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  1. Those are a wonderful idea. Do you have any plans on designing a 6 squadron version?
  2. I will agree with Reinholt on this and step aside from the thread. While I know what I saw this is not the place for such an argument and none us has hard evidence. I would ask who you were but that is also irrelevant at this point.
  3. You must have missed the posted updates (posts 47 and 53 have most of the information). The player in question never touched the ship at all.
  4. Everything is done from card to card. I totally understand 1mm being enough to make a difference as I have had measurements that close as well. I only err on the permissive side when it is inconclusive. 1mm can be pretty noticeable if you have a steady hand with the laser or other ships don't get in the way if using the range ruler as a straight edge. I think they count during bumps just to keep the ships' locations clean and precise by not letting them touch in any way. Hanging over the edge of the board doesn't have that effect. Magic has had 20 years to work on its rules. The document containing said rules is also 211 pages long at this point and that doesn't even take into account tournament procedures and penalties for rules violations which are in two separate documents. I can understand being rules lawer-ry as I have to be when I judge. It takes some getting used to when you try to pull back on that a bit but it can really help.
  5. Beacuse of shaky hands and slight differences in the measurement tools, I have always followed the idea that if it is so close that you can't really tell, allow it. It is more fun to let people roll the dice rather than quibble over 1mm.
  6. True. Kind of a moot point since I am sure their effective ranges are measured in some equivalent of km. I have played games that allow premeasuring and those that don't. I think I prefer not allowing it to speed things up and to make estimation skills more valuable but I do understand how the game is a bit more accessible allowing premeasuring.
  7. It works in Warmahordes. Just not sure if it makes sense in a universe that has a level of technology where they can probably measure ranges down to the centimeter. Maybe can measure ranges but not movement.
  8. I think you misunderstand. I would have especially for that reason. I am fine with being lenient but people but people will abuse that consideration and I would said exactly that to them. I think you misunderstand. The person who had the hammer dropped on him was the one being lenient with his opponent in previous occasions. I cannot say with complete certainty if that leniency was reciprocated by his opponent at any other point in the game.
  9. @Reinholt 1) I did witness the event. I was at the table next to them watching while waiting on my opponent. Memory being what it is, my account of the event may not be flawless but I think that I have the right of what happened. 2) Completely in agreement, as per my previous post. 3) Also completely in agreement. The TO didn't get involved until the game had already ended. I don't think he knew that it was occurring. Were I to have witnessed an altercation like that at an event where I was judging, both players would have, at minimum, gotten a very stern talking to and most likely had some penalties dropped on them. @Versch I completely understand, you gave the information as you were told (by the second player I assume because the first player left not long after talking to the TO after the game ended) and your reaction based on that information was correct. The sportsmanship issue is indeed of utmost importantance if we are to have enjoyable games. I am also simply trying to help reduce the potential for such issues in the future by raising the REL/expectation issue.
  10. From what I saw, it was entirely accidental. He didn't even touch the ship. He also pulled the template away immediately with an audible "oops".
  11. An arguement that I truly understand. That is why I said that part of this was a misunderstanding of the tone in the game. I am a Magic Judge. In Magic, we have three levels of rules enforcement based upon the level of the event. At every event that is not at the "regular" level (which covers nearly all store-level tournaments), it is announced that the event is being held at X level and to act accordingly. Having re-read the tournament rules I see that store champs are held at competitive, but don't recall any specific guidelines as to what that means other than a nebulous "stricter than casual". I am not sure that most of the players even knew we were playing at that level. To players like myself that have played other games, it truly felt like a lower level event. Perhaps something like that might help avoid such issues in the future. It will lead to a colder environment for such events as the expected precision increases but at there will be no further confusion about expectations.
  12. Since there was a response I will just add this here rather than editing again: If the facts were as Dano described, I am completely in agreement with him. Once you move your ship, it is far too late even in the friendliest of competitive games. That just isn't what happened in this case. Overdawg: Would you really have pulled a gotcha in this case, given that up until then other errors like forgotten actions, missed attacks, forgotten critical effects, and whatnot were forgiven?
  13. I can provide a little more information about the issue Dano was referring to as I witnessed it. The two players were having a reasonably friendly game. At some point late in the game, the player you are referring to walked over to the other side of the table and said something about slowing down. He then appeared to accidentally slot the tool before adjusting it. He immediately said oops and pulled it away. His opponent demanded that he take the maneuver as was on the tool without adjusting speed. As the game had been friendly up to that point, the player responded with something to the tune of "come on, seriously?" but when his opponent insisted, he frustratingly removed the piece as the maneuver he was forced to execute caused the ship to just nick the board edge. Up to this point the game had been played fairly casually. I know the player in question reminded his opponent of a few things and allowed him to go back and perform an attack or two that he had forgotten. I do not know how much of this was reciprocated as I could hear the first player much more clearly. What I think happened was a misunderstanding as to the tone of the game. It appeared to be played fairly friendly/casually up to that point and then a hammer got dropped. Was the second player within his rights to do so? Yes. He acted as per the letter of the rules. Should he have done so given the tone and progression of the game? That is what is in question. Given how everyone seemed to be playing fairly casually, I would say no. I know it was a tournament but it just seemed to me like a d*** move given the circumstances. Were this at an event at a higher level than a store championship, I would have expected that hammer to drop earlier and more often, but with far more understanding as to why. As far as the players' behavior, I will leave it at neither one was the epitome of sportsmanship. Words were exchanged, some of them heated and it was a very uncomfortable place to be while it was going on.
  14. The A-Wings should be able to provide sufficient cover unless they have a serious interceptor wing. If you feel that you need the extra protection, you can change out a bomber for her. Just realize that there are no escorts allocated to defend her.
  15. I have not been fond of dual MC-80 lists as you really lose out in the activation war. However, if someone held a gun to my head and made me use such a list I would probably use this as a starting point. Rebel Fleet (Standard) (396pts)MC80 Cruiser (299pts)MC80 Assault Cruiser (171pts)Advanced Projectors, Electronic Countermeasures, XI7 Turbolasers, •Admiral Ackbar MC80 Command Cruiser (128pts)Boosted Comms, Electronic Countermeasures, SW-7 Ion Batteries, XI7 Turbolasers Squadrons (97pts)A-Wing Squadron (11pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16pts) Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16pts) Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16pts) Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16pts) ObjectivesAssault ObjectiveAdvanced Gunnery Defense ObjectiveContested Outpost Navigation ObjectiveMinefields Created with BattleScribe If the objective allows, sit back and make them come to you. Hammer them as they come in close and use the H-6 as area denial.
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