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  1. Ehh, I can see where HappyDaze is coming from. When you dual wield, you're basically firing both weapons at once. So you don't necessarily have time to wait and see if the first shot disorients them before you take the 2nd shot. He who hesitates is lost... or in this case, waits until next round. So you could disorient this round, and then get the bonus next round.
  2. I'd say more is better. The whole group can gang up on a single guy pretty easily otherwise. https://youtu.be/YdgmH9Vv2-I?t=1m22s
  3. Yes, it's +1 damage per rank. But only damage inflicted upon disoriented targets. If you happened to disorient a group of people, and then AOE damage them, you'd technically quality for +1 to each of them.
  4. Mythbusters tested this. They measured how fast blaster bolts appear to be traveling, and shot foam darts at the same speed. They never were able to get out of the way fast enough. So even though blasters are slower than a bullet, they aren't slow enough to dodge. Not unless you're a Jedi with the power to see it coming ahead of time.
  5. Energy overclock doesn't work for Lightsabers. "This attachment can be applied to any vibroweapon and any other powered Melee or Brawl weapon." Lightsabers are a Lightsaber weapon.
  6. True, but it's also a learning opportunity for them. If they all always walk around with only training sabers, they will soon realize sometimes you need a bigger stick or a gun. So then they go get said weapons and become more lethal, perhaps while dual wielding their sabers so they can still parry and reflect.
  7. Totally off topic, but you started talking about recommended thickness and I was reminded of Scotty's scene from Star Trek. =)
  8. The easy solution is to give players access to a Training Saber. It lets them apply all the Lightsaber dependent talents, without giving away the game with Breach and Sunder. And it still looks like a Lightsaber, which means they'll get just as many funny looks and draw just as much undo attention from Imperials.
  9. Kael does have a point. If the player thought it would be funny to have a quirk, then they'd play it up themselves. Maybe their character has a speech impediment, so they talk differently in character than out. Maybe they blame the naturally occurring bad rolls to a defective gun. But forcing them to roll Setback every time isn't a quirk, it's a broken gun. And they're probably going to get a new one once the novelty wears out.
  10. I meant "by the book" as in the rulebooks. Novels are great to read, but they rarely translate well into balanced game mechanics. F&D Core pg 197 lists the Dual-Phase Modification. And all it does is give you a single attack where you ignore the target's defense, since they are surprised by the sudden change in length of your blade. It doesn't say anything about adding distance since this game requires all melee targets be engaged with each other, nor does it say anything about requiring additional Khyber crystals to install. In fact, given that the Rarity on Dual-Phase is only 6, while the various Khyber crystals are 7-10, it's easier to get the components to waver the blade and get in a cheap shot, than it is to procure another crystal.
  11. By the book, dual phase does adjust the length slightly. Not enough to alter the Reach, but enough to benefit a single attack. The only way to change the crystals on the fly is the Cyclic thing. Or to take time and swap them out like you would other weapon mods.
  12. I was going to say, I know I saw a mod that did just this... couldn't remember which book it was in. Guardians, isn't it? Lets you toggle between 2 crystals, activating one or the other. So you don't get the defense bonuses from one and the attack from the other at the same time. But you can switch between them pretty easily from round to round.
  13. Special Modification's Crafting rules do not cover LightSabres they have their own crafting rules that do not mention being able to reduce ENC (F&D GM Kit pg 23-24). The Superior Quality only reduces ENC on Armour not weapons. See pg 164 F&D Jury Rigged EotE pg 138 Says ENC can lowered by one "to a minimum of one" I don't think I missed anything so even though it's not explicitly said in the RAW that there is a minimum ENC value for a Lightsabre the is no RAW way to actually reduce the ENC value to below one. So as there currently isn't a way to do it the minimum ENC for a Lightsabre is 1. Unless I have a different GM Kit than everybody else... F&D GM Kit, pg 24, Advantage and Triumph You're right though, Superior reduces encumbrance on armor but not weapons.
  14. The encumbrance on a basic Saber is already 1. Both the GM crafting rules, and the Superior Hilt mod allow you to reduce it by 1,with no stipulated minimum. I don't get why everyone is clinging to a house ruled (being as there's no RAW to back it up) minimum 1.
  15. F&D GM Kit, pg 24 lists Advantage and Triumph results right above the Threat and Despair results. It says you can spend 3 Advantage to reduce the encumbrance by 1. No mention of a minimum value.
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