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  1. I don't know, here in Italy we haven't seen such überOP lists. We're still stuck with wookies and ghosts getting stomped by GUNs. 😂
  2. Are still people whining about harpoons?
  3. Greetings all! Just finished our Regional in Grosseto, where I sadly lost the final against who is actually the strongest Italian Player. But! Swiss round finished with a final score of 4-1 and a MoV of 825. My GUN (rho squadron veteran with guidance, harpoons, extramunitions and deadeye) obliterated several enemies with ease in the alpha strike. What a glorious ship. it requires skillful planning as when to strike and when to disengage but it reaps great rewards. The list then features Vader with cruise missile, title, ATC, Guidance Chips and Juke. Greatly increased its durability and the damage output. Last but not least: Quickdraw with Adaptability, Guidance chips, harpoons, advanced optics and the auto include title and fire control system. Better luck next time.
  4. I have it from GOG but the truth is that I spent so much time playing and replaying that ****' mission since it was so freakin' difficult that it made me learn almost everything about it. 😁
  5. @Kharnete así que eres de españa? Acaso viniste tambien al ultimo SOS que tuvimos aqui en Lucca?
  6. In the minefield clearing mission you are flying a Tie Interceptor and so do your supposed 'wingmen'.
  7. @Biophysical has gotten a point in his thread, as a matter of fact. Cannon GUNs are somewhat more consistent and efficient despite the damage output carried out by ordnance (guidance chips). As an example, I went to a small tournament today and literally devastated a Ghost and that wookiwooki pest named lowhhrick using a rho with harpoons deadeye and GC plus extra munitions. That gave me nearly two consecutive salvo with 100% accuracy but then? Slam away, and re-entered the fray only 3 turns later after reloading and turning. And yeah, that was the strategy since I was aware that the GUN couldn't have done otherwise. So, basically.. whatever floats your (GUN)boat. 😁 ****' I love this ship. <3
  8. Goodbye Biggs. You won't be missed. All the best. <3
  9. Try 2 control Nus and 2 Delta X7 Defenders. Ps2 for the GUNs and ps1 for those beasts. It's a really tough nut to crack.
  10. A 'Must Try' setting!
  11. On a side note I saw on the Lego Ideas site that the Assault Gunboat did not get enough supporters to even get past the first step. Disappointed, me was.
  12. Keep in mind, I love Legos (and Gunboats 😁) and seen through the eyes of a kid even a bunch of bricks assembled together become the coolest starfighter ever. I even admit that I loved flying my millennium falcon around the living room after building it. 😂
  13. That XG-3 model is, sorry to say, simple and ugly. It doesn't pay enough respect to the glorious original model. After seeing some ucs models such as the Firespray and the B-Wing (not to mention the Millennium Falcon) I am positive that models can be assembled with waaaay more detail.
  14. Please do. 😊
  15. Yeah people fly those horrors then whine when they get stomped by harpoons. 😁