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  1. C'mon. Just round up the nearest half interested family members for a quick, 30 minute game of Twilight Imperium.
  2. Asmodee just shipped my Uthuk pre order and UPS says it'll be here on the 22nd. Nice.
  3. They also take damage equal to the number of morale icons.
  4. Daqan at least has a method to recast a rune. I often rely on this fact for Daqan players to try and give me my second blue rune for Deathcaller.
  5. And, come on.... the image of a four armed Rune Golem just slamming all four arms into the ground at the same time, stunning his opponents and curling up into an impenetrable rock is awesome. I'm hoping they get fixed. I want them to be good. Also, @Bhelliom, have you tried using Hawthorne to convert a 2x1 into a 1x2? That re-roll helps a LOT. This is probably the most dangerous configuration I've faced, and one of the only ones I'm not content to ignore for the most part.
  6. I really like the stun + armor up combo. I think it's the best thing they can do. I also think they are wildly overpriced and way too delicate to make it worth trying. Two wounds is bad. Carrion Lancers are WAY more survivable with a lower defense and one more wound.
  7. Well since literally ONE of these units can spit blight and use it to convert surges to mortal strikes without any upgrades, I think the answer is pretty self evident.
  8. Turtle? What's that? Does it have blood? CAN I SACRIFICE IT TO THE YNFERNAEL?!
  9. I'm just going to sum up with an anecdote. You can take it for as meaningful or meaningless as you like. I've been playing 3-5 games of Runewars per month since it released, mostly against Daqan, with very skilled players (Two of ours were are Gencon in the team tourney, one of ours was at Worlds). I've never once lost a game, or been put on the ropes due to any Rune Golem that wasn't frontlining for spearmen.
  10. New article!
  11. Done it. They're weak. And expensive. A simo order deathcaller can drop one in a single action at range 5 on a good turn.
  12. They really aren't fine. On their own, I usually wipe them off the board before they even get to swing, even in bigger groups. They're also more expensive than other siege models that are quicker, tougher, and meaner. One extra wound would go a long way toward fixing that. It's just way too easy to toss wounds.
  13. Maaaaaaaybe... Seriously though, it varies. I've heard the 24th from a lot of sources.
  14. Brought this list to a game night last night and loved how it played. Not the toughest list on the block, but the Death Knights sure take some focusing to bring them down. Being able to surge to lower defense is remarkably potent. Even with one blight on them and at Threat 2, they were able to lay far more wounds into 3/3 carrion lancers than I expected, combined with their ability to give 2-3 panic tokens per charge, what lancers they didn't kill were sent squirming away (though not too far to charge again!) by Flee in Terror. The Reanimate Archer 2x2 with Wind Rune and Raven-Standard is one of my new favorite things. It shoots faster than (nearly) anyone else on the board, and it can (usually) scoot and reform right after. Keep Ardus somewhere in the middle of this melee, and he is like a kid in a candy store with all the surge options. Each surge can turn into a hit, a mortal strike (if enemy is blighted), a blight (to facilitate mortal strikes), OR lower the defense of the enemy, or any combination therein. Suddenly I'm taking blue dice on the flank. Ardus IxErebus x1 [37]--Artifact: Shield of Margath [6]--Unique: Ardus Fury [1]----------Total Unit Cost: 44Reanimate Archers x4 [32]--Equipment: Wind Rune [6]--Heraldry: Raven-Standard Bearer [3]--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]----------Total Unit Cost: 47Carrion Lancers x2 [27]--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4]--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]----------Total Unit Cost: 37Death Knights x6 [55]--Artifact: The Duskblade [8]--Heraldry: Bull Pennon [3]--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]----------Total Unit Cost: 72