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  1. You should give 5E a try. After being a skeptic watching the initial playtests unfold I now am a true believer. The new core system is solid and robust. Even beautiful in terms of mechanics. Got fed up with Pathfinder and the constant power creep.
  2. Yes, I believe it is indeed a great setting. Used to have the books but ultimately sold them since I saw no real opportunity to ever play them. Other systems or settings kept coming up which were more interesting or appealing to my core gamer circle. I toyed around with the idea of starting a campaign but it never came to pass. Might be worth re-invigorating DAWNFORGE for 5E since the latest D&D scion is sorely lacking alternative campaign worlds and third party support imho. GURPS, however, is off my radar.
  3. Yes, I would very much like that! Converting this cool setting to 5E might be worth it and I would be thrilled to see an official return...
  4. Hi folks, I recently jumped onto the RUNEBOUND waggon when I purchased a used 2. Edition with lots of expansions from ebay. Don't ask me what I paid for it or I'll start crying again. Nevertheless, I would be very pleased if FFG would announce a third edition of this game. With some tweaks and overhauls it could well become THE fantasy quest game for the next decade 'cause it's already great as it is. As for the overhauls I would really appreciate some form of "party building" for individual heroes to take on more dangerous quests/enemies/challenges. Also, I think it would be amazing if there was some kind of "questing" mechanic to find really rare and powerful artifacts. If anyone of you knows the game "Naufragos" (or "Castaways" in English) you might be familiar with the mechanic employed there. It consists of a couple of consecutive cards that tell a certain story arc. Only the cards numbered "0" are in the draw deck at the start of the game. Only if players draw one of those "starting cards" the next card is placed in the deck to be discovered. It works quite well in the context of that game and I could imagine something similar might work very well with the different decks in RUNEBOUND. By the way: MAGE KNIGHT is an amazing game with brilliant mechanics. It scratches some of the itches you might have in terms of fantasy exploration and adventure games.
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