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  1. It would appear that Photobucket struck here as well and all my pictures are no longer here. I recently went to another image site where they don't have the problem Photobucket has. Shortly I'm going to get rid of my Photobucket account. Michael
  2. Today my Profundity arrived from Shapeways and Mel you did another great looking ship another job well done from Mel's Miniatures. Michael
  3. Well I was able to purchase to Mel's Miniatures for the Profundity w/stand last night along with some other non-Star Wars items as well. And so if all goes well I might come up with a game using the Profundity in a Convention game. One a side note a few weeks back at a local gaming Convention I ran my Star Wars Armada game with my Super Star Destroyer and this game was different than my first game where the Imperial's won,but in this game the Rebels had a great day and took out everything(including the SSD)except for 1-Star Destroyer. All who took part liked the game since this was their first Armada game since they only played X-Wing before. Michael
  4. I learned recently that Mel's Miniatures has made the Profundity from Rouge One. The Profundity was the Rebel Flagship in the movie. I'll be getting one as soon as I can. So what I need to know is has anyone done this ship up in Armada? Michael
  5. The problem is that they are not official. The rules haven't been produced and vetted and playtested and balanced by the game developers, and are not "legal" within the context of open/regular play. They are essentially house-rules; which is fine for casual, non-competitive play, but isn't attractive to a lot of the more active players. Chemosh667 I understand that but the fact remains that these ships have been made and that people can get them for casual,non-competitive play. And without Shapeways many of our Rebel Fleets and Imperial Fleets would be pretty small right now. And since I don't do Tournaments(because I'm not that good)I'll stick with playing with my friends or running games like my SSD game I ran and will run again at an upcoming game convention early next month. Michael
  6. You can get most of these ships talked about in this topic like the Venator,Hammerhead and Remonda from Mel's Miniatures on Shapeways. I know they're not official but there it is. Michael
  7. Undeadguy the SSD from Mel's Miniatures isn't as crazy expensive as you might think. I bought mine for $242.00 which is not that expensive but it all depends on what folks can afford. I know that I have one and I'm pleased to have it for my Armada Fleet. Michael
  8. Mel's Miniatures does make the Hammerhead Corvette in case some don't know this. Michael
  9. Just in case some of you who don't know many of the ships listed in this topic like the Hammerhead and Quasar Fire Carrier have been made by Mel's Miniatures on Shapeways. Granted they're not official but you can still get them.
  10. Lord Tareq from what I heard she already did some stuff for Episode 8 if that's the case you'll see her next year.
  11. I got my Wave V thru eBay and they arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with them.
  12. Today Christmas came a little early as I just got all 4 of the Wave V expansions today. I'm very pleased with them and I just finished putting them onto their stands. Merry Christmas to all of you. Michael
  13. I really enjoyed Rouge One I would say it's in my top 3 of the 7 Star Wars films since I enjoy ALL 7 Star Wars films. I also liked the space battle at the end and I want the Rebel Flagship and Mel if you're reading this please make it soon. I was also surprised at some things as well but I won't go into those right now. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was seeing that Gold Plated droid. Michael
  14. Now if you add in all the ships from Shapeways/Mel's Miniatures I really couldn't answer the question since with all the new Rebel ships including all those great looking Mon-Calamari ships then who knows. I must say that without Mel's Miniatures the Rebel Fleet would be very small indeed so I'm glad that Mel has done those ships. Michael
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