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  1. So in Dark Heresy, players have the option to summon reinforcements in the form of a Deathwatch space marine, Grey Knight, etc. All they have to do is pay the appropriate influence costs (in addition to possibly meeting prerequisities by the GM), and they're good to go. However, after reading online, I've found that a number of people are unsatisfied with the type of reinforcement that can be called upon. Players are only able to call upon one space marine, one grey knight, one Canoness, etc. Suggestions were made that Inquisitors be able to summon regiments of Imperial Guard to storm a Chaos citadel, or an entire battlefleet to hold off to stave off an encroaching Tyranid hive fleet. Perhaps I may be exaggerating on the scale a bit but hopefully you get my point. So my question is this, are there any homebrew rules that allow for the summoning of large group of reinforcements to aid the acolytes/Inquisitor? I know the rules encourages players and the GM to create their own type of reinforcements, but it doesn't seem to encourage the act on this large a scale. I would definitely be eager to try my hand at creating rules/influence costs that might work, but I thought it best to ask first. Also as a bonus, how would you work that into your campaign? If the acolytes decided they wanted to summon a large force to assist them, how would you imagine that playing out (if at all)? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I was going to try and GM one of the Dark Heresy sample campaigns, being a huge 40k fan. I read through the whole adventure (The Shattered Hope adventure) but I'm unsure about how to conclude an adventure like this. What I mean is that, once the players defeat the boss and complete the adventure, what do you say to conclude in a properly atmospheric way? Besides saying something like "congratulations, you beat the big bad evil daemon," is there a proper way to conclude in general? My first thoughts are to leave it open-ended and ominous. (Disclaimer: I have very little experience GM'ing. Any additional advice that you think is vital for newbies to know would be wholly appreciated!) Thanks for any and all input!
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