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  1. You could either cloak and avoid engagement and not attack, or attack and die, not both on the same time. It seems silly to me
  2. Dont worry, you could cloak after shooting only if you have an unspent evade token. Somehow you have to survive with 2 greens w/o using evade. To me the Phantom will be worse than 1.0 punisher.
  3. 3 Decimators and only 2 Tie Adv and Defenders ?!? What a joke.
  4. I don't argue that, but even so, we still have to pay 150-200 at the minimum to be able to play the game like we used to. It sucks for people like me that are casual and don't care about competitive play. For the latter, this might be very exciting cause they spend 100$ (adding travel and accommodations is well above that) just to play on a single event.
  5. I feel you, I've invested around 1200$ in this game, and even though I get the needed changes, it still sucks to be punished that I joined a game that had design flaws. Let's make that clear a lot of flows were placed intentionally, so FFG will sell more new expansions like Jumpmaster (everybody was spending 100$ on a single ship release), Imperial Veterans, the Harpoon Missiles expansion and so on. I was barely playing the game and not I have to cough another 150 bucks to activate my ships from all factions(if I got it right there will be 5 fractions, so 5x50 bucks=250), so I was thinking selling out and quitting the game but now most of my stuff is worthless if I don't spend 150 or 250$. In the end, I understand that all these changes were overdue, but I don't see why we would be punished for FFG mistakes. I want to say that I'm excited, but I feel more betrayed and frustrated.
  6. It was acceptable to sell, I know a lot of people that bought 3 of them.
  7. I fly mine with TLT aggressor and had good success rate with him. Loe PS, unpretentious, doesnt have to stay in arch and often finishes the opponent ships after alpha strike.
  8. Who is going to use evade tockens if you fight against other epic ships. I'd use plasma torpedoes and cluster missiles and you will extra points for more upgrades.
  9. You cant use Swwrm leader efficiently cause you add only one die, so it seems waste of points. Adding Vader instead Whisperis another story, but SL works only with primary weapon.
  10. I think you are correct, he's wrong.
  11. I wouldn't recomend a Tie Swarm to a new player. The thought process to run 6-8 ships is very tiring and often unexperienced players do simple errors that are not common in their regular games. I feel for you that you want to stick with the Empire, but having a decent swarm list is not cheap cause you may need an Epic ship or multiple ships that you wont fly (Crack shots). My advice is to go with Decimator and Whisper or Tie/sf ace. It wont win you tournametns but if you practice a little would win you a lot of games, and it's fun to fly it.
  12. Isn't Tie/SF from wave 9? I like it better than the 3 small ships in wave 10. From wave 10 I like tie striker more than others, it fits better in my preferences.
  13. I will stay away from Tie Interceptor in Epic, 3 hull and no place to run. Generally the more ships you have to shoot with, the better is the chance to win. Six ships are not much in Epic for my standard.
  14. Our thoughts are that in todays Meta this is the best squad. Something that you already know. Did you expect somebody to come up with better list?
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