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  1. Yep valen is not a great choice for an instigator glue mob.
  2. Those two external racks are very handy in a 4 GSD list and the models look nice on a shelf.
  3. I actually took four GSDs and instigator to UK nationals, it's actually a usable list, but I just love Glads, thinking back it was: 1) demo......glad two......hunter killer of both ships and fighters 2) insid.......fast second axis of attack, just don't crash into demo coming the other way 3) standard demo glad two flak and trap ship 4) standard demo one ram bot, trap ship 5)instigator and an escort of four fighters The list demands very good driving and targeting, count any fighter ball as you would a ship when deciding your primary target and primary threats.... Murder primary target avoid primary threats, reassess then engage secondary target.
  4. Just thinking around the new wave and if there was a profoundly new way of doing rebels within it..... I present my very new and un tested "Kick in the profundity" which purposefully uses all the new waves rebel elements. CR90A: TLRC, admiral Raddus CR90B X2 MC75 profundity, Wales bliss, Cait and sholl, rabid launcher,ECM,APT,racks. hammerhead torpedo, hondo, Erso,racks, girls honour. yt1300 x4 Points 395 plans first player, yts and hammerhead in profundity, all off the board. The three cr90s deployed on three axis.... Tie the other player in knots with manuver play, then when you have identified your primary axis of attack deploy profundity and hammerhead. activate hammerhead, use Erso on a key carrier or target, blast primar target, hondo dishes out tokens..... activate profundity, deploy yts to suppress any bombers, blast primary target with two arcs and watch it explode. Missions: most wanted....play as first strategy above but with added bang and points.. contested outpost, camp the 3 CR90s and YTs on the out post and wait as the bad guy comes, deploy profundity and hammerhead to trap them.....let the murder begin. salvage run..... As with first players but run your CR90s and then play it like contested outpost, wait for the bad guys and then trap and murder them with profundity and hammerhead. The great thing about this list is that it inevitably ends in a total blood bath no matter if your first or second player.......
  5. Ackbar assault frigates and CR90s would tear that imp list apart, it literally would have no real answers. It's got no bombers so you can drop out the fighters and just max out on Ackbar lovelies.... It has no fast small base ships which is the other only real threat to an Ackbar gun line. Toilet bowl and mission him to death....
  6. That armoured cruiser will make a great lead unit for an old school ackbar line, everything you ever wanted, turbo laser upgrade, leading shots, gunnery team and best of all an external rack powered killer front arch to stop some fast small base screwing your gun line..... Park in front of me will you.... Eat 8 dice with rerolls. And a lovely gunnery team for your assault frigate...
  7. Gink we have photographic evidence of you collusion with rebel scum......in fact my brother, a loyal imperial tangled with your rebel fleet.
  8. So I can for instance coerce a person to play a rend even if there are no valid targets and they still play it even if it has no effect ?
  9. Blimey what a thread, I'm going to bed with some diazepam.........
  10. To be fair South America is officially a different continent, what confuses me is Central America, which continent gets that ? Europe and Asia have the same thing goin on, one must assume that somewhere in Russia there must be a big sign saying welcome to Asia, population 4567302901, twinned with South America, please drive carefully.
  11. Have the USA annexed Canada and Mexico, I missed that one in the news....... Now Australlia really is as big as a continent and they love to socialise.
  12. I've used a Demo glad 2 in my comp list since last year, it's great, it switches from ship killing to anti fighter depending on your key target. Pairs well with raider1 instigator (OE and now racks), I tend to throw in 4 ties as escorts for instigator all together they can throw down a lot of hurt. Add to flack from an ISD for effect.......I generally plan on losing instigator.
  13. Even without the silly luck, they do throw a mean handful of dice, racks is just something else.
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