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  1. dboeren - uhm - wow. You brought to light a lot of things we weren't aware of so first thank you for that! Next, I will go over to Cardgamedb and see what happens there. The Black Goat has always been my favorite Lovecraftian Horror so I've been very biased and always had them in my deck. I teamed them with Miskatonic and Neutrals at first but had no wins. I then used the Agency and Neutrals with Black Goat and REALLY got squashed. I haven't tried the Syndicate or the Twilight cards. I have a decent supply of all factions - a little over a deck box full of each one save Cthulhu and Black Goat due to buying the Deluxe expansions for them so they both have more and Twilight has significanly less. I shifted to an all Black Goat deck as incorporating all the Mi-Go's and a few choice other cards made the probabilities of drawing another faction pretty remote. We opted for 75 card decks due to the amount of cards we have and wanting to give adequeate play time to them all. We have tried different house rules such as needing five story/conspiracy cards to win to try to give the Mi-Go's more time to ramp up, but inevitably the Ravager or Dimensional Rift comes out and tears the Mi-Go apart. Typically when resourcing I try to use cards that have the lowest impact of my play or that I have multiples of in my hand except the Mi-Go's. I am most grateful for your comments and suggestions and will look into the other factions and different cards. We're still new to this game and learning so finding this forum and other members has been very helpful! Thanks!
  2. Looking for advice on how to beat my wife's deck please! My wife has created a deck I have only beaten once due to luck. Currently, I am using an all Black Goat deck with every Mi-Go available and all the Shub's (even the new ones just realeased). We use a 75 card deck each and while mine is filled with three of each card she mostly only uses one of each. She is also a huge Lovecraft fan and has read all his stories several times (as well as those by August Derlath, Robert Bloch, and others). She chose probably 80% of her cards because "those were the ones she liked," not based on what the cards could do. The rest she chose as Domain Resources or cannon fodder. Several of the cards listed below she's never used against me (Cthulhu) and others (Ravager, Dimensional Rift, Beneath the Mire, etc.) come into play nearly every game. Her deck consists of: Neutal - 12 cards: Whately's Diary - x 2 Nyarlahotep Tulzscha Written in the Sky Tcho-Tcho Talisman Dinmensional Rift Seeker of Mysteries Azathoth Broken Space, Broken Time Magnifying Glass Beneath the Mire Yog-Sothoth - 26 Cards: Crazed Shoggoth Wilbur Whateley Son of Yeb The Tower of Koth Yog-Sothoth Reawakened Elder Thing x 2 Guardian of the Key Cursed Skull The Silver Key Calling Down the Ancients Forbidden Shrine Visitor from the Spheres Disciple of the Gate Spell-Bound Shoggoth Guardian Elder Thing Wizard of Yog-Sothoth Elder Thing Tcho-Tcho Tribe Forgotten Shoggoth Eltdown Shards A Single Glimpse Servant from Out of Time Ritual of Bellephar Dreams in Limbo Cthugha Cthulhu - 37 Cards: Lord of the Silver Twilight Hydra Sword of Y'ha-tallo Cthulhu - cost 6 Cthulhu - cost 10 Cerenerian Deep One Adult Deep One Ghatanothoa Ruinous Star Spawn Guardian Shoggoth Keeper of the Golden Path Ocean Crawlers Dark Quagmire Lord of Y'ha-nthlei Giving Thanks Followers of R'lyeh Kassogtha Ravager from the Deep St. Erasmus' Home for Mariners Young Deep One Shadow-Spawned Hunting Horror Day of the Deep Ones Touched by the Sleeper Noises in the Hills Shadowed Reef Black Seas of Infinity Dreamlands Fanatic Innsmouth Troublemaker Pulled Under Mature Deep One Tidal Pool Dagon Primal Fear Dwellers Below Deep One Rising Mnomquah Bokrug I've tried The Agency, Miskatonic University, Neutrals, Hastur, The Syndicate separately and in various combinations against her deck and only the stacked added effect of the Mi-Go has come close to beating her deck. I don't mind losing, but I at least want a decent chance of winning before I play a game. Right now I lose every game. Advice / suggestions MOST WELCOME! Thanks!
  3. Thank you most kindly! It was drinving me nuts!
  4. If you look in the Core Game Rulebook on Page Four in the lower right hand of the page at the Cthulhu card there are two little icons in the upper left between the cost number and the title - I've been looking everywhere for what these mean and I haven't found it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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