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  1. Me either. I'm certain there are situations where it works, I just haven't come across those yet.
  2. Can support, allies, and upgrades from my deck be played in front of another player for their use? Examples: If I have one copy of Interrogation Room in play in front of me, can I play the second one in front of another player? Can Captain Marvel use web-shooters? My thought is no based on Ownership and Control (pg 12, Rules Reference) that says "Cards enter play under their owner's control."
  3. A status card's effect on a hero extends to certain other card actions and not just to basic abilities, correct. For example, if Captain Marvel is Confused and I play the event card Crisis Interdiction, the Hero Action (thwart): Remove 2 threat from a scheme would be cancelled by the Confused status card. Is that correct? Does that Confused status also apply to the second part of Crisis Interdiction if Cosmic Flight is in play?
  4. Playing solo with Gimli and Beravor to get the rules down before I introduce the game to my wife. I've played the first scenario and am enjoying it so far.
  5. Is it correct that once you prepare "Fury" (Gimli's skill card #5) that it remains as a prepared skill even if you use its ability?
  6. I'm also hoping for some reprints. Specifically, the Dwarrowdelf, Ring-maker, and Agmar Awakened cycles. The saga expansions would also be great. I'm miss a few of those.
  7. Curious if the new Amazon series will provide a source for or inspire new content.
  8. Any word on when Dwarrowdelf cycle will be back in stock? I have Khazad-dum and anxious to pick up the adventure packs.
  9. During my first play through my opponent (Empire) seemed to think that every time he moved ground units or gained loyalty on a planet that wasn't revealed to be the Rebel Base that I (Rebellion) needed to pull that planet's card from the probe deck. His frustration was that during several turns in which he completed the "Gather Intel" mission he drew cards from the probe cards that were of planets he already knew did not have the Rebel Base. I disagreed but couldn't find a clear answer in the rule books.
  10. If the Imperial player uses "Capture Rebel Operative" against a Rebel Leader with SpecOps skills, can those skills be used to oppose the mission?
  11. If they do add two new factions it should absolutely be the Trade Federation and The Old Republic. Long live the prequels!!!!
  12. I recently picked up ST:TCG and have played multiple games with just the core set. There is a store tournament coming up in a couple weeks that I am interested in participating in just for fun and to get some experience. I have a few questions... 1. If I were to buy one set beyond the core set just to give me some options to build a deck beyond what is in the core set, what would that set be? 2. If I want to have a 2x the same card in the deck, lets say Luke Skywalker (card 2 of 6, objective set #1), then i have to include the 5 other cards in the same objective set as well, correct? 3. What's a typical deck size look like? 10 objective sets, 12, 15?
  13. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to store the game, especially if you have purchased beyond the just the core set? I'm looking for something that will protect the ships but also easily transportable for trips to local game days or tournaments.
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