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  1. I like Survivors generally, but they are ideal if you need a new character mid-campaign because your last one died or went bonkers. That "flat power curve" means no other class has the kind of quick start that they do.
  2. Fox Mulder is just an anachronistic Roland Banks. How about Jack Parsons (Strange Angel) as a Mystic/Seeker with Dynamite Blast permitted (and playable at -3 cost)?
  3. Carthoris

    Agency Backup

    Any Laundry Files readers here? This card has OCCULUS written all over it!
  4. Lord, I'm itching to play that prologue. But right now our campaign queue is: Return to the Night of the Zealot (2 scenarios remaining), Guardians of the Abyss, Return to the Dunwich Horror, and only then to we get to The Circle Undone. I think I might make a solo run at Disappearance at the Twilight Estate in the meanwhile.
  5. Yeah, that second Snake cycle is gonna be a doozy!
  6. If I were to "continue the tradition," I think I'd need a blog called "Shards of the Void"!
  7. Carthoris

    How old are you

    I wasn't concerned with the number of "points," but rather their flavor. After The Dunwich Legacy sewed up both "Cthulhu Mythos" and Yog-Sothothery cred, The Path to Carcosa made sure there would be satisfaction for players like me who like their mythemes Yellow.
  8. "Rite of Seeking aims to continue the tradition of Arkham fan content being named after Mystic cards" 😄
  9. Carthoris

    How old are you

    Great! I can't wait for Dexter to hit the card game. He's always been a favorite of mine in Elder Sign.
  10. Carthoris

    How old are you

    Yeah, Grandpa coined the word "Yog-Sothothery" to refer to the Necronomicon, Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, and other novel arcana that he shared with the Weird Tales circle of writers. The more common phrase "Cthulhu mythos" was originally invented by August Derleth, who did a lot of work to preserve and publish HPL's writings, but also tended to distort them to fit Christianized metaphysical premises. Derleth is also responsible for the eye-in-the-pentagram Elder Sign, which we now know (from HPL-to-CAS correspondence) to be inaccurate. "Cthulhu Mythos" branding got another shot in the arm from the D&D Deities & Demigods volume, which was an initial point of encounter for many gamers. Arkham Files games really do use the "Cthulhu Mythos" as such, but I prefer the original Lovecraftian term to refer to an elastic body of tropes and motifs, rather than the Derlethian label which suggests a coherent stock of doctrines and lore. Edited to add: AH:TCG gets Yog-Sothothery points for dedicating the first full cycle to the influence of Yog-Sothoth. But it also gets "Cthulhu Mythos" points for orienting to "The Dunwich Horror," which epitomizes the Derlethian good-investigators-fighting-evil-sorcery approach to the weird tale.
  11. I sadly agree with this. I'm not convinced that Dreamlands are up next, though. I think Innsmouth/Big C is more likely. But they could totally surprise us with some Mi-Go thing in Vermont or who knows?
  12. Carthoris

    How old are you

    I'm a half-century old. I was a high-schooler playing pencil-and-paper RPG back in the scare-days of the 1980s. I wrote a letter to the moronic author of a sensationalist Newsweek op-ed, pointing out that his misplaced modifiers had a D&D-playing teenager taking down the Cheryl Ladd posters in his room, shortly after killing himself with fumes from the family car. I loved that picture of the kid coming back from the grave to redecorate. I think Deities & Demigods (1st ed., natch) was the first place I encountered Yog-Sothothery, but I quickly read up all the literature, and I ran a couple of short Call of Cthulhu RPG campaigns back in those days. In the 21st century, I've played the Call of Cthulhu LCG pretty extensively, although not any organized play. I enjoy Elder Sign, but I've never had any powerful itch to play the Arkham Horror board game or Eldritch Horror. I also like Martin Wallace's steampunk semi-co-op Cthulhu games (Study in Emerald and AuZtralia) and Kingsport Festival. Except for the rare solitaire play or Invocation event, I play all my AH:TCG with my 13-year-old daughter. She usually plays Rogues, and I'm all over the map (with a slight preference for Mystics).
  13. I enjoyed the Lord of Nightmares books more than Dark Waters. My detailed reviews of every book in the Arkham Files fiction line (except The Investigators of Arkham) can be found here: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/238813/arkham-horror-fiction-reviewed
  14. Carthoris

    Arkham Soundtrack?

    There are several good "dark ambient" music channels on YouTube. We use Cryo Chamber and Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse most of the time.
  15. Well, they've already done some time-travel stuff in FA. I'd love to see a cycle involving archaeology in the Near East which would throw the investigators into Richard Tierney's "Simon of Gitta" setting (per The Gardens of Lucullus, identical with Glenn Rahman's milieu for "Rufus Hibernicus"), which is sword-and-yog-sothothery set in the Roman Empire at the start of the Common Era. Never gonna happen unless I make it myself, though. I could probably leverage some of the encounter cards from Guardians of the Abyss. Really, though, it's too tall an order--I've got too full a plate just playing this game.