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  1. Really, i dont know what to say.
  2. "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."
  3. Are you serious? C'mon. If you are willing to proxy minis and tiles you will surely print the cards too, so why buy the game anyways? Never said all the content just some referencing stuff.
  4. As i said the most important things are map and minis, and having an OPTIONAL dice roller dont makes those less important. Descent has a great value purchase in his dual ways to play the game. Who makes descent a less of a value purchase are dedicated app user itself. If you choose to play only the app then you are ridding of a good portion of the game, the overlord and everything related to this role, travel cards, rumors, campaigns etc. Honestly i dont think that having the option to referencing more stuff on the app will change so much the idea behind RtL, and you can still use physical references if you want to. If i'm playing the app, i've already cut out the overlord for that game so let me focus on the hero stuff. The only plausible reason is that the app, running on portable devices, has to be as light as possible. Other than that please do not justify poor or good design choices with pshycological multilevel thinking. As a business the only thing FFG cares are profits, and it's right that it's so.
  5. Dont get me wrong. All the important information are still the map and the minis. Digitalizing some of the referencing stuff wouldn't change the way Rtl works or drop the selling point for physical content. It will help smoothening the experience.
  6. Other than the obvious request for new content, i would like to see more referencing tools in the app rather than digging for cards everytime its needed. Something like the monster card on the info panel of that group for example. Even assigning condition to monsters or hero would be a good idea. Or an optional dice roller. Implementing more of the phisical stuff into the app, when possible, will save us a lot of time and table space.
  7. Would you not prefer an upgrade to 2e core mechanics still using all the content you already own?
  8. I'm pretty sure that u would have preferred more content for 1e rather than a new whole edition. Or maybe something in between just to upgrade the core system and then more content to expand the universe. However is hard enough to bring to the table just one edition of the game. I wouldn't of course, and i'm sure that is not the case. It would be a stupid idea.
  9. Honestly i hope for something like x-wing 2.0. I dont like the idea of throwing an entire collection out of the window.
  10. Any news regarding additional languages for road to legend?
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