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  1. This post should be pinned on the first site, as I as well couldn't find this page: https://boardgamegeek.com/forums/thing/252328/star-wars-x-wing-second-edition and was always using the general discussion as a main page, which made the impression that there is no order whatsoever over there - at least none that could be compared to this FFG forum.
  2. Also - if Anakin has only a single enemy ship in range 0-1 of himsefl, does that mean that he can use his ability? Or is there a need to have at least 2 enemy ships in range 0-1? The ship is not friendly to itself, correct?
  3. When I declare that I'd like to use Dooku crew, do I spend the Force first and then I measure range? And, if the object that I measure range to is outside range 2, I lose the Force? Secondly- there is no limit on using Dooku and he could be use multiple times per round? E.g.,when on a Hate-Maul Scimitar, if I regain the Force during the round thx to hate, I may use him again, is that correct?
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