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  1. 2Hard

    Any players in China?

    That's what I thought One massive x-wing collection about to go on sale
  2. 2Hard

    Any players in China?

    Sorry, wrong thread. That'll teach me to use my phone.
  3. Specifically Hangzhou.
  4. I love this thread. 3 pages of debating plastic model scale based on pixel measurements of screen grabs. It's the most constructive thread on this whole **** forum at the moment. Two thumbs up!
  5. Come to think about it, acceleration is the change in velocity. So you can say that the orbiting planets are in perpetual acceleration. Well for billions of years or the end of the universe. Even then, if electrons truly orbit protons......
  6. I am having reasonable success with this list. What do you think of changing chips for long range scanners? I am theorising that this may be better allowing to turtle, get the lock then race in and focus.
  7. Well, can we say that all acceleration is temporary unless you have an infinite energy source providing the pushing force
  8. Yep. Just re read the epic rules. Does not mention who is firing, just that it obstructs attacks. Can't copy paste, sorry.
  9. Is that true JB? I thought they obstructed attacks full stop. Both the enemy's and yours.
  10. What about Lt. Kestal with Homing missiles? Defended gets no evade tokens and focus and blanks can be canceled.
  11. To the OP- I believe you should have let him change it. Does the make you a ****? No, just someone who wanted to win X-wing and there is nothing wrong with that. Clearly your opponent was like minded if he quit which is WAY worse behaviour. I remember an opponent let me change my obvious mistake half way through a tournament round. I went on to win that round and felt AWFUL about it. Since then I never ask to correct dial mistakes (which I still make) and refuse to do so even if the opponent offers. Just shrug my shoulders
  12. 2Hard

    Positivity Thread

    Actually seeing some awesome flying from my opponent. Even if it is a little 'fortune favours the brave' Also seeing some fun lists at store champs and playing against them. and just absorbing the glory that is the Arc miniature.
  13. I know it is a pipe dream... but the Nebulon would be nice. Even if they sold in 2-3 sections (each playable on it's own) I'd still buy it.
  14. A couple of years ago my brother was cashed up and went kinda crazy on kickstarter. Laying down serious cash on Zombicide and Journey. An absolute crapton of boxes started rolling in until finally his partner cracked it and he had to get rid of all these unopened boxes and unplayed games. Of course he thought of me, I payed for the postage and a massive case arrived this weekend. I pulled out box after never ending box of miniatures. Peeking in the ones that were opened, the minis are truly exquisite. BUT... they are all unpainted. Well over 200 (maybe 300) of them. If I desire to complete them (and i do) it will take me years, even using Sorastro's speed painting method. It got me thinking, thank FFG that x-wing is prepainted. It's a great game with great miniatures but if they came unpainted I would not have got into it and I would have missed out. The paint job they come in is more than average and perfectly acceptable. It makes it a total package. Now, to prep and spray....
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