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  1. The only Guns shown on the Ghost are Top Guns http://i.imgur.com/CLaoj31.jpg Bottom Guns http://i.imgur.com/2WyKIG9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mMguo04.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JPjFT0b.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ENLbuIW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/SzujYIY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HqMyuAM.jpg Please tell me how that bottom gun is just 1. "Here endeth the lesson" - Elliot Ness to Al Capone in the Untouchables. Edit: Added Many blurry action shots
  2. 26 mins 52 seconds into the Season Finale (Rebel Resolve) of Rebels shows the chin canons as shot by Sabine. 26:58 shows a tiny bit better but you have to be fast on the pause button.
  3. Season 2 has not even started in the US. They did have a sequel to Spark of Rebellion that sets up Season 2, but as far as I know the real season does not start until September.
  4. I hope the begging for xp folks release the Force and Destiny (released) sheets, that would be wonderful.
  5. With the same amount of respect, I will point out that Disney specifically called out at Star Wars Celebration that the Ultimate Star Wars book was canon, so regardless if it was seen on screen or not, the owners of the intellectual property decided this was the listing they wanted for their starship. I fully appreciate that at the time you had not known this, that does not make the book or its data or my typing exactly what it stated incorrect. The encumbrance is subjective and so that is fine that you and I differ there, though with 4 pods and 130 available that leaves a weird 32.5 encumbrance per pod, which makes zero sense. At very minimum changing it to 132 would be divisible by 4 evenly, 140 would make it 35 per, which also makes sense.
  6. Just because this was stated and not addressed in my last comment. Per canon (Ultimate Star Wars, page 292 lower left hand corner) they get the weapons wrong on the ship. The front load out is listed as "Two forward laser cannons are located underneath the gunner station" From Spark of Rebellion: Weapons: One Forward Turret-Mounted Heavy Laser Cannon (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6;Critical 3; Range [short]), One Dorsal Turret Mounted Medium Laser Cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]) This not only contradicts canon but it ignores the Lego (http://wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net/80450F/screencrush.com/files/2014/01/star-wars-rebels-lego-sets-1.jpg) as well. =) Additionally it would make more sense to have the cargo encumbrance to be 120 or 160 as it has to be a number reasonably divided by 4 as on the bottom right of that same Ultimate Star Wars page 292, it lists "Main Cargo Hold: Four holds are located on each corner of the ship." As they are equal size it is reasonable that they would be more of a reasonable number so 30 or 40 encumbrance per section.
  7. Keith Kappel came on here every time one of the books he contributed came out and answered questions about them for days. Max Brooke just did (or is going to do?) the Order 66 podcast about one of the books he contributed to. They didn't ever get mad or follow anyone to other threads to try to attack other opinions they had. Where I have seen this happen to multiple people based on fan made stuff. My comment stands. =)
  8. I hope you are right, unfortunately as I stated above, they 100% ignored the RPG on May the 4th, so it is very likely the same will happen for the next Star Wars "day".
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