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  1. Arma Quattro

    Rexler Brath's ability

    Thanks guys!
  2. Arma Quattro

    Rexler Brath's ability

    Good evening. The good old Rexler seems to be finally back on track and seeing use on the mats. As of late a question was popping up among my local group: when does rexler's ability kicks in? Does it need damage cards already dealt from a previous attack? My assumption is that it works as it did in the past version Attack > defense > deal damage resolving any hit/crit > focus expenditure and bam. Pretty much it's supposed to work in the same way with the differences that it doesn't need any token expenditure and Rexler must have an evade token. So: attack > defense > deal and resolve hit and crits > rexler's ability. Correct?
  3. Arma Quattro

    Yet another X-Wing blog

    I'm absolutely loving the name. 😂😂
  4. Arma Quattro

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    "Recoil" is incredible.
  5. Arma Quattro

    Points are up

    She has a big butt. Just that. 😁
  6. Arma Quattro

    So Ved is not Juno

    Try 3 ps2 Advanceds with FCS along whisper with vader... After the first turn in which they will lock they become friggin' killing machines.
  7. Arma Quattro

    Tie defenders in 2.0

    I have underestimated Optimized Prototype since it was **** good in 1.0 and looked like the big nerf hammer fell upon it in 2.0. Not at all. Rexler and an OP Duchess (both with juke) are weapons of mass destruction. Along with Sai.
  8. Arma Quattro

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    You, Sir, are my new hero. *bows*
  9. Arma Quattro

    Whisper with Krennic

    Krennic on Sai and the title is nuts. Absolutely nuts. I wiped out squadrons with Optimized Prototype on either Rexler Brath or the Duchess (more often on this one). First goes the duchess to strip shields,then goes Rexler to get to the hull and flip one damage card. It can deal an absurd amount of damage. I'm in love lol. 😁
  10. Arma Quattro

    A New Type of TIE?

    Ahhh yes, the Tie Tumor. Under which label should it go? Tie/Tm? 😁
  11. Arma Quattro

    Luke wedge Ywing - please help for big event

    Grey Squadron Pilot, an Y-Wing generic. Try out this one: Wedge, SW and proton torps. Dutch Vander, SW and Proton Torps Airen Cracken, SW Grey Squadron Pilot, Proton Torps. Two full modded shots, all Ps6 blast.
  12. Arma Quattro

    Devil Rebels

    You're right, I misread. 😐
  13. Arma Quattro

    Luke wedge Ywing - please help for big event

    It's funny how rebels were crying due to imperial alpha strike lists back in the last days of 1.0 .. and now they are the only faction with a ps6 alpha strike possible. ? But it's not this list. Try wedge, Airen Cracken, Dutch and a GSP.
  14. Arma Quattro

    Devil Rebels

    Not that much, if you manage to keep wedge alive he's still really hard to deal with. He literally eats any Ps5 that doesn't have some weird stress/jam effects.
  15. Arma Quattro

    Devil Rebels

    I tried flying Dutch and the GSP on the second line, and it didn't work that well.. their lower ps won't allow for a slow roll of the whole formation -- or even worse, it will make either Airen or wedge bump. True that thanks to Airen ability a bump might be mitigated later but.. I like to fire those protons with full force.