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  1. Just chiming in to bask in the mild and petty validation of the community coming around on this one. I was trying to make all these arguments for how garbage the T47 was back when the core set released, and there was a lot more delusion back then.
  2. There are many kinds of PVC, including those significantly stiffer than the ones used previously in FFG games. Be prepared for PVC sprues.
  3. Clearly Scarif was tired of losing the annual Galactic Imperial Team Building Day volleyball tournament.
  4. You say what I think with less bitterness. I like you.
  5. In total fairness, MOST stormtrooper variants are of questionable utility. I maintain that few if any are of more questionable utility than shoretroopers. In my headcanon they exist because Imperial engineers were looking at a budget surplus one year and needed to keep their jobs.
  6. We're all friends here, man. Sorry if my phrasing raised your deflector shields.
  7. I'd think there are a lot of applications for mag boots and cold weather gear in the Empire. Resources are often plentiful in mountainous regions, after all, and high altitude tends to be cold. Sure, there are plenty of beaches. How many beaches need fighting on, given the fact that the majority of combat insertions are aerial? I'm not going to sit here and pretend that everything in Star Wars NEEDS to make sense. It doesn't. In fact that's often a red herring. I'd just like the guys designing new things to stop making aggressive anti-sense. I've already accepted this is a universe with walking tanks, space wizards, and laser swords. When you tell me the Empire has a specialist division of beach fighters I roll my eyes. When you push the specialist beach fighters as a unique unit in a wargame, I complain impotently on the internet and don't buy your product. Now, the good news for grognards like myself is that the Clone Wars setting looks promising, even if they aren't getting "My Version of the GCW" just right.
  8. Hey, I enjoy seizing onto off-hand remarks to feel outrage as much as the next guy, but nobody is gatekeeping you. You can be an old fan and not like old things, or like new things more. More power to you. I just don't like seeing what is obviously an armored truck referred to as a tank when we know there are tanks, and they aren't trucks.
  9. Guys with magnetic boots and cold weather gear for guarding a big maglev train in cold weather conditions. Far more extreme environment than the beach, I'd say, but then I'm not even remotely suggesting that "range troopers" deserve any more mention than shoretroopers, who get their own suit of armor because they need the mobility to better re-enact their favorite scenes from Top Gun. While we're on the topic, why not the Imperial Regulars from Solo?
  10. You'll also find a version of it in Imperial Assault, so it's not like FFG is either unaware that it exists or restricted from using it.
  11. I guess I wouldn't find it as jarring if what you say were supported by the filmmakers at any point, but it's as if they couldn't be bothered to even give them a throwaway line to explain that much, nor could they be bothered to insert a single action scene that showed shoretroopers doing anything but running alongside stormtroopers (who seemed to be doing just as good a job). Regarding the tank... yep, pretty much. The old fans are left shrugging going "Uh... guys, we already had tanks, why are you making that thing that is clearly a truck a tank?" It's great that FFG is releasing models regularly and all, but this is precisely why I wish they spent more time on their in-house IPs and less time chasing Disney cash. Yeah, it makes sense. No, I don't have to like it. YMMV.
  12. Indeed, it's too bad they're only allowed to make what Disney tells them they are allowed to make based entirely on a marketing diagram somewhere. As we all know, Star Wars movies are the extent of Star Wars. The fandom basically ends there.
  13. Oh, boy, a whole series of oddly specific things that don't make a lot of sense outside of the very specific circumstances we saw them in the films, but will now be commonplace because that's the only design space permitted! And a wrecked version of a model they already sell? Wow! Hold me back!
  14. Yeah, somebody on the design team has a real fancy for Rogue One. With Shoretroopers being quite possibly the most egregious example of "Quick, invent a new Stormtrooper, we need to sell more action figures!" In the history of Star Wars (which is saying something. I'm sure there's a worse example from a comic somewhere, but it'll be a deep cut) this release actually eases my desire to get back into the game quite a bit. There isn't even any real justification for making them different from Stormtroopers. They were in mixed units with no discernible specialization or purpose. What IS the purpose of a shoretrooper? To fight... on the beach... better? Are they the designated Imperial volleyball team? And, of course, Disney/FFG deciding that an armored truck was a perfectly acceptable alternative to a real armored combat vehicle because it was also in the movie. I sure hope we see something GCW from literally ANY source other than R1 at some point. I'd love some Imperial Regulars. EDIT: Yes, "literally any source" is hyperbolic. I know. I should have said "any source that makes sense" since I maintain that dewbacks and tauntauns are a stretch. Dewbacks are lethargic pack animals for Force's sake.
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