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  1. Now you mention it I have seen PGS but no FGD for a couple or weeks now. On reddit that is.
  2. It works at range 1 on an expensive 0 agility ship. I generally tricks you once and then never again if you learned your lesson.
  3. He will be back surely! This FAQ should have him keen on some ARC shenanigans.
  4. He does post on the xwingTMG subreddit still so maybe he's not allowed to post here anymore?
  5. I predict green dice will suddenly improve everytime I go to use Palp. Because those bastard dice are fickle and hate me. I must say I wasn't expecting FFG to come out swinging a nerf bat but it should improve the game.
  6. Miranda with LRS, Homing Missles, Extra Munitions and Autoblaster Turret! She's my favourite rebel pilot at the moment! Needs Biggs unfortunately but 5 die homing missles are worth it!
  7. Looking like 2 Sabine TIEs, 2 TIE Strikers, 1 Ups Shuttle, 1 or 2 U-Wings and I think my missus wants 2 or 3 Quads she flys the scum and nothing else lol.
  8. 2 Tie/SF 2 ARC-170 2 Protectorate Fighters 1 Shadow Caster Then got to pick up HotR when it finally arrives! Let the meta shake-up begin! Hopefully.
  9. Imperials 1. Soontir Fel 2. Echo 3. Omega Leader 4. Tomax Bren 5. Countess Ryad Rebels 1. Dash Rendar 2. Keyan Farlander 3. Biggs Darklighter 4. Wedge Antilles 5. Lothal Rebel
  10. Store Champs this year, made top 4 and was flying my VI EU PALP RAC with full hull against IG88-B with full hull. Was doing at least one damage every turn without being shot till he had 2 hull left and got me in arc. Gets 2 hits and a crit, crit is Damaged Cockpit. I ended up dead two turns later, was so close to my first final table too!
  11. Isn't that two illicit upgrades there? Yeah drop the glitter got too excited, the list was just fun too fly but was a while ago.
  12. I've only flown Scum a few times compared to Imperials/Rebels but I do love myself some Kihraxz! Talonbane with Cloaking Device, Stygium Particle Accelerator, is just a fun ship and when they gun for Talonbane it leaves Torkil and the Party Bus alone. WIN!
  13. The Colonel, Inquisitor and Palp Shuttle turn the Tie/D title into something that just punishes you. TIE Defender: •Colonel Vessery (39) TIE/D (0) Veteran Instincts (1) Ion Cannon (3) TIE Adv. Prototype: •The Inquisitor (31) Autothrusters (2) TIE/v1 (1) Push The Limit (3) Lambda-Class Shuttle: Omicron Group Pilot (29) •Emperor Palpatine (8) Total: 99/100
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