow the meticulous players to get what they need (within reason with the time limits) This is assuming the problem is bad enough to warrant the change. Personally I think the only time a chess clock would be noticeably better would be elimination play.
  6. Did you mean "Losing interest in a game because new toys aren't being released every other year"?
  7. Heading there this year for another game, is there any Armada to play there?
  8. I feel it has no positive effects for Armada. They didn't even give a clone wars tease with Armada when they announced it for the other games. It would not surprise me if they put out the SSD and call it a game. I'm not saying I think that is the most likely scenario, but without even a vague teaser of anything else in over a year, every other star wars game using a new world champ system, and no end in sight for rapid xwing/legion releases.... it's more likely to be getting shelved than some giant massive wave coming.. hopefully they do an app and a wave 8 soon.
  9. It is a sign of more new X-wing articles, news, and products to come over the next several months....
  10. I'm curious to see the ISD, Quasar, gladiator, and gozanti ai
  11. I agree. It should be a Floor Rule that if someone doesn't use proper measure/movement without the opponent's consent, whatever the maneuver was trying should fail. I don't think the problem is bad in the Armada community, but the game is gimmicky enough to warrant a bit more oversight than FFG usually gives. That said, individual TO's can do that on their own as well.
  12. Hovering is fine before committing, but it's up to the opponent to allow someone to actually pick the ship up and place it without fully snapping in the tool flat on the board edge. In a critical 'between ships and obstacles' move best to take the time to do it right, and you need the opponent to be okay and in agreement with any "well it looks good from here" calls
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