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  1. Alright everyone I updated the file with a link to MEGA and it worked flawlessly when I tested it! Now this spreadsheet is "straight to the point" so it lacks a colorful design and effects but it should be helpful for people.
  2. Hey guys I'll look to get the link working after I get done with work so stay tuned!
  3. Alright I changed the link to a dropbox account so it should be ready to go!! I will also post this to the other topic shown earlier!
  4. Hey I meant to post something like this a long time ago, but over the last couple years I have created a Star Wars RPG Excel file useful for beginners and veterans alike. This file contains information from each sourcebook concerning species, species special abilities (SSA), and skills in each career and its specializations. I have organized the information by each game, Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. In addition, there is one tab where all of the species are organized alphabetically to make the process of finding a particular species easier. Even though I feel pretty comfortable sharing this file, I must admit that there may be a few mistakes. If anyone notices any mistakes, please make a note, politely, and I will update this file over time. Please note that I made this spreadsheet to assist members of my RPG group in accelerating character creation for new campaigns and NOT as a way for consumers to avoid buying the books. I also use this file to avoid littering my tables with all the additional sourcebooks during character creation until hearing character concepts from my players. If a lot of people feel this file is inappropriate for the forums, I will delete it. Hopefully, many of you find this useful and happy role-playing!! https://mega.nz/#!bRYlhIDK!6w-GfkrJMo9C8zVKsCgwCiMhOj92fIeK_9Bg4apjipg
  5. What does everyone think about the Gigoran?? They could be very well rounded or specialized depending on their role in a party given their stats. They start with at 15+ wounds and 12+ strain. Even with low intelligence and the penalty dealing with technology, they are one of the most appealing species in my opinion. I have one member in my party that would pick this species instantly. Before this preview, I thought this would be a book to skip but not anymore!!!
  6. Hi everyone!! I was wondering if anyone had created stats for the Vurk species?? I have a new member joining us for our next campaign and after watching the saga films, he really enjoyed seeing the species that the prequels introduced in particular. He was wondering if he could play a Vurk and I told him that I could home brew them for him. After doing some research, the Vurks are viewed as being primitive by most of the galaxy, but they are described as being intelligent. In addition, they are known to be above average diplomats and are highly philosophical concerning their traditions. Lastly, Vurks are an amphibious species since they are capable of living on land and in water of their home world Sembla. Provided below is my stats that I feel are appropriate for the species. Brawn: 2 Agility: 1 Intellect: 3 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 2 Presence: 3 Wound Threshold: 11+ Brawn Strain Threshold: 10+ Willpower Special Abilities: Vurks begin with a free rank in Discipline or Negotiation Amphibious Starting XP: 85 or 90 (Still debating) How does this sound??
  7. Hey everyone, I'm needing some assistance with a character build for a new campaign that will be starting in approximately a week. This campaign will begin with four player characters, including myself, where each of us have be recruited to deliver a cargo shipment. None of us know what the cargo is, and none of us know who recruited us. After the initial mission, the party will work together to find out who recruited us and what their purpose is. I have been in discussions with the GM, and he said that we will being dealing with some scum and villainy groups as well as the Empire. This campaign will begin with an Edge of the Empire feel before branching off into Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. My GM is allowing us to pick any career as long as our character's backstory gets them to the beginning of the campaign. In addition, he will be including morality into the campaign regardless of if the PCs are force sensitive. Also, each PC will be receiving additional credits and XP but our GM is stilling deciding on the amounts. Over to my Character Concept . . I already know that I want to play as a Shistavanen because they're my favorite species. I love their physical appearance, and their in game stats and abilities. In addition, I want to have him be a deceptive figure. Throughout his life he has survived and thrived in the underworld due to his deception/stealth skills. He has no love for the Empire due to their Xenophobic views and how their grip is tightening across the galaxy. With this idea, I thought about giving him connections to the Rebellion where he would have a duty being Sabotage or Recruiting. If he considers his fellow PCs to be "worthy" of joining the Rebellion, he will begin to recruit them into the organization. This will be a slow process due to him being an isolationist, like most Shistavanens. The trouble I'm running into, is picking a career and specialization. I've been considering a Sentinel Shadow, Engineer, Saboteur, or Spy. I feel all the specs can fit for the concept but I'd like some additional opinions. Looking over all the career options, I would prefer to have this build, Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect: 3 Cunning: 4 Willpower: 2 Presence: 1 With this character, I'll have a definite role within in the party. Even though I haven't talked to the other players about their characters, I know the one will play the brute like usual lol, one will play the main shooter/pilot, and the third will be a wildcard or perhaps a flirty character. I'd appreciate any thoughts, questions, or concerns. Thanks!
  8. I want to know about the about the Cosians and the Pau'ans. I'm also interested in seeing the talent trees because the Ascetic is looking promising!!
  9. Hey a new article went up earlier today!! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/18/expand-your-galaxy-1/ Some pretty good information about the Species. I'm really liking the Arkanians!!
  10. What are the talent trees like? Do they require a lot of navigation to get to Dedication talents or are any straight shots? Also, do they have any unique talents?
  11. Hey guys I weird thing happened today when I looked up ordering Endless Vigil from the store. I went to the cart to check out and noticed that the photo for Endless Vigil was not for Endless Vigil. The description showed "Endless Vigil a Sourcebook for Sentinels" but the image to the left of it showed . . . "Disciples of Harmony a Sourcebook for Consulars" If you try to click on the photo it takes you to Problem Loading The Page with the Fantasy Flight Logo above it. I just wanted to post about this because it caught my eye. I can't post the image it just pulls up the Problem Loading the Page. Maybe someone else might be able to get the image up but I just wanted to share this because the cover, (if this is really the Consular Book), is really cool. Let me know if anyone sees this if they have Endless Vigil in their cart.
  12. Does anyone have a idea of when we'll get a new announcement article?!?!
  13. I saw the picture of the Sentry Talent Tree, but have the other two specializations been posted yet? I'm just curious to see what they're like.
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