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  1. But you know, I mean EPIC games. On 6'x 3' table.
  2. I couldn't find the answer in rules reference, in epic battles rules reference and anywhere else. How many obstacles should be used in an epic 1v1 deathmatch? As far as I'm concerned, in the first edition, each player should take 6 obstacles and place two of them each time, that both of them are at range 2 of each other or something like that. Can anyone explain how it should be done in X-wing 2.0?
  3. How does it work- can I take 4 of e.g. interceptors and have them docked on a Gozanti, and when the time is right- launch them all as a single wing, if one of them is a wing leader?
  4. Two non-reccuring force charges. Spend one force token: you may discard one of your faceup damage cards. Because, why not?
  5. Yeah, until today I also thought that it works like it does on the video- you shoot TB at something at range 5 and get the lock. That would explain that quite a high price of this hardpoint.
  6. I heard that targetting battery doesn't allow one to lock an object beyond range 3. There is no text on the card allowing to ignore the range restrictions. So - if you shoot at something at range 4-5, then you cannot acquire a lock on the thing you shoot at. BUT if you have boosted scanners on board, are you allowed to spend 1-2 energy in order to increase the locking range adequately? I think that it is allowed. I mean - if you shoot at e.g. raider with the targetting battery at range 5, you may spend 2 energy in order to increase locking range and to lock the raider with the targetting battery's ability. Am I correct?
  7. Another note: the huge ships are placed BEFORE all other ships. It makes a lot of sense if you think of it (the huge ship simply may not fit in the place, which you planned to put it, if you placed all other ships before that). From rules reference, pdf page 32: Place Forces: Place huge ships before all other ships. If there are multiple huge ships, they are placed in descending order according to their initiative value
  8. Targeting battery is an obvious choice, but if you don't have a free hardpoint - maybe think about Tarkin on a ship, which will go fast forward in front of the raider - to paint the target for the rest of your fleet? TIE Reaper maybe? It's not a cheap solution though...
  9. Not as many, as you wamt. You can fire bonus attack as many times, as many of the "bonus" headers are written on a hardpoint card. So, e.g. you can fire ion cannon battery only once (in a round). With Bistan though, maybe you could fire it twice?
  10. Whaaat... You spoiled my Roark combo... That makes me a sad panda!
  11. Oh, and Tarkin on a Gozanti equipped with targeting battery- for setting up that glorious alpha strike next round.
  12. Cpt. Jonus with massed ordnance ships or somewhere around ordnance raider. Roark near CR-90 for not just a single I7 shot,but for all I7 shots. Gavin Darklighter in any squad with many firing arcs.
  13. It could also serve as Santa Claus/Coca-Cola Christmas truck Those red, white and golden colors really gives me the Christmas feeling!
  14. Sooo... is there a consensus here yet? I mean, if you take a decimator, point the turrets sideways and have snapshot: 1. are you even able to use it when enemy lands at range 2 in front of you? 2. are you able to use it as a normal attack (e.g. when nobody is in your normal turret arcs pointed sideways)?
  15. I think that plasma torps will shine against capital ships much more, than e.g. proton torpedoes. 4 less points, 1 shield goes off.
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