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  1. There is an issue that I'd like to solve. It came out in connection with Dooku crew. I was thinking about this situation: an Infiltrator with Dooku onboard attacks other ship. Infiltrator has a lock on the target and attacks the ship. I don't want to use Dooku on the roll - I want to roll the dice, see what comes of it, use the lock to reroll the dice and use Dooku on the rerolled dice. I thought that it was legal, but someone pointed out, that it is not, as Dooku works while you roll the dice, but the reroll isn't a roll. Is there a rule for that? I saw that in X-W 1.0 there was something that says that rerolling is different, than rolling. But now, in 2.0, I see that there exists such a statement: Reroll: To reroll a die result, pick up the die and roll it again. As I read it - when you perform a reroll, you simply roll. So, what do you think?
  2. Maybe I'll post it in the rules thread. I see that there was something in 1.0, that says that rerolling isn't rolling, but in 2.0 I don't see such rule. Rerolling means: pick up the die and roll it again. So, rolling is a part of rerolling
  3. Great article and also - congratulations on nice and funny style of writing
  4. Good to know before a tournament
  5. How come? The card says, before the ship rolls the dice, etc. Reroll isn't a roll?
  6. I have been in the hereinunder described scenario many times and I really don't know what should I, from mathematical perspective, do. In which order should I modify my dice. Darth Maul shoots against a target in range 2. He has 4 Force, target lock and Dooku crew available. He has another target in arc,so he will want to take a shot against a second target. So, usually I do this: -take a first shot without modifications against locked target, - if I roll 2 hits/crits and 1 eye, I use 1 Force token to modify that eye, leaving myself with 3 Firce tokens remaining; - if I roll more than 1 blank/eye, I take all dice,that aren't hits/crits and reroll them with TL, using Dooku on that dice roll; - I modify dice with Force,if needed, to leave myself with 2 remainig Force tokens; - then I take an unmodified shot against the second target. I know that there are many strategical factors, that have influence on the decision process, e.g. is the target shieldless and you want to push that hit through, are they able to shoot you back, will you be in a better position to have a second shot next round, etc. Moreover, rerolling a single dice and using Dooku then seems like a bit if a waste of mods. I think that not using Dooku on the first roll is a good idea, because: - I may roll 3 blanks/eyes, so it is better to use TL and than Dooku, - the more dice you roll,the bigger the chance that you roll a crit and then Dooku will not change anything. So, what do you think? How would you proceed in such a situation? Maybe someone has done maths for that kind of situation?
  7. When I declare that I'd like to use Dooku crew, do I spend the Force first and then I measure range? And, if the object that I measure range to is outside range 2, I lose the Force? Secondly- there is no limit on using Dooku and he could be use multiple times per round? E.g.,when on a Hate-Maul Scimitar, if I regain the Force during the round thx to hate, I may use him again, is that correct?
  8. Jedu

    Wave 5 announcement

    Did anyone notice that there are 3 force tokens in the TAP spread? On the basis of ESC reloading and disarm tokens included in the package, I think it's not a coincidence. Maybe they are fixing cards, e.g adding one more Force to Grand Inquisitor?
  9. Is this the same time window, as with e.g. Anakin Skywalker's ability and aethersprite's Fine-Tuned Controls? So, if Anakin has aferburners, after some manouver, he could use afterburners or Fine-Tuned Controls (order of actions irrelevant) and then a normal action? And, if the manouver was red, we add Anakin's ability into the hereinabove queue? And, the most important (this has been answered elsewhere, but I think adding it here could be valuable) - does Anakin get stress token right after executing a red manouver, and thus he cannot use Fine-Tuned Controls after such manouver?
  10. I think that loosing 1 ESC and upgrading K2-B4 to Kraken for the points gained will be a good bargain. I've played a couple of games with K2-B4 solitary (Maul+ 5 vultures) and it was quite useless. Firstly, you have to spend your calculate to use it, so you won't fire ECS this round. Secondly, your enemy may choose to get strained. And he surely will, if it allows him to destroy one of your ships. Thirdly, strain isn't that bad for your enemy. It only works on a single shot, so it won't do too much of a harm. If you take Kraken, you should be able to spend some tokens defensively and still be able to fire those ECSs. And, Wat will become tougher, as he will get access to calculate action and will be able to keep that token.
  11. And if buzz droids are attached to, let's say, PS5 ship (to which they have sticked the previous turn) and other PS1 ship moves through it, buzz droids has to jump from PS5 ship onto a PS1 ship, correct? It seems to me, that yes, if I read the card correctly.
  12. I still can't find a clear answer. The reference card added in vulture droid blister doesn't really clarify this. If enemy ship flies into buzz droids and I place them: 1) in the front guides, and then enemy ship performs a barrel roll; 2) in the rear guides, and then enemy ship performs a barrel roll or boosts/SLAMs; 3) in the rear guides, and next turn enemy ship performs its normal manouver, are the buzz droids going to stick to the ship and fly with it, even though the ship has repositioned and the template or the ship hasn't overlapped the buzz droids token? How do you play them?
  13. But wait, you decloak sideways exactly the same,like you barrel roll with large ship? Or do you decloak large ship the same way,as you barrel roll a small ship?
  14. Jedu

    Maul Swarm

    I could change Kraken for other solitary, get rid of the title and the bomb to give 3 Vultures ESCs. It could be a good idea - if the Vultured even get a chance to shoot. I think that they will suffer for being PS1, especially when they encounter clones swarm. Which is nice, thematically.
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