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  1. I was perusing another thread and read many posts that said you should definitely play with only four Rebel figures, otherwise the game would be greatly unbalanced. How is it unbalanced? My experience was different. My group played through the core box, Twin Shadows, and are down to the last two missions in Hoth. The two players on the Rebel side opted to play only two heroes throughout. Missions from the core box swung in the Rebels' favor 7-5. I think Twin Shadows was an even split. Hoth is currently swinging toward the Imperials 6-3. Although each mission in Hoth was close, I decided to leave out elite units during the last one to help out the Rebels. I suspect I (the Imperial player) did better because the Rebel players ignored the banes (I found the one that gave me an extra influence after each mission especially powerful) plus they banked their experience to get the more powerful abilities for their figures first (Diala and Gaarkan). My friends opted for only two figures because they didn't want to deal with the hassle of managing two characters and all the bonus cards that come along with them. I suspect for inexperienced gamers this is a common fear. Honestly, I felt like it worked out fine. In smash and grab missions the Rebels seem favored since they use their two activations to reach the objectives quickly. Missions that are more of a slugfest seem to favor the Imperials because of the crush of numbers. Nevertheless, I never experienced a mission that was hopeless for either side. I guess what I'm really looking for is input from people that have experience playing through the campaign with different numbers of heroes. How did your experiences differ with different numbers of heroes on the board?
  2. I'm guessing done, too; especially since there's a bunch of Warhammer stuff listed on the same page, which FFG has already announced they're no longer supporting.
  3. I'd like to point out that a better comparison would be that the relationship between BattleLore and Rune Wars Mini Game is more like the relationship between X-Wing and Armada. If X-Wing and Armada can coexist, I don't see a reason why BattleLore and Rune Wars Mini Game can't also coexist.
  4. Nice work! I skimmed the document and it looks good. Where did you get the answers to the questions? I'm especially curious about Shield. In the situation you described I've always applied the building damage deduction first. It just seems more logical to me. I'd be hiding around a wall and probably wouldn't cast a shield over the entire building. Same thing with "mandatory abilities." I always played that unless it said it was mandatory, then it was up to the player. It just seems more logical to me.
  5. Not a word. I'm generally an optimist, but at this point I have to think this is all we'll ever get for this game. I'd guess FFG has their entire staff dedicated to Star Wars and Game of Thrones IP. I suspect those are major money makers for the company and BattleLore just isn't profitable enough anymore.
  6. I always play with the scenario cards. That being said, I'd love for there to be some new terrain. It would also be great if they made some new scenario cards / terrain packs. I'd buy them up in a second.
  7. I would say yes. That's how my friends and I interpret it when we play.
  8. Even though I always end up including them on my red team, Blood Harvesters are one of my least favorite units. I just don't like their heroic ability. It's useful in some instances, but the fact you have to sacrifice one figure makes it too costly most of the time.
  9. I love Rune Golems. I don't think there's a better unit on the blue team for defending and holding hexes. When paired with an archer on a hill, your opponent will have to spend considerable resources to move that rock.
  10. So, I signed up for my local store's championship this Sunday. I've been playing the part of the Imperials in the campaign with some buddies, but never had the opportunity to play the skirmish mode. I signed up because I figure it would be a fun way to try it out. I don't have my heart set on winning. I just want to have fun. Plus, I'd like to play a rebel army since I've played the death out of the Imperials and Mandalorians. Finally, I don't want to buy extra packs. I just want to use what I've bought to use in our campaigns. This is what I have: the core game, Twin Shadows expansion, R2-D2/C-3PO, Echo Base Rebels, Wookies, Rebel Sabateurs, Rebel Troopers and Chewie. I was thinking of going with Luke, Diala, elite Rebel Saboteur, Jyn Odan, Mak, R2-D2, C-3PO, Rebel High Command, and Balance of Force. I built a command deck of each character's personal cards, plus Devotion, Maximum Firepower, Strength in Numbers, Against the Odds, Recover, Celebration, Of No Importance, Hard to Hit, and Rally. I built this army with the idea that a fast moving squad would quickly amass VP's, while the droids and Jyn break off and help me draw command cards. Looking at the maps in the official tournament rules, it seems like there's lots of opportunities to win games by grabbing VP's. They remind me a lot of the maps I play in BattleLore Second Edition, wherein it's better to focus on acquiring VP's rather than trying to obliterate the other army. I also liked the elite Rebel Saboteurs and Mak for their ability to shoot through their teammates (Priority Target). Alternatively, I was thinking of an all Wookie army that included Chewie, Gaarkahn, elite Wookie Warriors, Fury of Kashyyk, Combat Suit, Rebel High Command, and Balance of Force. For command cards, I put together Debts Repaid, Furious Charge, Wild Fury, Jump Jets, Roar, Pummel, Emergency Aid, Wookie Rage x2, Adrenaline, Celebration, Urgency, Sit Tight, Improvised Weapons, and Recovery. For this one, I just liked the idea of Wookies rampaging through the map pulling the arms off of everything in sight. So, what do you think? I'd love to read any comments (good or bad) about what I've put together. Suggestions are much appreciated. I'd also love any general advice for someone with a lot of campaign experience, but no skirmish experience. Heck, this is the very first time I've ever entered anything like this, unless you count the solo/ensemble competitions I did on bassoon in high school. Thank you for your input.
  11. This is one that should be clarified better in the rules. I've always played that the very first thing you do on the first player's turn is check victory points. However, Julia's interpretation seems dead right. I need to change the way we've been doing things.
  12. I don't have rules in front of me, but I think you're only supposed to add up your victory points at the beginning of the first player's turn.
  13. Daverman, I like that house rule to redraw if you get a lore card you can't use. I always felt compelled to include a diverse squad in case I drew unit-specific cards. Do you allow the mulligan if a player chooses the lore option to draw two, discard one (e.g., redrawing both cards if one is unusable)?
  14. Did you have to send the mats back to FFG after the demo? I'll be helping with a demo in Washington state and was hoping they'd be a thank you gift.
  15. I just picked up my first reinforcement pack. Following the rules you're supposed to remove a lore card from your army's deck for every one of the cards you add from the reinforcement pack. We thought this just slowed down the game set-up and made a house rule to just add them to the deck. I was curious if anyone else does this or if someone has an opinion of why this might be a bad idea.
  16. I don't have the rules in front of me, but I always play that the special victory-point conditions only apply to the player that chose the scenario card (not both players).
  17. Be sure to remember the terrain modifiers for the hex your opposing unit occupy do apply. Another rule I sometimes have trouble remembering is that melee units role one less die when rolling against a flying unit.
  18. I tried opening the Scenario Builder in my Web browser. Each time I go first to a log-in screen (even if I'm already logged in). After I enter the info and press enter, I'm taken to a page that says I'm now signed-in, please wait while you're redirected. Then a few second later I'm taken back to the log-in screen. No matter how many times I try this is the result each time. This happens with Firefox, Chrome and Explorer. I also double-checked my log-in info several times. Additionally, I tried logging out and then logging in only after clicking the link for the Scenario Builder. Any suggestions out there for how I can reach this tool?
  19. In a recent game, I had a unit poisoned by Viper's Bite in a building. During the attack phase, the opposing player rolled a lore (resulting in one damage), but not a strike or cleave. The reference book states, "A unit occupying a building hex may ignore one damage each combat." So, following the rules strictly I'd say that my unit would ignore that one point of damage from the poison effect. However, my intuition tells me that doesn't make much sense because a building can't protect you from a poison already in your body. What do you think? Thanks for your opinions.
  20. I had two questions about archers: If they are adjacent to an enemy unti, then do they roll like a melee character (i.e., hit when they roll a strike or cleave, rather than a pierce)? I was wondering because the subtitle on the card says "Infantry - Archer - Ranged." (emphasis added) When an archer unit has multiple attacks (e.g., Double Shot or Darken the Skies), can it change targets based on the results of the first attack? For example, if I eliminate one target, can I move on to a different one? Or is it supposed to happen simultaneously? So, instead of Yoeman Archers rolling two dice, they'd roll four if they didn't move during their Move Step. Thank you for your opinions!
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