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  1. Read and reviewed Dex's book: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2452839/book-dex-sorceror
  2. I just got my copy of Blood. I'm really looking forward to reading it, especially since the Dexter chapter was my favorite tale in The Investigators of Arkham Horror.
  3. Dexter arrived. I'll be reading Blood as soon as I finish a book of short stories I'm halfway through.
  4. I got my shipping notice and tracking info for Dexter today! Sent via USPS and supposed to be here in 3 days ....
  5. I've received a "we're preparing your preorder" email for Dexter over a week ago, but still no shipping notice. I bought Weaver over the counter at my FLGS yesterday.
  6. I still want a playmat with that cat-ally artwork.
  7. CYCLES Not ranked: Dream-Eaters--haven't played it yet! And Night of the Zealot--the tutorial character of the campaign means it will never measure up to the others. 1. Path to Carcosa. I'm a sucker for the jauniste theme, and I love some of the scenario designs. 2. Circle Undone. Another theme I adore, plus the two/three-stream plot structure of Forgotten Age without the clunky bits. 3. Dunwich. Staunchly in "Lovecraft Country," with some interesting variety in scenario structure. 4. Forgotten Age. I don't dislike this cycle, I just like the others better. On the whole, I think it's uneven, with some of the best and some of the worst moments in the game. ONE-OFFS 1. Excelsior Hotel, 2. Guardians of the Abyss, 3. Carnivale, 4. Rougarou, 5. Labyrinths.
  8. Name doesn't include subtitle, if I recall correctly. So just two Necronomicons of any sort.
  9. I'm a Doc Strange and Black Panther fan since decades before the MCU gave them currency. But from what I've seen of it, I just don't think that the gameplay is for me. FFG has me on the hook for Arkham, and they'll have to be satisfied with that.
  10. If I were to design an investigator-specific product release for AH-TCG, it would have a 'gator who was already (or yet to be) released in an expansion, but with alternate signature cards, like in the novella promos. And it wouldn't include many other player cards. It would include a single scenario tailored to that 'gator and leveraging their personal history. Other 'gators could come along: it would still play 1-4, but that particular one would be necessary.
  11. Definitely play on easy if you've experienced frustration. It's not a pushover.
  12. Nah. No need to be coy about Barkham.
  13. In think the investigators in the Dream Eaters tend to bank on a larger card pool more than earlier investigators do--perfectly understandable for the development arc of the game. Other than that, I don't see any problems.
  14. I'd like to see a 2nd edition (3rd? if you count the CCG as 1st) of the Call of Cthulhu LCG after AH:TCG stops development. Alternating editions of these two games would be a good way to keep soaking addicts like me.
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