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  1. Wedge and full Pivot...yes, I've searched

    FFG articles are notoriously inaccurate when it comes to new units/upgrades/interactions.
  2. Blast and Sharpshooter 2

    Seems like some people are forgetting just how low airspeeders fly. Anti armor grenades would not have a great deal of shrapnel. You could bean a speeder with an anti armor blast and knock it right out of the sky.
  3. Exhausted weapon/firing in same turn?

    Well, you get two actions per activation, and you can never make two attack actions in the same activation. So, first, you can activate, fire the launcher, then Recover to unexhaust it. Next activation, you can fire again, and recover again to unexhaust it. If you start your activation with it exhausted, you can Recover FIRST and THEN fire it. Also, when you recover it removes all suppression tokens. Recover is on Page 39 of the RRG.
  4. Imperial Wave Three

    Wasn't that largely before Disney really took over? These days they have canon characters falling out of their pockets.
  5. Using Lego as terrain

    Lego is a great terrain stand in. Can even use the big flat plates to establish area terrain.
  6. First Annual State of the Meta Address

    Weesa givin' Annie da big boomas! Something something something poodoo.
  7. Intel Sweep - My Thoughts on My First Tournament

    Yes, the usual rules for issuing orders with Command Cards stipulate that the unit 1.) Be in command range and 2.) Be of the designated unit type. Battle meditation pretty clearly ignores both of those. One of those orders can be issued to any friendly unit on the battlefield seems pretty unambiguous. The unit does not need to be in range and does not need to be the correct type, it only needs to be friendly and on the battlefield.
  8. Waiqar - Double Deathcaller and blight.
  9. Speeder bike question.

    As long as the base fits, yes.
  10. Intel Sweep - My Thoughts on My First Tournament

    Battle Meditation has the added bonus of ignoring unit type on the command card. Pop Son of Skywalker, throw an order to a T-47 across the board, and still use Luke's extra attack when he does activate.
  11. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    When the majority of the token pool are Corps tokens, I guess I'm just not seeing the necessity, or even the value outside of very specific circumstances. I think the argument should be "Look at the board state and determine the best card to play" which, in many cases, is just Standing Orders, particularly since your commander can be knocked out, reducing your command hand to half. That Assault may have been useful once you lost the ability to play any of your commanders cards, and probably didn't really do much on turn one, generally speaking.
  12. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    Are you sure you're using enough terrain? Are your opponents simply deploying their units in the open without even any intervening barricades?
  13. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    I think I'd be more intrigued by an argument in favor of using anything other than Standing Orders turn 1 rather than an argument against it. In the future, it may be more viable. Units may be more reasonably capable of engaging in the first round, or people may be running units fast enough that giving multiple orders to ensure they go last could make sense, but all of that is highly situational. In most situations, Standing Orders is the command card with the least opportunity cost on turn one, and most other command cards are less than effective in that same turn, so I'd expect to see it quite a bit more.
  14. So, what is the deal with Vader?

    Well, Vader does a lot of things, but the man never runs, so...
  15. Does a DLT 19 Trooper use the sTrooper Surge = Hit?

    Yes, it includes hits being cancelled by Cover. What @arnoldrew was trying to say is that the suppression token itself is applied after the attack is completed. Basically, if you roll any hits at all during the attack, they take a suppression token after the attack resolves.