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  1. I bought it from miniature market in August, as it seemed like EU was ignored. It seems like I was correct. Just do what I did, order from USA.
  2. Do not count the support, only the ships in the embattled area. PS: (If you are getting attacked, and you have 1 or more routed ships, they count towards the Xaro house card effect even though they contribute with 0 STR).
  3. FFG News MoD Playmat Sorry, no match has been found.
  4. Don't hold your breath.. The LOTR mat, announced in January 2019, got released in May 2019. Meanwhile AGOT mat was announced in August 2018, and here we are still..
  5. Well, this mat is never coming to the rest of the world it seems. If you want it, you'll have to buy it from China. Thanks FFG, 0 communication and awful customer service.
  6. With the recent official change to Lannister (extra ship in port), we play with no other house rules. Just replacing Balon with Rodrik.
  7. Replace Balon with Rodrik from DwD expansion. We did it years ago and never looked back. GJ deck still very good, but without the silly OP Balon card.
  8. The mat is out in France. So now both China and France has it.. Still no info from incompetent Asmodee/FFG about this. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/31894959#31894959 Sadly it is in French, so not much use for the rest of us.
  9. Almost a month has passed since China got the mat. Still no word from Asmodee/FFG on what is going on.. Just providing automated useless responses ("We have no idea what is going on, check our news page, thanks". ) Customer service at its best folks.
  10. Where? Link to what shops they bought it from??
  11. Yepp, the same useless response. Disgraceful.
  12. True, but Asmodee still saying they have no release date. Sadly no new info in the last week. I honestly think the mat is a scam at this point..
  13. Like I said, the price is comparable to other gamemats.. What is hard to understand about that? Scythe: (not FFG) https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/accessories-c1/playmats-c8/stonemaier-games-scythe-neoprene-playmat-p168190/s169500 90x70 cm. RRP 35 GBP. (the mat is on SALE now, but the RRP is 35). GoT: (FFG) https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/accessories-c1/playmats-c8/fantasy-flight-games-a-game-of-thrones-the-board-game-second-edition-mother-of-dragons-deluxe-playmat-p168641 91x91 cm. RRP 39 GBP. TLDR: Stop complaining. Price is within the market-price for gamemats. The mat is also completely optional.
  14. Pretty much. People asked FFG "pretty please" to release the mat to the public, when they wasn't planning on it. As for the mat itself.. It is HUGE (90x90 cm). Compare it to other premium gamemats (which mostly are much smaller) and it isn't that bad. I have a colt express gamemat (that is barely a 1/3 of the size), and it cost me about 20 bucks. Also, you say "cardboard game mat". You do realize it is a neoprene anti-slip mat? It isn't cardboard..
  15. Still nothing. Doesn't look like this thing is ever coming out..
  16. Yeah this is really not worded properly... But IMO as the card says "may", it is optional. If not, wouldn't it say "must either"?
  17. MoD is not compatible with the custom setup from DwD. The rule-book simply says that you can use an alternate house card deck (DwD + Arryn FFC + Targ deck B) to mix things up. You still use all the other MoD rules (including setup).
  18. Yeah the mat is still MIA.... Sadly. I was hoping it would come out around the same time. Disappointing.
  19. MoD is not compatible with the custom setup from DwD. The rule-book simply says that you can use an alternate house card deck (DwD + Arryn FFC + Targ deck B) to mix things up. You still use all the other MoD rules (including setup).
  20. Still Q4. We don't know more exact than that at the moment.
  21. To be fair, how would you even add walkers in any meaningful way, without drastically altering the game mechanics to make it a completely different game?.... Suddenly it isn't a game of fighting over the throne, but more of a "team-game" vs the walkers. To me, it sounds more like a stand-alone expansion idea.
  22. ? We know this already: They are at the bottom (permanently), on all tracks. What we don't know, is how the OTHER houses are placed. They will receive new positions, so it won't follow the order of the base game.
  23. All positions will be re-done. FFG said we get new influence track positions, to accommodate the new houses. The only positions we KNOW right now, is Targ being last on all tracks. The other positions are in the open right now..
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