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  1. Right now I am using a Crusade-sized GW case. The flexibility in the foam is rather nice and it fits all my ships for both fleets and all my materials. Now that they killed WFB, I will probably move my fleet into my Army Transport that was carrying my Dark Elves so I can move this case to handle my Eldar infantry. I have heard of a lot of people using Plano cases but I have yet to find one in a size that I liked. The Feldherr stuff is definitely interesting. If I could get the foam to sit secure in my AT case, I might consider using that instead since it is precut and cheaper than AT foam.
  2. Having fallen in love with the GSD, I am working on a 3x list as well. This is my version Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer, 95 pts Admiral Screed Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer, 73 pts Demolisher Assault Concussion Missiles Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer, 66 pts Insidious Assault Concussion Missiles Soontir Fel, 18 pts 4 TIE Advanced Squadron, 48 pts Most Wanted Hyperspace Assault Dangerous Territory I take the Insidious because, with Hyperspace Assault available, I can often get into the rear arcs very easily and the extra range helps quite a bit. There isn't much else to do with the 3 points unless I want to force initiative. Engine Techs can be nice when fighting corvette swarms but I find that the ship is maneuverable enough without them and it gives me room for the 5th fighter squadron.
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