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  1. Reanimate Archers w/o CI have a blight potential of 0-2 Reanimate Archers w/ CI have a blight potential of 1-4 Those numbers, to me, make CI the closest thing to an auto-include this game has. The only time I wouldn't consider it a must-take is if I ran a 3x2 intending to maximize damage, which I almost never do. More importantly, you CAN'T roll 0 dice. Even if you dial in Maro's respectable double hit or mortal strike modifier, if there are zero dice in your pool the attack is cancelled. With Violent Forces, you can roll a pair of blanks and still hit for at least 4 damage or a mortal strike. So... I guess I lied, I think Violent Forces is perhaps even more of an auto-include than CI, at least until Waiqar gets some kind of Rune token manipulation.
  2. We pay for convenience, and nobody can put a value on your time but you. Keep up the good work!
  3. I use a cheap crackle paint, some blue washing and white drybrushing for a "frozen ground" effect on my Malifaux December crew. Aggrellan is SOOOO overpriced. Basically any crackle paint should work.
  4. Make that three. For all the effort I've put into Waiqar, I'm really just biding my time for Uthuk. They're my primary faction in both Battlelore and the Runewars board game.
  5. This is my go-to move with Reanimates. Even if you aren't using it for extra range, you can often use a Bank Charge to hit a corner and square up into a flank.
  6. Frakin' frak, Darthain... I haven't caught up on this thread in a while. Just refilled my shame gauge. I need to update my painting thread if I want to seem even half competent compared to all this incredible work you've been doing. I've been working on too many other stinkin' games.
  7. My favorite historical element of Runewars has to be the animated human skeletons.
  8. No use is good use?
  9. Because it's boring. Runewars is, at its heart, a game of planning, position, and maneuver. Players are rewarded for having good plans and positioning themselves well. Nobody should be rewarded for putting one unit behind another. As it is, it's still possible to do, but you pay a price for it and can only do it once (Heartseeker). If it needs a fluff justification: The units in question are too small for overhead massed volley fire to be effective. Archers in Runewars depend on direct target fire to maximize effectiveness.
  10. Quoted for Vallejo Model Air. Their metallics are great.
  11. I guess... if it had Necromancer and Lingering Dead I could see it on Reanimates... but at that size the opportunity cost is HUGE. It's competing with Blighted Vexillum, Raven Standard... heck, I'd even take Terrifying Heraldry over CS. At least TH synergizes with the double red die attack and the morale modifier.
  12. I have a difficult time taking Reanimate Archers without Combat Ingenuity. RD + FR would definitely specialize them into a damage dealer a bit more, but I like the way these archers can either blight a target OR choose to deal raw damage with their surges, just for versatility's sake. That said, last game I definitely wished that I had taken Fire Rune on them after seeing how the Runes sat most of the game.
  13. Each is situational. Any bane at the right/wrong time can be devastating. To my mind, any bane or combination of banes that denies you a whole action is the worst one, be it a Stun or Immobilize invalidating a charge, or a pair of Blight tokens cancelling an attack.. Actions are a vital resource, and losing them is almost always a major problem. If we want to pick one that is the worst across the most circumstances, I'd probably agree that Stun is more of a pain more of the time. EDIT: This also depends a lot on the Army dealing the banes. Waiqar, for instance not only gives out the most blight (At the moment) but also has the most utility they can pull out of it through synergies and abilities that trigger on the target being blighted. Uthuk looks like it will get stronger the more panic tokens are sitting on you, so Panic might not be as bad if I'm fighting Daqan, but could easily be much worse against Uthuk.
  14. Pretty much. Without a "may" the card is incredibly self destructive. Rising Panic becomes two wounds. A 2x1 of Reanimate Archers with CI is suddenly turning every surge into a wound. Hooray?
  15. Yep. One should never depend on the preview article to even have a remote grasp of the rules. This has been a sustained and consistent problem for years, at this point. It's almost endearing.