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  1. If you're bothered by character development, look at ANH and Luke. Nobody farm boy who wants to join the Rebellion becomes THE Rebel hero in a single day (maybe 2). He goes from knowing nothing about the force, to meeting Obi-Wan and leaving Tatooine, boards the Death Star, leaves the Death Star, and destroys the Death Star by trusting in the force which he learned about on the 14? hour ride to Alderaan. ESB and RotJ have better character development because several years pass, which allows the audience to accept that characters can train and learn new skills. Rogue One did have poor character development, but with an ending like that, why bother? All valid points but Rogue is limited by the fact it's one movie. They have to get it right. The greatest limit for sure is it is just one movie... SOME MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW However, in that time you got a round/short version of why she was what she was. You realise she had lost parents (preferring even to believe that her father is dead than the other "rumours"), her main confidant from 7 (?? Not sure how old young Jyn was) to 16 or so seemingly (from her perspective) cuts her off and abandons her. Judging by the path Saw took (and how the alliance felt about it), you can get an inkling of what she was like as a person as "one of his best fighters". She obviously does no better in life after as she ends up in prison, hiding who she really is out of fear of repercussions/being used against her. So understandably, some guys turn up to help her she has none of it, only seeing the "go free" option as the motivation to help to begin with. When she finds out her father DIDN'T betray her and everyone else, also that Saw also had strong reasons for doing what he did, suddenly her history can be re-evaluated in her mind and she doesn't look at things from the "everyone is out to get you perspective, only rely on yourself" and can start looking outside of herself... Still, only one film, so there is indeed only so much you can do... I think other characters (like Cassian) do develop, giving reason for their decisions, or at least intent behind them...
  2. I did like the call for General Syndulla, and while I don't know if we'll get anything more from that scene, the VCX they showed before that (if I recall it was before that when they just arrived on base) looked like the front of the Ghost rather than just a sterile transport. Just saw it again this eve and missed it parked on Yavin, but saw it through the window from the bridge of the rebel flagship a couple of times. Did it escape just before the Devaststor arrived?Spotted Chopper too! Lol What was the ship we saw the back of a few times from the bridge window? Was it the brahtok ship?
  3. I think it is the best "Star Wars" movie by far. I think because it wasn't "The Skywalkers Story" but showing how much everyone else was willing to do and give up for the cause and how much else was going on in the galaxy apart from some scruffy looking urchin learning to wave his lightsabre around. I enjoyed the Rebels cameos in which I only noticed tonight after seeing it for the 2nd time... And the quality pewpewpew... loved that something crazy...
  4. And Jiang Wen's gattling gun blaster scene was like saving private ryan/d-day... doors open: everyone dies... Both sides could shoot in this one... but they were all going to die anyway... Those Death Star shots... nice idea: otherwise what would the impact have been when they destroyed Alderaan... not quite as impressive? I liked the allusion that there was still some kind of effort by the Empire to cover things when they mentioned the Senate was told it was a mining accident on Jedha... And that final scene as those rebel troopers scramble like rats to get away from the flood AKA: Darth Vader's lightsabre and death grip... SO MANY GREAT SCENES! Loved it...
  5. It didn't look like other Mon Cal ships. It also had a lot of human crew. It was admiral blue-face's flagship. That's about it. My first thought was "Giant Nebulon-B"... so same shape with large vertical "fin" at the front like a Nebulon, at the bottom of which was the bridge... And that rebel transport vs ISD... Film is incredible btw...
  6. Not used myself, although is on my list of things to do... Other posts on the subject may help give you an idea: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/224484-table-top-simulator-swa-mod/?p=2463892
  7. UK Updated after a long time away WANTS (Armada): Mon Mothma AA Moff Tarkin AA VSD Plastic AA Darth Vader AA Regionals/Nationals defence tokens/range rulers Regionals dice (X-wing) Latest waves Heroes of the Resistance "Other" Board games HAVES ARMADA: Han Solo AA MC80 AA ISD AA(sullust) Raider AA Leading shots AA XI7 AA X-WING: Core set TFA NIB Punishing One NIB Rebel Aces NIB Slave 1 (opened, unused - displayed model) IG-2000 NIB X-Wing dice bag Ion Tokens (bag of 3) IMPERIAL ASSAULT: Rebel Damage Tracker sheets (x3) Summer 2015 Medal Spring 2016 coin
  8. Well, everyone seems to be having a whale of a time with this one...
  9. Seeing how much is coming from Rebels, maybe a scum epic along the lines of: Cikatro Vizago's ship "Broken Horn" (Gozanti mashup) Azmorigan's ship "Merchant One" (another Gozanti mashup) or his "Personal Luxury Yacht 3000" whatever that was... Unlikely and next to no military capacity... I'll vote scum aces!
  10. I guess you could argue that the movement chart exists as an insert in every pack anyway, so is kind of "offical components". You could cut them out (the pack insert chart) and bring them to a tournament I presume? These cards come as standard in Attack Wing packs (which uses the same flightpath system) and are very useful... Part of my OCD likes to know where I'm going so I don't just twist the piece of cardboard round and round wearing it out bit by bit... maybe that's just me... These are useful references... You could even have them printed up as actual cards....
  11. I do like.... now all you need to do is picture them by expansion set... Maybe it's just me...
  12. Nearly all of those pics look like computer renders... The type of packaging used compares with other expansions we've had that have been prepainted... I guess we'll find out when they land!
  13. I literally last week was introduced/pointed in the direction of this by my "old man". He loves the era and we've messed around with Pirates and he's played a few others... Looking forward to giving it a go, the whole wind direction/speed/grog(morale?) and more make it seem a little complex (MILLIONS...of tokens...lol) but I'm looking forward to giving it a go... Owing to time, my dad is usually my Armada opponent (it was worth the two Feldherr bags to lug everything round to his easily!!!) so it may split our time now... We'll see...
  14. Don't suppose anyone can help, (UK based, but can post if willing): Want: Armada: ISD alt art (Sullust 2015) Armada: Store champ range ruler (2016) Armada: Store champ Raider alt art (2016) Armada: Store champ Medal/coin (2016) Have: Armada: TIE fighter alt art (summer) Armada: X-Wing alt art (winter) Imp. Assault: stormtrooper alt art (spring) Imp. Assault: Dice Bag Boba Fett (winter)
  15. Most print on 440gsm and then they give you options for custom sized banners. At the end of the day, its up to you what material - want thicker PVC? You can select it and pay more etc... For the banners I created, I provided the finished size I wanted as my dimensions, I contacted them before about scaling a smaller source file (1:2 scale), which was 1/2 the canvas size of the end product. If you're really unsure, then the "art check" that most companies offer gives you more peace of mind. If you're cutting the banner down yourself, you don't want hems or eyelets, as logically they will be cut and/or will overlap the artwork.
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