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  1. They were in SW Rebels, and based on the Dark Troopers from the old 90s game "Dark Forces", which more or less shaped a huge portion of my childhood
  2. The Lothal occupation force grows! Designed to work as Death Trooper proxies, these are the first figures I've modelled, printed, and painted myself from scratch.
  3. Thank you! As long as my printing goes smoothly it should be available soon. So far the fences, the buildings, and the vaporators are all complete. Need to finish the barn and a few sundry scatter bits as well as the arch.
  4. More progress. I didn't mean to ACTUALLY recreate Morad Sumar's farm, but it's a great piece of inspiration and just sort of fell into place.
  5. Answered OP in another thread, but thought I'd post here since a few people are asking. I do a lot of 3d printing. It has almost totally eclipsed purchasing models or terrain. I picked up an Ender 3 standard edition just over a year ago and since then I've kept it running almost 24 hours a day. At around $180 on sale usually, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this machine as long as you're willing to learn and put in the calibration and tinkering time. If you play a lot of wargames and like good looking terrain, there is no better investment. It will pay for itself many times over. Happy printing!
  6. I don't think you'd go wrong with the Ender 5 Pro. I personally soon plan to upgrade to the Ender 5 Plus though it is a very different machine to the pro.
  7. I use a Creality Ender 3 (basic edition) that I picked up for $180 on sale for all my FDM printing (Terrain, bases, larger figures) and an Elegoo Mars for my resin printing needs (fine detail figures). If you're looking for mostly terrain you can't go wrong with the Ender 3 as a starting point. It takes a bit of tinkering but it's a great machine to learn on, and by the time you want to upgrade to something bigger it will have paid for itself a few times over.
  8. Threw down a quick airbrush and drybrush on the test print for the Imperial Troop Transport, intended to operate as a "counts as" Occupier. Printed beautifully and paints easy. Need to do another pass to add/modify some details and print another. My favorite part? It costs me maybe a dollar in materials!
  9. So, Rebels is my favorite Star Wars property in a good long while, with Lothal being (in my opinion) a wonderfully developed setting rife with opportunities for clashes during the Galactic Civil War. I've started by creating the basic modular shacks and the extremely common "house" seen throughout the series in various places. Right to business, here is my board thus far... The crates, vaporators, and rock mounds were files purchased or found from other sources but they just don't quite "fit" the rest of the Rebels look, so I've set about replacing certain pieces and adding others. Drawing inspiration from the farms seen in Season One, I've started a barn and modular wall system to create similar layouts. Looks like I'm going all in on Lothal, so I've started some upgrades to make my Imps look the part of the occupation as well...
  10. Figured I might as well share my Lothal board build, and a few of the upcoming pieces to make things a bit more "Rebels"-y Modular walls and Vaporators based on Morad Sumar's farm and other locations from the show. Will update as the pieces are completed. If you're interested in following terrain progress and seeing some 3d renders and prints you can find them in my thread in Terrain Building. Sneak peek at some upcoming Lothal based additions to my Imperial forces...
  11. And finished off my Agent Kallus Imperial Officer proxy, also printed with files courtesy of Skull Forge Studios.
  12. A few more 3d prints to add to the roster. Tired of waiting for ARCs!
  13. Finished a squad of 3d printed BX Commando droids, files courtesy of Velrock on Thingiverse.
  14. Another miniature from Dark Fire Designs, "The Chosen General" printed on Elegoo Mars. Pretty soon I might actually be able to get some more official FFG models! Definitely want that AAT.
  15. 3d Printed some Airborne Clone Troopers from Dark Fire Designs to proxy as Phase 2s, what with figures being so hard to find at the moment.
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