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  1. 2. The Virulent Infection only lasts for that turn, but Contaminated & Airborne last until the end of the quest, as the Trollfins rules says in the last paragraph on page 4
  2. I don't think anything stops the villager tokens from being considered as villager tokens. Its still a villager token regardless of what is represents.
  3. Which would mean the Endless Void does not trigger when Faithful Servant is used. Good to know, thank you.
  4. So if I am playing the Shadow Walker and I have my Shadow Soul on the map and have Endless Void(Each time a Shadow Soul is discarded due to your class skills, you recover 1 health and 1 fatigue.) and Faithful Friend(Exhaust this card at the start of your turn to place a Shadow soul in a space within 3 space of you.), I can recover 1 health and 1 fatigue each time I use Faithful Friend?
  5. Rulebook - Knocked Out, Page 15 "Unless revived by another hero, a knocked out hero may only perform one action on his next turn, and that action must be to stand back up"
  6. My group had recently played through its first campaign and the four heroes got destroyed. We only won the first 2 quests. Every quest afterwards was won by the OL. We had several issues like an unbalanced team, but we also forgot many rules, like using a surge to gain a fatigue and the OL can only cast 1 copy of a card per trigger. Also, it turned out that the OL was using Unholy Ritual without taking an action away from the chosen group and keeping 4 cards(as the card printed says). My point being, on your first run through, you're gonna forget rules left and right. We considered our first campaign a practice and learning experience.
  7. Hidden Ending - 9/10 We usually pick out a few of the hidden ending, including Horrible Black Void, and the first person to land on the CoC picks a face down ending and then we play that ending until there is a winner, unless they drew HBV, then the 2nd person to get to the CoC draws another ending. Revealed Ending - 1/10 This is when we play with a new expansion.
  8. The base rulebook states on page 17 "The familiar may perform additional types of actions during its activation, as noted on its Familiar card....If no such other actions are noted, then all the familiar can do on its turn is move up to its Speed value." This says that all a familiar can do is move or do an action on its card. The Reanimate states that it can perform an attack during its turn. By your reasoning, the Reanimate cannot get out of a stun because the rules and card say that only a move and attack action can be performed. By saying he can perform no other actions, it is referencing the default actions that heroes can perform.
  9. I found a bug in the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign when you have the Dark and Seedy District travel event. The display of the travel events in the campaign tracker is not correct. http://d2etracker.com/campaign_overview.php?urlGamingID=20004765
  10. During the quest, the OL can get hero tokens by killing them with a specific monster. In the Victory section, it says: Does the OL have to win encounter 1 to keep the hero tokens?
  11. Here's an idea for a 3xp skill. 3XP Skill: Juggernaut 2 Fatigue Action> Move up to your Speed. During this movement, you may move through spaces containing enemy figures. Move each monster you moved through during this action up to 3 spaces and deal 2 damage them.
  12. Very neat. For Trick Shot, maybe this wording would be better, "Choose a space up to 3 spaces away in your line of sight. Perform an attack measuring line of site from that space. Range is measured by adding your distance and the monster's distance from the chosen space."
  13. If someone suffer lethal damage, are they meant to still be able to cast Bound Soul before dying? You might need to reword it a little if so.
  14. Just to clarify, the rule book says on page 17, "Essentially, a hero player with a familiar must choose whether to activate his hero first or his familiar first." and that card is called the Activation Card. To me, that implies the hero figure's start of turn happens after it has activated. Edit: Nevermind, I found this: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/11588938#11588938
  15. At the start of of the Shadowwalker's turn, can he use Faithful Friend and then activate the familar before performing any actions with the hero?
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