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  1. Tvayumat

    Softening the Rules

    @rebellightworks and @playnwin can attest that the real meat of the game lay in those moments of doubt, when you set your dials and then wonder just how wily your opponent is.
  2. Tvayumat

    Softening the Rules

    Gain advantage through rules abuse? What exactly about "playing the game better than your opponent" is rules abuse? USING the rules and being better at using the rules is PRECISELY the way a player is meant to gain advantage over their opponent. It sounds like you want(ed) a vastly more predictable game. I'd caution that this is more like many other games whose victor is determined in list building rather than during gameplay. Nothing in the game mechanics prevents this, though. I gather from the response to File Leader that you don't like paying an opportunity cost for your preferred playstyle (6 pts and a champion slot) but this game is fundamentally all about choices and opportunity cost, and those mechanics allow people to vary their armies quite a bit. Furthermore, I think this is already worked into the design space. Units with late initiative attacks and high defense would be ideal for receiving charges.
  3. I'd argue an extra wound simply because mechanically the difference between toughness 3 and 4 is pretty well negligible.
  4. Tvayumat

    Softening the Rules

    Admittedly, in the heydey of my local scene (San Antonio at the time) we briefly had a VERY healthy community of 30+ with at least 10 regular weekly players. When you can play a LOT the charge/countercharge mechanic becomes a matter of reading your opponent. Is my opponent a trickster? Is he a "play it safe" statistician? What does he/she think of me? These questions, when made relevant through gameplay, are the beating heart of tactical battle games. Some of the absolute most amazing moments, clinch wins, and unbelievable turnarounds have happened because one player was able to read the other and counter-punch when least expected. The Fog of War made Runewars into a game of skill. One you have to actually practice actively, and not just theorycraft (though obviously form follows theory). This also means that with a meagre and starved play group, it can easily be frustrating. Personally, I'd NEVER balance a game around having no players.
  5. Tvayumat

    Softening the Rules

    Legitimately, if this had been the way the game were designed, I would not have played it. I don't really understand wanting to remove half the game from the game.
  6. Tvayumat

    The Land Endures

    This. A lot of fans put in a lot more work than FFG in the realm of community engagement, lore expansion, and certainly in tournament support and management. Yeah, yeah, I know. "It's complicated! There's a lot of things to consider behind the scenes!" and as true as that may be... it STILL doesn't explain some of the hugely obvious blunders, missteps, and downright boneheaded choices on the part of FFG as a whole. -They posted underwhelming articles and wildly inaccurate and unfollowable batreps with massive gaps between. -What OP support DID exist was often confusing or screwed up in some way (GIANT objective tokens, the only token whose size matters! Here have a bag of tokens you will ONLY need if you play Waiqar AND take Wraiths AND take a specific upgrade, obviously you want five of these! Oh, you wanted points values on these objective cards? Too bad!) -They (it seems almost intentionally) drew out their basic release over a painfully long period of time that was wholly unnecessary, and when they DID make releases they constantly stumbled over a tripwire made of Disney IP that THEY put in front of themselves. As a RWM playtester (I can say that, right? My name's in the pamphlets, ain't no secret.) I can say that there was a lot of love and passion in the actual design and lore team for RWM, and it is painful to watch their ideas coming together and their excitement and passion for the IP, seemingly as their own parent company hamstrings them and ultimately pulls the rug out from under them in public.
  7. Tvayumat

    The Land Endures

    Can confirm. Wrote more local posts, weekly game invitations, and impassioned personal sales pitches than they put out articles. Ran more tournaments than FFG did. A fantastic game, utterly hamstrung by poorly timed marketing, strained release schedules, and more than a little self-sabotage in a headlong rush to suckle at the Disney teat. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am disappointed.
  8. Tvayumat

    Health of the Game?

    I haven't played a game in months. We had/have some players down in San Antonio but now I'm up around Denver and it's just crickets.
  9. Tvayumat

    woah woah woah

    Waiqar wuz here
  10. Tvayumat

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    Thematically, I think Waiqar has the same dichotomy as Nurgle from warhammer lore. Yes, outwardly one would see skellingtons and think "decay" but, in truth, his legions are utterly unchanging. On the day he brought the black rain, he stripped the potential decay from his legion and remade them for eternity. Furthermore, his core motives could be defined as absolute order and peace, at least in his own mind. So really, I'd replace "decay" with "stagnation and order".
  11. I wouldn't trade my 2x1 CI Reanimate Archers for the world.
  12. Viper Legion + Cacophony Reaver wins highest utility Uthuk unit for me, by far. Combine with Ritual Venom and you can basically pick and choose precisely the number of panic tokens you want to apply at precisely the time you need them, or simply mill through the deck looking for more Lethal. Supports the whole army.
  13. Tvayumat

    Closing in sideways

    That's what the rule already is. You collide with a unit if you perform a shift or march and are touching an enemy unit at the end of that shift or march. You don't need to overlap.
  14. Tvayumat

    Initiative One Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

    Even better, Reanimate Archers can use Shield Wall, and Reanimates can't. Bizarre. I run reanimates constantly to varying degrees of success.
  15. Tvayumat

    Upgrade card size

    I literally just finally bought a full display box of the yellow sleeves, figuring "of COURSE I'll use all these!" Thanks, FFG. Thanks.