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  1. Openers

    I fly an Imperial Alpha using Quickdraw Vader and a Rhoboat. Quick and Vader roll slowly roll to the engage while the Rhoboat slams to get behind the enemy formation. 90% of the time my opponent ends the engagement turn with 3 Harpoons on the back of the target ship, of which at least 1 has detonated since Quickdraw had ASTS. my 2 cents. And yeah the thread had a great potential @Boba Rick😂
  2. Petition For System Open Series in the Southeast ASIA

    I know you're heading for India, don't lie. 😂
  3. Interfering in streamed games

    The guys from VTTV made a great point with their post.
  4. The UK System Open Is Underway!

    508... whoa.
  5. Jobs.

  6. Jobs.

    This is getting interesting.
  7. Target Lock/Synchronizer Logic

  8. What if TLT wasn’t in the game?

    Tragedy Simulator. Hahahah 😂😂😂 Great one. 👍
  9. Who is the Scum 'Howlrunner'?

    There is no similarity.
  10. How to (easily) save the game

    3xNuQD reads as 'three x nuked'. Nice.
  11. The Biggest Crisis The UK Has Ever Faced...

    Well guess what. I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more fried chicken.
  12. Jobs.

    GI Bill? Forgive my ignorance, what is that?
  13. Jobs.

    In other words, a nerd. ✌ just like me lol
  14. Jobs.

    CrossFit CDC -- located in città di castello, Italy. If you ever drop by, let me know!
  15. Jobs.

    I have two. I work for a small hardcover manufacturing company and run a CrossFit Affiliate.