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  1. CenterPoint

    L5R Symbol Font

    When i save this, the font has normal letters. no symbols. Any ideas?
  2. CenterPoint

    My spind on the Legion.

    Lego is way ahead of you: https://www.target.com/p/lego-174-star-wars-153-sandspeeder-153-75204/-/A-52946583
  3. CenterPoint

    Disney Empire

    I know it's goofy and donald but first thing I thought of was mermaid man and barnacle boy lol not sure of your source material but you may have to give the goofy ones a different blue for the pants to make them look less like aqua man. I absolutely love this idea though. keep up the stellar work!
  4. CenterPoint

    Mantis Clan

    well dragonfly was confirmed in the lore so maybe we'll see some of them as neutrals
  5. pm sent some of my recent work (armada) https://ibb.co/hWuZcc
  6. CenterPoint

    MC Exodus Ships

    no it is not visible
  7. CenterPoint

    Faq is up

    Faq is up www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/6/new-fleet-orders/
  8. CenterPoint

    Happy “Mistakes were made” Friday

    I have 2 pelts and have only ever used 1 in a game, and 4 assault firgates tho im not sure why. and also 6 victorys. thay one was before i knew that the isd would be released
  9. CenterPoint

    Elemental Cycle begins

    adding minor clans as neutrals should shake everything up nicely, and manipulating province strength seems to be a theme that will show up a bit considering more than one of the preview cards list it. and the six x six may be alright considering there apparently only doing it 2x per year
  10. CenterPoint

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    yey!- dragonfly are confirmed as existing in new5r
  11. CenterPoint

    Where Are You?

    rochester ny
  12. CenterPoint

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    how about re designing the x wings to clean them up a bit (only ffg model I hate/and my favorite star wars ship )
  13. I like black ships, they make a great canvas for more elaborate details
  14. CenterPoint

    c5alinas shipyard

    good, clean paint job, I like it!
  15. CenterPoint

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    but on a more serious note, how about a set of original a wings with some paneling and the engine ring on the back (like what you did for the resistance ones)