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  1. Or not.... With the damage wil be enought for the moment.... but with this .... Options...
  2. Yes, I read about the extra damage deck with the Core... But isn't a solution. In better case I ' ll buy a damage deck from someone that buy the Core. I the Worst... Another Core... I Will change Ties for candys... Or Xwings... Nobodys wants another Tie or xwing... Try to buy in the second hand market... About the templates... The láser cutters owners near me are working in the conversion of our plastic templates...
  3. The damage deck can be buy separately? How ? Where? And the years are experience.... If you Play a lot and in competitive tournaments you must know that is very comonn break or Lost the damage deck or the templates... I have 4 damage decks and 5 templates kits from 1.0 and probably used all of them...
  4. From resellers? At the end ..... I must look for a reseller that have 2 damage decks... Someone wants to change a damage deck in return a Tie ?!?! ? I said .... Isn't the point. I 'm not a hater, I played for 5 years. I have all the ships... Severals ... If the damage deck .... And the templates come with the kits, don't be a exageration. It would be a detail with the players like me. The old and loyal players...
  5. But the New templates can Be customs like now. There are a lot of láser cutters owners very Happy. But the damage deck couldn't be custom.... No?
  6. That isn't the point. There are a lot of cards that Will come with the New/old ship or anothers packs. But all of this thing aren't necessary to Play.... But the damage deck is the only thing that the veteran players don't have with the kits
  7. Hi This is a question that has been circulated in my group, in my league and in other fórumsKits are so bigs, but twe can take them. But in the Kits not include a damage deck, which is the only thing a veteran player would need to play, is almost insulting. This is a very little thing in a box with a lot of cards.I will expose myself as a generic case although there are many players that will be reflected.I have 4 Cores, more than a hundred ships between different sizes and a lot of money expend, ... And a lot of good time too.But let me know that the famous damage deck will only come in the core (and there are two, the normal ones and the promo) that is the same core as the initial cores ...Please thing in us, the veteran players that we don't have problem buying a kit or all of them. But that we .... MUST buy another unnecessary core to play tournaments is .... a something very silly that made hangry a lot of loyal players for a few cards... Regards and thank you in advance for your time.
  8. Hi, I'm from Spain and we discover the same problem in our C-ROC ships. We send a claim to our distributor (Asmodee) about it. We still waiting.... When I have news...
  9. Hi I'm from Spain and I usually play with a group. We want to know if is it possible to recover lost material from tournaments, a few carton base or cards of X-wing ships This type of question we usually to ask to EDGE spain but now I thing that it is Asmodee that do the distribution here. Who we must ask for that? Thank you in advance for you time and you answers. Regards
  10. Only a correction, The 3º in Tatooine Open was a 97 points. I know because I played a similar list and I was 173..... . The list don't made the X-Wing-ner....
  11. Hi. I read the Boba Fett card and I understand that If you have the Greedo crew card in this ship, you can trigger the Boba Fett hability with the Greedo effect... Is it combo ok?.
  12. Don't forgive the accursed N'Dru ....
  13. Well, Thank you for all the oppinions. First I want to say that English isn't my first lenguange and for us the exppression "acquiring a target lock" is only "get a target lock", I didn't see that it is the same text that appear in the rules to do the action of target lock. But thanks for yours comments, I think that only the action trigger the suppresor title, It is a shame, because Jendon would win a great combo to be played back...
  14. But... When Jendon give (or Pass) the blue TL, the Gozanti "acquire a Target Lock", independently of it was an action, a free action or whatever... An this is the trigger of this hability
  15. Someone can say me something? I have a big doubt with this . Jendon:"At the start of the combat phase, you may assign 1 of your blue target lock tokens to a friendly ship at range 1, if it does not have a blue target lock token." Suppresor: "Once per round, after you acquire a target lock on an enemy ship, you may remove 1 focus, evade, or blue target lock token from that ship."
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