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  1. A fairly well run event at Knight's Blade as well today. Next up: We beg the stores for the Store Championship Series.
  2. Very nice. I did something similar here in Buffalo. First and Second to get an ISD and Home One, respectively.
  3. 3-9 is still cutting it very close unless some rounds don't go to time. It is better than originally allocated, at least. Edit: Actually, 3-9 pretty much means no 4th round with the Wave 2 ships unless it runs later.
  4. I laugh at their allocation of 3 hours for the tournament. That is going to be a late Sunday night.
  5. I tend to put them on my card simply because the acrylic tokens seem more likely to slide off the bases, especially the small ones. If people want me to place them on the base, I will go along with it but it is very annoying to have to put one of them back on every time you move the ship.
  6. According to their respective Facebook event pages, it has not been resolved and they will be running concurrently. And we generally meet right at Two Kings to play.
  7. May your dice only roll blanks in payment for your crimes.
  8. We will see you there. Just be patient since I have to come straight from work.
  9. I should be. I usually arrive somewhere between 5 and 6.
  10. Monday is "officially" Armada night but there have never been people playing due to scheduling issues. A larger group talked about playing on Tuesdays but haven't been back. A few of us play there on Friday evenings.
  11. None that I know of. The owner of Two Kings is being a bit of a pain about it since we don't get many people in normally and he doesn't think he can get enough people to make it worthwhile no matter how much persuading us regulars have tried. We have a two options: Start playing there so he will actually support the product or just go elsewhere.
  12. There will always be enough room, even with FNM. There are tables in the back that we can use and spares can be set up if we get more people than we have battlefields available.
  13. It seems like the Projectors is the wide favorite. I will consider trying them for a few games. I will also keep track of how much damage ECM allowed me to avoid and, most importantly, how much shielding is left when an ECM AF dies.
  14. I would like some input on a discussion one of my regular opponents and I have about which defensive mod is better on an AFII. I prefer ECM while he likes Advanced Projectors ECM does nothing against black dice but can unlock any token, perhaps allowing a critical brace or evade. I have stopped a lot of chip damage from random "acc + double hit" potshots that would have worn me down otherwise. Projectors work on black dice but a single accuracy result renders it useless. Projectors are also one point cheaper and almost always force your opponent to deplete all hull zones of their shields. Which mod, if any, would you take on an AFII?
  15. Brace happens first. The full attack sequence is well described here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/181567-do-you-have-questions-about-attacking-defense-tokens-and-critical-hits-read-this-first/
  16. I have a bunch of their stuff for Armada and I will second the quality. The glue on the speed/token trays does get annoying but it does wear off over time. Crayons work great on the grooves to add color. I got the range rulers in blue and just rubbing a white crayon over the lettering and wiping off the excess dramatically increases the visibility of the lettering. A shame about your turn counter, it is one of the coolest parts of that kit. If you prefer defense/command tokens with icons closer to what is in game, Applied Perspective makes them.
  17. Given that I love my AFs so much that I might not even use the MC80 in Wave 2 I would say that no, they don't stink at all. I really want to see the full stats on the MC30 as well as it would be a perfect compliment, I think.
  18. I think he is saying that 6 base CR90As are better then 5 with EA. I am not sure I agree when that example is taken into account but it does seem that more winning lists follow that philosophy.
  19. Edit: Beaten to the punch with a better answer. Ignore this.
  20. I use Insidious all the time. At 3 points, the ability is worth it even if you only get it to work once. It is one of my favorite Imperial ships to use with Hyperspace Assault. It also often lets you fire broadside one turn but still be in range on the next turn if your target decides to just book it out of there because "OMG GSD" and whatnot.
  21. By "mark", I assume you mean A or B variant. In general, I prefer the B variant to save points unless I really think that I will need the extra front/rear die or if it will be operating completely on its own without fighter cover and will want the extra anti-squadron die. I don't think either of the titles really change that. If I have one of each, I would put the Paragon on the A.
  22. You wanted it, so here it is: I had: Glad II, Screed, ACM Glad I, Demolisher, ACM Glad I, Insidious, ACM Soontir Fel 4x TIE Advanced Opening Salvo, Hyperspace Assault, Superior Positions Opponent had: Nebulon Escort, Salvation, Random stuff I didn't take note of. Assault Frigate B, Dodonna, Enhanced Armaments, Advanced Projectors, XI7 Turbolasers Keyan, Luke, Tycho, 3x B-Wing Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault, Superior Positions He gave me initiative and I selected Superior Positions as I figured I could fly right past him and exploit the range bonus on the Insidious. I set up in a row with my fighters in front of my G2 and Demolisher. He lined up across from me. I charged forward at speed 2-3 while he moved his AF at speed 2 and his Salvation at speed 1. My fighters engaged his bombers using squadron commands on turn 2 but inflicted very little damage. His Salvation returned fire on the fighters, dealing 7 damage across 4 stands. On Turn 3, I started turning toward him with my two outside ships to get better arcs and plinked at him a little bit. My Insidious on the right side managed to get a solid volley against the AF, dropping a lot of shields. His Salvation caused yet another 6 damage to my fighters and his B-Wings did a surprising amount of damage, killing off Soontir and 2 stands of Advanced. This disengaged my last two Advanced and I moved them in so I could take shots at Luke on turn 4. His AF and Salvation laid into my Insidious, dropping my shields and dealing 3 cards of damage. He tried to finish it off with Tycho+ Adar Tallon and hit once but rolled a blank on the second shot. On Turn 4, I dropped the rest of the Salvation's shields and did minor damage with my G2. I also managed to get a medium range rear shot with Insidious dealing 4 cards through a brace and redirect. He then flew forward right in front of the Salvation waiting for the inevitable detonation. His Salvation inflicted further shield damage to my Demolisher before colliding with the Insidious, destroying it. My Demolisher finished off the Salvation and used its second shot to damage more of his bombers. My two remaining TIEs rolled very well and did 4 damage to Luke through the brace tokens. His remaining squadrons easily finished off my heavily damaged TIEs in retaliation. Turns 5 and 6 were uneventful. He could not get his squadrons into position to hit my two remaining Gladiators, his AF was at speed 3 so I could not get arc and range to hit it. This had me fire random shots at his squadrons just to rack up some points. When it was all over, I won by 25 for a 6-4 victory. In the end, I have decided that I do not like triple GSD. I have found it to have problems similar to frigate swarms regarding movement lanes. It was very difficult to keep them from bumping into each other, especially with the need to be within close range to fire. GSDs are amazing at picking off strays but if the enemy stays balled up it is very had to use their firepower efficiently. It kept me from getting a lot of arcs and I flew headfirst into the fighter furball because of it. I am lucky it caused me little damage, even after his Nebulon absolutely obliterated my fighters. I can drop two TIE Advanced to trade the GSD II for a Victory II with a Gunnery Team to act as an anchor for my GSDs to pivot around as well as to act as area denial with its absurd front arc output.
  23. A successful night of gaming. Let's have more people come out next week.
  24. I have two variants of this list myself. My first list ran with fewer upgrades and relied more on my squadrons and base firepower. The second mirrors Dave's move to Bs to save points since we really don't care too much about fore/aft or AS batteries. +++ Armada - Rebel - Double Assault (300pts) +++ + Assault Frigate MkII (201pts) + Assault Frigate Mark IIA (118pts) [intel Officer, •Garm Bel Iblis, •Paragon] Assault Frigate Mark IIB (83pts) [Expanded Hangar Bay, Flight Controllers] + Squadrons (99pts) + •Tycho Celchu (16pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) •"Dutch" Vander (16pts) •Wedge Antilles (19pts) + Objectives + Assault Objective [Advanced Gunnery] Defense Objective [Fleet Ambush] / [Hyperspace Assault] Navigation Objective [superior Positions] +++ Armada - Rebel - Double Assault v2 (296pts) +++ + Assault Frigate MkII (213pts) + Assault Frigate Mark IIB (119pts) [Electronic Countermeasures, Enhanced Armament, •Garm Bel Iblis, •Paragon] Assault Frigate Mark IIB (94pts) [Electronic Countermeasures, Enhanced Armament, Expanded Hangar Bay] + Squadrons (83pts) + A-Wing Squadron (11pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) •"Dutch" Vander (16pts) •Wedge Antilles (19pts) + Objectives + Assault Objective [Advanced Gunnery] Defense Objective [Fleet Ambush] / [Hyperspace Assault] Navigation Objective [superior Positions] I like them both but, even with my addiction to an A-Type Paragon, I think the second list will end up stronger. Squadrons are divided up by assigned capital ship.
  25. I use BattleScribe and Army Builder. BattleScribe is rather nice since it syncs via DropBox to my two computers and phone. Army Builder has the card images and nicer output, though. Since BattleScribe is free, I would probably use that unless you play other tabletop games where you might get more use out of Army Builder. Check your Java settings. That is usually what causes it to break since it invokes Java first.
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