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  1. Speed 3!
  2. Our local Cleveland group is having an informal “Armada Christmas Hangover Event.” The event will be on 12/26 at Recess Games in North Olmsted, OH (just 15 miles from the famous Christmas Story House/Museum). Santa is bringing some leftover tournament kit prizes, including range rulers, a turn dial, old Alternative Art ship/squadron cards, other acrylic items and squadrons (who wants some extra defenders or E Wings?). The event is FREE to attend, and is meant to be super relaxed and fun filled. We might do a tournament structure, or we might just play a bunch of games. Either way, everyone should have fun, get a couple of Armada games in, and EVERYONE GOES HOME WITH PRIZES (cue Oprah meme). Space shouldn’t be limited, but please PM or reply here if you think you are attending, so we can plan accordingly. Happy Holidays!
  3. Me three, regarding Deep Cut Studio. I agree with everyone, that the mouse pad version is definitely worth it. I'm in the States and shipping was quick. Additionally, the bag they sell at their site is worth buying extra of, since they are hard to find in the US at a reasonable price.
  4. IMO the ZenBins are by far one of the best options. Can't recommend these enough. I even reached out to their contact e-mail to ask if there were any plans for the Rise of the Empire expansion. They promptly e-mailed me back, including some preliminary designs of their product that is in development, for sale at a TBD time.
  5. Awesome. Thanks guys.
  6. So I realize that I am super late to the party on this one, but I just picked up a bunch of Battlelore items through the huge Asmodee Holiday Sale. I am looking forward to diving into this great looking game, but am in need of some additional advise. Looks like they are out of print, and I figure they will not be reprinted. Anyone have any extras that they would be willing to trade/barter for? Ff so, please PM me.
  7. Did anyone notice that the BBC Alt Art cards are now the size of the Squadron cards? Anyone know why the heck FFG decided to change the size of the cards? I know Alt Art cards for Admirals/Commanders are full size, but until now all upgrades were the standard FFG mini size.
  8. For once, a Regional is basically in my backyard (Streetsboro, OH). I was literally about to jump with joy, with my mind not registering what date was listed. Me: "Sweatheart, do we have anything going on November 25th?" My wife: "That is Thanksgiving Weekend!" My wife felt "a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. ... something terrible has happened." How do I tell multiple sets of relatives flying in from out of town, some who I haven't seen in nearly two years, that I will not be seeing them that day, since I HAVE to go push around plastic spaceships around for ~8 hours? Oh that is right, we got family pictures that day. Who has two thumbs and will not be smiling in that photo? THIS GUY! Oh well. Looks like I am hopefully road tripping to another Regional.
  9. In regards to your collection and paintwork, the line "Impressive, most impressive" is the understatement of the year. All the front row EU ships are incredible.
  10. I have had a blast trying them out and taking them to a Store Championship. I find myself always gravitating towards taking them with a Leia or Sato builds, and lean more towards the Torpedo version. External Racks with Leia CF and rerolls is always some good fun. The Sato HH Torpedo Corvette with Ordinance Experts and APT's is always a recipe for a fun match. As @Snipafist said above, I think popularity could improve with more time. I agree with others that 2-3 HH is the magic number.
  11. U.S. Based Have the following for trade (multiple of many): - AA Nebulon B - AA ISD II (Massing at Sullust) - AA GC-75 - AA Tie Bomber - AA X-Wing - AA Millennium Falcon - AA Assault Proton Torpedo - AA Turbolaser Reroute Circuit - AA Rapid Reload - Acrylic Evade Tokens - Acrylic Objective Tokens - Acrylic Double sided range ruler (2017 Store Championship) - Acrylic Turn Dial Want: - Acrylic Brace Tokens
  12. Bump. Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it out.
  13. Wings, Wheels, & Waves - Massillon, OH Saturday 8/12. Registration starts at 10:30 AM. First Round at 11:00 AM. $10.00 Entry Fee. Please bring your mats if you have them.{"action_history"%3A"null"}
  14. Wings, Wheels, & Waves - Massillon, OH Saturday 8/12. Registration at 10:30 AM. First Round at 11:00 AM. $10.00 Entry Fee{"action_history"%3A"null"}
  15. I feel every time I take Sato in the future, the Salvation, QBT, Raymus combo almost has to be an auto-include into the fleet. I flew it once and it was great. Leia without Raymus was also slick.