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  1. I'd like that very much. In general, I like my character sheets to extensively cover all mechanical information, but I don't really want them to bother with long-form descriptions of a character's appearance, background, motivation... Those things are great to have, I just don't see why they should be on the character sheet.
  2. I'm planning to run a game for beginners. I think that having the available skills in sight, dice pool and all, will be a big help in reminding them of what options are available and generally ease them into the game. As it stands, I'll probably have to use the Standard print option to achieve this, but I'd really rather not because it spreads pertinent information over an unwieldy four pages (not even counting talent trees).
  3. This tool is amazing, thank you. I have a few questions regarding the Compact print option. It seems that it only prints the dice pool for skills the character has one or more ranks in, plus Cool, Perception and Vigilance. Is it possible to get more precise control over this? I couldn't find it anywhere in the options. In addition, in Compact mode, you often won't get all talents on the sheet. I don't mind using a separate page for a talent tree, but is there an option that makes it possible to boot even the last one-two talents of the compact sheet (to make more room for, say, those skill)? Thanks
  4. I'm idly playing with ideas for a mission (F&D or AoR) where the players would have to go undercover at the Chancellor Eixes Valorum Campus of the prestigious Galactic City University. Since this is an aboveground part of Coruscant at the height of the Empire's power, I figured there should be some local scene-setting in the form of a radical COMPNOR student group on campus: wearing matching black uniforms, blasting the Imperial March from speakers, and throwing insults at any nonhuman students or faculty they encounter. With that in mind, I started thinking about how exactly they would go about insulting various groups: Droids - take your pick: call them tinnies, bucket of bolts, rust bucket, rusty... even good guy characters do it all the time in Star Wars material. Plus the association with the hated Confederate battle droids could be played up. Twi'leks - worm-heads or something? Plus, to twi'lek women, they could really let sexist remarks go into overdrive. Wookiees - I dunno. Lots of growling? Generally, I'm looking for any and all stereotypes - slurs they could call them by, but also cultural/historical things they could mock - regarding non-human species, whether based in canon (old or new), or entirely speculative.
  5. To anyone who"s interested: MarcoSkoll has been working on a fan-made revised edition of Inquisitor for some time now, over on The Ammobunker ( http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobunker/topic/7642154/2/ ) and The Conclave ( http://www.the-conclave.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2387.120 ).
  6. Not quite true. The damage roll of a meltabomb (6d10) averages 33, but the actual damage done against 8 TB does not average 33 - 8 = 25. The average result is in fact slightly higher, though in this case the difference is small. If you just calculate 33 - 8, what you're actually doing is calculating the average of 6d10 - 8. But if you roll six 1's, or five 1's and one 2, that would work out to -2 or -1. However, you can't actually cause negative damage, so what you should be calculating the average of is max(6d10 - 8, 0), which is more difficult.
  7. Off-topic, but I just wanted to say that I love the forced way the hypothetical players/GMs talk in these example sections in every rulebook. With all the "Right?" - "Right!" 's and such for added realism...
  8. Yeah, adversarial GM'ing never really made sense to me either. I mean, I get that some GM's (and players) like extremely challenging play, where the slightest mistake might mean death, but those situations are still basically 'fair' (as long as everyone agrees to it). If all you want is to kill the PC's, why not just open the session with: "Simultaneous heart attacks! You're all dead!" ? I guess I just get confused trying to fathom what might drive these people and what internal rules they operate by.
  9. P( Perils ) = [ P( Perils | Phenomena ) * P( Phenomena ) ] + P( Perils | No phenomena) * P( No phenomena ) ] = [ 0.26 * 0.10 + 0.00 * 0.90 ] = 0.026 = 2.6% Rolling 75+ on a d100 has a probability of 26%, not 25%. Every other entry on the table appears to have a 3% chance, 25 of which should work out to a total of 75%. This would leave Perils of the Warp at 76+ - a 25% probability. So what happened? For some unfathomable reason, the second entry on the table (Warp Echo) triggers on a roll of 04-05, rather than 04-06. This gives it only a 2% probability of occurring. Why this is is anyone's guess, but it was there as early as DH1.
  10. I might be running a standalone demo session of DH2 for a couple of people* at my FLGS sometime soon, and I'm wondering what adventure to use. I suppose I could write my own, but I'd also like some opinions on which published adventures would be appropriate. My regular group and I had a good time with the DH1 adventures Edge of Darkness and Illumination (which I suppose could be adapted to DH2 without much trouble), but I'm not certain whether either of them could be crammed into a 3-4 hour session. Is Dark Pursuits any good? One advantage I do have (in terms of speed of play) is that the players will control pre-generated, starting-level characters. This means I can optimize them ahead of time to be easy to understand and use, and in any case they won't be overloaded with complicated Talents. *Some experienced RPG players, some not so much. Most will probably have passing knowledge of the 40k setting, but I can't be certain of that.
  11. Well, as far as I know the DH 2 rules never make explicit reference to a character's rank, membership, or whatever. But yes, I think it would definitely make sense to say that the Battle Sister Elite Advance coincides with a fluff promotion for the character.
  12. No, there's no such thing in the rules. Nor do the rules define whether a character with the background 'Adeptus Arbites' is an Arbitrator, a Proctor, a Judge... It's really a fluff thing, to be handled in cooperation with your GM. I for one let my Adeptus Mechanicus player start out as a Tech-Priest from the beginning.
  13. I've always wondered what that sort of 'hammer' on the side of the Shrine World symbol is supposed to mean. Anyone got any ideas?
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