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  1. As the question states: can ally Elrond's first ability–"heal all damage on a hero"–target the damage on hero Beorn? Following the rulings on ally Dori and Honour Guard, I'd say it should be able to, since Elrond's ability targets the damage and not the hero directly the way it is worded. What do you think? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. I think the last part should read "Limit: once per game"
  3. I'd be interested in a nice (hopefully "thematic" if possible) decklist featuring her as well
  4. Official Alt Art Cards?

    You guys (I mean the WHOLE LotR LCG community) are just THE BEST! <3
  5. Hi there! I live far from the US–and therefore, Gen Con–and I just went last year to my first Fellowship event. As such, I'd like to know what is the official list of alternate art cards published by FFG and, ideally, links to images I can proxy. Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Now THAT'S the only way I'll refer to this accessory from now on
  7. Best news today! The playmat is gorgeous and Galadriel full art will see so much play in my table <3 The best part of it? My partner looked at the playmat and said "I want that!" So I'll have the chance to play more with her
  8. Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. I was thinking more long term. We're pretty much set for today, as we've practiced with the Boromir deck quite a bit. Now that he bought those expansions, though, I'd like to offer him advice on what to build for our regular meetings—and what to buy next to build the best Rohan deck he can
  10. Thanks a lot! If you can recommend a basic Rohan deck with what he has, I'll be sure to pass it along (he'll be super thankful for it).
  11. My friend now added the following expansions to his card pool: The Treason of Saruman Trouble in Tharbad The Antlered Crown Any last minute additions/improvements to that deck or any other ideas/recommendations? Thanks a lot to everybody for your advice (especially you, @Authraw)
  12. Thanks! That sounds like a cool hero lineup for sure
  13. Thanks for your recommendation! I'm relatively new to the community so I didn't know all the names and faces to summon