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  1. Tvayumat

    Closing in sideways

    That's what the rule already is. You collide with a unit if you perform a shift or march and are touching an enemy unit at the end of that shift or march. You don't need to overlap.
  2. Tvayumat

    Initiative One Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

    Even better, Reanimate Archers can use Shield Wall, and Reanimates can't. Bizarre. I run reanimates constantly to varying degrees of success.
  3. Tvayumat

    Upgrade card size

    I literally just finally bought a full display box of the yellow sleeves, figuring "of COURSE I'll use all these!" Thanks, FFG. Thanks.
  4. Tvayumat

    Upgrade card size

    That's not a bug, it's a feature!
  5. Tvayumat

    Upgrade card size

    I work pretty hard most of the time to stay positive and think of the best possible outcomes for FFG's decisions. That said, I freaking hate these giant upgrade cards. I wouldn't have minded if they started this way, but having all my core upgrades small and new upgrades huge is going to drive me nuts.
  6. Ravos, when the wounds fell.
  7. As with most Runewars heroes, pronouncing their name is half the battle. I look forward to many "Prince Fayo.... fah... fwal... the prince guy"
  8. Tvayumat

    Happy Friday - Hero builds

    This, but Ardus' Fury.
  9. In Ru Darklands, topic chooses thread.
  10. But they still lack any snakes or snake-headed arrows. For shame.
  11. Tvayumat

    Scuttling Horror to disengage

    No, that's accurate.
  12. Tvayumat

    Waiqar opinion

    Thing is... one of these ideal circumstances is based entirely on the rune token RNG. At best you can TRY to recast one of them for the cost of a champion upgrade but generally no, you can't set this up at will. The other is dependent on whether or not you can land a blight which you absolutely have control over. You CAN set up this perfect situation reliably. The two are not analogous. You keep comparing the raw dice+threat of the CL against the RGs. Lancers NEED blight in order to pull this off, it's been said again and again. Waiqar is a faction that thrives on synergy. Whether you like this feature or not is subjective, but you have to take it into account if you want to play them. Rune Golems are unreliable and often unpredictable for their controller. Carrion Lancers are only unpredictable to the enemy.
  13. Tvayumat

    Waiqar opinion

    You've seen me run RAs enough to know how false this is. For the life of me I can't figure why you keep running Maro though so...
  14. Tvayumat

    Waiqar opinion

    You're really pretty far off base with the Carrion Lancer, @backupsidekick. It sounds like you've had some bad experiences. It has a great price, a great combination of HP and defense, and a great dial, not to mention huge damage potential in ideal circumstances. You aren't going to find many people to even agree that the solo Carrion Lancer isn't fantastic, let alone "worthless." It's a vastly superior siege unit to the Rune Golem, and in nearly all of my one-on-one confrontations the Carrion Lancer has come out on top. Yes, in order to achieve peak performance, it requires support from other lancers or reanimate archers. No, it's not reasonable to discount the synergy bonuses of an army designed from the ground up around synergy. Even *without* being able to land a mortal strike for each surge, the worm is perfectly capable of locking up a solo golem for 3 turns at fewer points. If supported or in a larger unit, they simply melt golems en masse, on top of commanding engagement timing with a much more flexible dial. I can appreciate that you haven't had great success with the unit, but you shouldn't conflate that with the unit being bad. In this game, a great deal of how good a unit is comes down to how you use it.