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  1. CT is wandering around looking to get a quick patch and a recharge
  2. OK, in character would be better, but here ill summarise... in some way or manner it would be better in char if asked to say more. listening in on the comms, i have discovered the commandeers name and very useful other info. it is the best time to leave right now, its a cluster **** of calls for medics and it seems like we wont be pursued.
  3. [CT would be more useful setting the charge as the shooting thing aint what he good at...]
  4. heading out the way that is planned. i am also, telling anyone whenit is best to move and shoot as i can see where all troopers are.
  5. OOC: only meant to actually patch into the player characters comms... ... bugger...
  6. I patch into the comms of all PC's. "Guys, I've managed to get in contact with the Imperials, don't ask questions just accept it! Here's the details, I have the positions of all, yes all, Imperial personnel and also on all of the walkers inbound, how many have we scanned incoming? Well, i can update that to be three incoming. also, there's a mass of reinforcements coming in that we either need to form a battle plan or get the hell out of here. now that leaves a big problem, the building is surrounded, though the Imps haven't gone to the underground networks yet, that may be a way to get us out, though i am unsure how many we will get out... I am trying to negotiate our way out without further casualties on both sides but at the moment i am having no luck, i will keep trying and trying in the form of explosive negotiations if i have too." with that CT rolls along the gantry to the nearest console, plugs in and immediately starts telling people when the best time to move and shoot is.
  7. tidy im on the gantry after just settin charges. ill read from my last post to catch up proper
  8. hello all!! hows it going, sorry i havent been around, college work is heavy atm and will remain so, but im gunna remain here. can someone fill me in on what ive missed since i was last here. thanks
  9. With that I set the charge for 7 mins and start heading away from the charge. [where are my headed?]
  10. Turning to the point that is weakened and looking for it I soon spot it. Upon spotting it I immediately head towards it. While on the way, my rocket boosters start up and I'm heading to the gantry that will take me straight to the weak spot. In the air I see the fire-fight has gone some what our way, though that will probably change when the AT-ST's turn up. I land on the gantry wheels already turning. Getting to the weak spot I pull the demo charge out of one of my hidey holes. I then proceed to set the charge While saying to Geoff "How far out are those walkers? need to set the charge exactly" Average Mechanics check to set demo charge: 2eP+1eA+2eD 4 successes, 1 advantage [im thinking the advantage can be used in the way of bettering the chance of setting the charge right.] "Guy's, charge set, get clear!" [CC where can i start heading to get out of the blast?]
  11. OK, waiting on me. sorry all, preparing for University interview tomoz. where i need to apply the demo charge, how easily can i get to it?
  12. "Geoff, i can defiantly head to set up a charge, but im not much of a shot. ill need cover. also, people will need to get out ASAP, and we'll need to time it exact." with that i turn to Rax, "Dude, you all right? need me some decent cover to blow this place, you up for a bit of fun?"
  13. coudl maybe be better to just tell everybody via comms that its out. ill then just go ahead and plant the charge i got. but you need to mention how far out the AT-ST's are so that i can set the charge properly
  14. OK, im going to roleplay in some 'speech' with whoever spotted in AT-ST's on the scanner. basically you need to inform me that they are incoming, what direction and i will then proceed to place the charges.
  15. @sarone i also have a demo charge from the bridge
  16. I shall do just that. little things may change to meld the char's together more
  17. I will PM you some of my and Galth's PM's due to char create.
  18. CC how much extra strain? Kymrel, you know the BS for CT and Rax, right? the reasoning for CT coming to aid?
  19. Rolling upto a terminal I Lights off over the Imperials: 2eD+2eP+1eA 4 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph Succeding at turning the lights off over the Imperials, I unplug from the system and roll over to the edge of the platform, engage my rocket boosters [do i need to do the check, im presuming i just succeed as i have a triumph? if i need to check ill edit post when told. also, I will still suffer the 3 strain to use the boosters] and land on the floor below, once on the floor, I head to Rax's side and immediately try to help him in what ever way I can [also in answer to the person who asked about who can see in darkness, I have electro-binoculars as my 'eyes'.]
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