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  1. I want stuff from Rogue One. The AT-ACT, cargo tank, U-wing, TIE Striker, Hammerhead, Occupier Combat Assault Tank A-180 pistol, Zeta Class cargo shuttle, Combat Tank Driver armor, Baze's Heavy Repeater Cannon, maybe Death Trooper armor and/or their frag grenades too, if there's something special about them. A lot of these would fit right in with the Engineer book.
  2. Was he a detective? A beat cop? A SWAT-alike? Special Investigations? I would argue concealability and accuracy would be the two biggest things to look for.
  3. Okay, so your attack kills the minion pilot, and the TIE crashes and is destroyed. Simple!
  4. Perhaps you could add a house rule weapon special ability called "anti-vehicle". When a weapon with the Anti-Vehicle rule hits a vehicle, convert the weapon's damage to vehicle scale. Thus, a missile tube that deals 20 damage with breach 1 now deals 2 vehicle scale damage and ignores 1 armor. However, it still deals 20 damage against infantry, because it's a friggin' missile.
  5. I can only speak of the D20 Saga Edition (which is now out of print, hard to find and quite expensive to buy), and while it works well as "Star Wars D&D, you'd want to heavily restrict Force Users, as they can become pretty OP if you're playing a non-force centric game.
  6. I like this idea! Here's an idea to add: At the beginning, your base crew is just the PCs and a few administrative NPCs/minion-level guards. Then, you're sent on recruiting missions to find people who can help you out. You get a bunch of dossiers at once, and your PCs can tackle them however and whenever they want. Some ideas for recruitable NPCs: A mercenary who's posed interest in joining the alliance with his crew, but has been trapped on a planet by a crime syndicate, who's calling in a substantial debt owed. Do you go in guns blazing and take out the syndicate, or help the mercenary repay his debt? A strong and intelligent leader has incited rebellion on a small farming colony, but the Imperials showed up to break it up. How will you break through the blockade and rescue this leader and the colonists? A rogue Imperial official that has been feeding information to rebel spies has suddenly stopped contact. Land on the planet and find out where they went, and see if you can bring some of the contact's network along. Imperial forces have lost control of a prison station near the fringe to a large-scale riot that saw local forces captured or killed. Many of those captured were rebel sympathizers, but the rest are hardened criminals that refuse to have anything to do with the war. Can you rescue the rebels and return them to the Alliance, and can you convince the criminals to join the war on your side? Each of these presents an opportunity to not only gain more personnel for your base, but also lets you recruit capable NPCs to act as your secondary task forces. Doing these missions also cements your place in the Alliance as a whole; you start off as little more than a scouting force, but you quickly become something akin to a Special Forces team.
  7. Personally, I think a system where TB blocks damage but converts that damage to Fatigue might work, although then you'd end up with a lot of unconscious players.
  8. Man, looking at all this awesome art makes me want to get my Star Wars on! I wish my friends would play some Edge of the Empire with me ​
  9. The problem with having a player Inquisitor is that the Inquisitor is supposed to be in charge of the group of acolytes that the players are, whereas the GM is already running the game, and he can have the Inquisitor be an NPC. There's no problem with the PCs being promoted to Inquisitor later in the game, but at the start, it makes more sense for the people in charge of the PCs in-character to be the person in charge of the PCs out-of-character as well.
  10. Well you would think the GMs would be able to filter what has been communicated to the Inquisitors in-character and what is communicated to the GMs out-of-character
  11. I just wrote it the way I did because then all the people who are running the games and the overall campaign can communicate in such a way that they can incorporate each others' in-game knowledge into their own games without metagaming.
  12. I don't think they've expanded upon the Genestealer Cult fluff in recent years, so all we have to go with is the old Rogue Trader-era stuff. As far as I'm aware, it acts just the way Jolly P described it, which yes, is pretty throne-damned horrifying.
  13. One thing that might work would be having the whole setting run by 3-5 GMs working in tandem; running their own individual games and taking place on different planets (or different sectors of the same planet), but communicating with each other and having things slowly come together and have a crazy climax. It'd take some work to get it running properly from a logistical standpoint, but it would be cool. Each GM has an NPC inquisitor leading the party, which allows you to share information back and forth by way of these characters communicating with each other IC as well.
  14. There's even a little snippet in Enemies Without that mentions Genestealer Cults, so at least FFG remembers them.
  15. Good point. I was reading up on genestealer cults and read how similar broodlords and patriarchs are. They should definitely be nastier.
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