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  1. It was just out of curiosity since the N-1 appears only in the first prequel movie when Leia wasn't even born, and I did not know that it appeared in games or comics, much less with her flying one of those.
  2. May I ask.. according to canon sources, why should Leia be in a N-1 or a Y-Wing?
  3. At least passive sensors "free up" the force slot for something else... wait there isn't anything else worth taking. 🤣
  4. We have had quite a debate over the 4 phantoms yet here you're absolutely right. +1
  5. But snap shot is an attack. Therefore 'your'dice are the red ones. Otherwise I'm missing something?
  6. @thespaceinvader why immunity to juke? Juke regards defense dice. I'm pretty sure that the card regards dice modification on attack dice only. 🧐
  7. Therefore something like this could also apply to Tie Strikers? Let's put this example: 1 bank that puts one corner of the base outside of the mat and then 1 hard turn that puts the ship back again into the mat. How would that work?
  8. Cracked me up, I couldn't have put it down in a better way lol
  9. OMG YES. Can't wait to gather some more news about this.
  10. Right, but.. nice nevertheless.
  11. Save the gunboat! Save the Dream! p.s. Giacomo said that you played really well.
  12. SHAME! *DING DING DING* SHAME!!! *DING DING DING* (Yes caps were intentional)
  13. And avoid killing others to avoid recharging Grievous. What a card. If only the empire had something like that.
  14. Greetings GUNBOATERS! It's that time of the year again. Who of you is going to attend the UK open this weekend?
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