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  1. This seems to be what my friends and I are leaning towards when we play together as well. It seems to work out and it's an enjoyable list. You have a few big ships to maneuver around with plenty of squadrons to still have some fun and utilize good squadron dials.
  2. I would love to see a Katana fleet style dreadnaught. Maybe have a card for the Peregrin so Bel Iblis can be seated on his command ship proper.
  3. Howdy everyone, hope your weekends are going well. I've been unable to track down a local tabletop store that shows for certain that they host Armada friendly games/tournaments. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. For now my friend and I have been playing on a large table in a cigar store. We would like to meet more people to play. Clear Skies.
  4. For me it's been much more about utilization. I completely undervalued the Squadron command until I had a few games under my belt.
  5. I use the "Reddit is Fun" app and it makes browsing on mobile much, much easier.
  6. I'll settle with sharing an avatar with the species of my favorite Admiral for now.
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