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  1. Yeah, I'm not worried about this. Calling it "GAMBLING" is ridiculous, gambling is when you take a chance for money. No one is going to profit anything off Keyforge except for playing the game to have a bit of fun. If someone cares that much about having the best deck, that philosophy will not get them far.
  2. I would argue that the discrepancy between good players and worse players is hard to gauge. This game has depth, and worse players will get trounced without understanding why. That metagame, playing around mitigation and tempo, is not a 10 minute game unless you just play aggro.
  3. I think the best option is make it that your opponent chooses to mill or take the indirect. Thats the simplest nerf
  4. I think an advantage of getting shields is that your opponent doesn't get them. You are way more likely to claim, so that advantage can be turned back on them. Especially with battlefields like Imperial Palace, War Torn Streets, and Command Center, you can get rid of some valuable cards that way.
  5. Destiny Down Under's Facebook page has a big WotF download for TTS if you look around
  6. Whoa man, Clone Wars is the best piece of media out of the Prequel era. Don't hurt my baby. After all the division over Last Jedi its funny to see people unanimously get excited for the shows return.
  7. Will there be trilogies format at worlds?
  8. My main argument is that even though they remove or reroll, they have to target a die showing melee, same thing with Ataru Strike You'd be resolving a die showing shields and thats not what Ataru strike says to do
  9. If you can't remove Luke's dice with Honor Guard or Defend, or reroll them with Sound the Alarm, you shouldn't be able to Ataru Strike with them
  10. I don't think you can, Luke is showing shields and even though you can resolve them as melee, they show shields and thats what Ataru strike asks for Same thing with Zeb using Counter Stike for Ranged damage, he isn't showing it on the die face so it doesn't count
  11. Oh crap brain fart, yeah your opponent chooses I believe. I had a grievous deck that used Cargo Hold so it worked just like that
  12. Nope, you move it to another character
  13. Yes cause you still dealt the damage
  14. Rotation, they're shifting the design philosophy and reducing the general power level of cards. You can already see that in how this set will shake up the Trilogies meta which I'm increasingly interested in.
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