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  1. +1 to that. I want all the physical cards and the other perks in this bundle, but I couldn't care less about the digital game. Hopefully FFG will listen to us and give us a physical-cards only–and thus more affordable–version of this bundle.
  2. In my case –and coming from a background similar to yours in TCGs– my approach has always been to face the greatest challenge possible. In the case of LotR LCG that means, at least for me, playing progression style; i.e. trying to overcome a quest only with the player cards available at the time. So far I've been fascinated by this mode of play, so I totally recommend it!
  3. +1 to that request/suggestion. I'm one of those (perhaps rare) players who likes to play powerful AND thematic decks. I love Seastan's decks, but I always struggle to build them because I often play multiplayer and I want to showcase what each trait is capable of at their maximum power without intruding on other traits' strength (for context: nowadays I often play with friends who don't have any cards but love Middle-earth and/or playing board games).
  4. As I can see you're a pretty good deck builder, any chance you could build a powerful and thematic Hobbit deck? Thanks a lot!
  5. Great deck! I'll definitely use it instead of the more combo-y Noldorian deck that's out there. I love your version because it looks both powerful AND thematic–the perfect combination for me
  6. As per the question, I'm looking for a decklist that is 1) Pure Rohan, i.e. no Gondor or other culture heroes, 2) It's the most competitive for solo play, but multiplayer-friendly as well, if possible. I have all the packs and I want to build a deck that shows what Rohan is capable of. Thanks a lot in advance! P. S.: I'd like to summon the deckbuilding powers of @Seastan @Gizlivadi and the all the other genius deckbuilders in this awesome community
  7. As the question states: can ally Elrond's first ability–"heal all damage on a hero"–target the damage on hero Beorn? Following the rulings on ally Dori and Honour Guard, I'd say it should be able to, since Elrond's ability targets the damage and not the hero directly the way it is worded. What do you think? Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. I think the last part should read "Limit: once per game"
  9. I'd be interested in a nice (hopefully "thematic" if possible) decklist featuring her as well
  10. You guys (I mean the WHOLE LotR LCG community) are just THE BEST! <3
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