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  1. Rich Lola sounds like a good idea. Once you've got the resources, they spend in any class.
  2. Tony also gets a choice; I'm thinking 90% of the decks will go with Guardian. He wants to kill stuff, right? (Edited to add: Seeker could be a good choice for Shortcuts and other mobility, oriented cards. And for true solo where he'll have to get all the clues.) Mandy's insane deck manipulation makes Survivor a tempting choice, giving her access to her discard too. I'm picturing a very fine 19XP Mandy deck with Survivor secondary class and Red-Gloved man to be her in-deck beau.
  3. I really want to see more investigators like Norman, who develop from one class toward another.
  4. I wish there were a convenient way to match collectors who just want the encounter cards from an additional core with ones who just want the player cards.
  5. I think that "innate" and "practiced" keywords complement each other and distinguish skills that are organic features of the investigator on the one hand from those that are acquired through conscious training on the other.
  6. I believe YOMO is pronounced "yoink!"
  7. "As Final Hour focuses more on combat than other Arkham Horror Files titles, you may choose between six of the scrappiest characters this universe has to offer." That's a big turn-off for me. The board looks kinda ugly too. The idea of a smaller-scale, self-contained Arkham Files game as opposed to the sprawling, expansion-ridden usual fare seems good. But I doubt I'll bother with Final Hour.
  8. FFG really don't much care about keeping that "Upcoming" page current for the AH LCG stuff, do they?
  9. Yeah, not many allies have more than 5 health. So mostly it's "poison one ally to its defeat." Unless that's a scary tough ally, maybe Trusted, or even twice-Trusted.
  10. The cumstumper starring out all the **** in this thread is positively hilarious.
  11. Yes, none of the Carcosa stuff is in Lovecraft at all. Although Lovecraft was somewhat inspired by Chambers' King in Yellow, it certainly doesn't make sense to frame the earlier stories as "fan fiction" of the later! HPL was part of a circle of writers whom he encouraged to use his mythemes (particular forbidden books, forgotten gods, New England towns, etc.), and later generations of writers continued to contribute to a resulting "shared universe" on which the Arkham Files is constructed.
  12. Sometime around Cycle 7 I expect we'll get some parley-intensive scenarios, with an enemy keyword like "Irritable" that is the Parley equivalent to Retaliate (Fight), Alert (Evade), and Haunted (Investigate). If your Parley fails, the enemy attacks.
  13. Bob could be a straight-up Rogue with some deck-building juju for including out-of-class assets with the Item trait. Maybe up to 7 of them? "Let me show you my wares." He could also be a parley machine. Maybe his Elder Sign would be +1, +5 on parley actions. I'm also imagining a signature event with a parley action for humanoid enemies.
  14. There are some scenarios where that's a perfect fit (The House Always Wins comes to mind). Church organ music is great for A Phantom of Truth.
  15. I managed to hit just the right timing, after people posted that they had received cards and before the first batch were exhausted, so my time from reporting the issue to getting my cards was just over a week. Nice work, ANA.
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