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  1. I've had the AoR rulebook & beginners game for months and have been dying to find someone to play with; no flesh and blood friends seem to be interested! I'm in England so anyone Europe or East Coast with a seat free for a session please let me know!
  2. It was three four part comics (so pretty short), one for each of the trilogy; the "Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope" would be the one that would be of most interest to you. I'm fairly confident they released the comics as a collection, it was a while ago now though. Actually, I've just checked and they have paperback copies for peanuts on the website of a well-known electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.
  3. Reminds me of the Infinities comics: "Events begin to change when the torpedoes fired by Luke Skywalker experience a technical malfunction and fail to destroy the Death Star, but prevent the complete destruction of Yavin 4. Unable to fire a fully charged shot from the Death Star's superlaser, Grand Moff Tarkin orders the technicians to fire at reduced power, nearly leveling the Massassi Temple on the moon’s surface and fire again to destroy the planet. The Imperials send out a wing of TIE Fighters to pick off the remaining members of Red Squadron. Luke, driven to near-insanity by the failure of the mission and the apparent destruction of Rebel base, turns his fighter to face the TIEs alone. Eventually, Han Solo convinces Luke to flee and the Millennium Falcon jumps into hyperspace with Luke’s X-wing on its tail. The Rebel forces attempt to flee the Yavin system, but are captured by the Imperials. The Rebel leaders are imprisoned on the Death Star to await execution, but Princess Leia is taken to Coruscant, where she is put under house arrest at the Emperor’s residence, which was once the Jedi Temple. Once there, Darth Vader subtly begins Leia's training in the dark side of the Force." I won't spoil the ending! It's worth reading through the rest of the storyline, could give you some good scenario ideas for you game!
  4. Reread what you quoted. If something has gone wrong, the pilot doesn't give a rat's a** if it is normal to land on the wings. He'll do it anyways. As the quote says, they are capable of sitting on their wings, just weren't designed to do so as part of normal operations (yet Star Wars Rebels shows them sitting on the ground all the time in various shots of Lothal). You're right, I could have phrased that much better. I was thinking more of it terms of "If the Empire consider the TIEs (and therefore their pilots) expendable, and designed them as such, why would they bother to put a survival kit for the pilot in there?", rather than that the ships wouldn't able to make an emergency landing if required. The Empire wouldn't mount a rescue mission for one downed TIE, so it seems illogical to prolong the pilot's life a few days. I think the whole topic rests on your definition of 'consumables'.
  5. Are you sure you don't want to hang onto it? Most of us have both Rebels and Imperials for if someone comes over and you want a quick game.
  6. Haha I know, that's why I started the post with it, so everyone had their pinches of salt ready. I just thought it was an interesting point of view. You're right though, I can't find it anywhere specifically stated (in canon) that the TIEs have no shields, hyperdrive or life support, but it seems odd that so many of us think that it is. Perhaps it's anti-Imperial propaganda circulated by the blasted Rebel Alliance!
  7. Was looking on Wookieepedia about this, the author suggested that the absence of shields, hyperdrive, life support was to assist maneuverability. This caught my eye: "TIE/lns also lacked landing gear, another mass-reducing measure. While the ships were structurally capable of "sitting" on their wings, they were not designed to land or disembark their pilots without special support. On Imperial ships, TIEs were launched from racks in the hangar bays. Other Imperial pilots considered TIE fighter pilots to be suicidal due to the how expendable the starfighters were." Why weigh down a ship with consumables when it has no systems in place to make a safe landing outside of the carrier ship? Maybe there is space for a lunchbox or something.
  8. I know I liked this which makes a comment a bit superfluous, but please FFG!
  9. I wish that FFG would release a coffee table book of the artwork from all the roleplaying books and the card game, it really is exceptional.
  10. Precisely, much is made in the fluff about how the Imperials consider their pilots are a consumable and hence why the TIEs are so stripped down - cost saving. The idea of fuel being a consumable is a good one though, if I was GMing a game where the pilot was shot down like that I would probably create an encounter where the pilot can trade fuel, parts etc. with the startled local populace for food and shelter.
  11. To quote the core rulebook: "Nearly anything can happen in the heat of the moment: even a single shot fired at an Imperial Star Destroyer might hit some critical component that results in its destruction" As people above have said, it really is up to your group; do you want a more grounded, realistic session or more of a Michael Bay film with huge explosions and characters facing seemingly impossible odds and coming through without a scratch. There's definitely scope for both and plenty in between, which is what makes tabletop RPGs such a great medium.
  12. I hope that's an error, or fluff I wrote yesterday about my new character turning down a highly paid graduate position at SFS to join the Alliance and help design the A-Wing's computer systems under Dodonna will have to be retconned haha.
  13. I hail from Sussex, England. Maybe we could get an online game of the European (and possibly Eastern Seaboard US or other nocturnal) guys together?
  14. The idea of a BBB list intrigued me, here is my (rubbish) initial attempt: The thinking is that I'd be able to get them all into position before the swarms blocked me off with the enhanced scopes and stress tokens would be less of a problem because I'd get some kind of benefit from them with Ibtisam and Keyan. Ran out of points with Ten Numb, the Nein and Ten combination was very tempting. But as people have said above, you'd have to hope the dice are your friends in the first couple of combat turns or it could all turn south very quickly...
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