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  1. Any news about how to win and get the blade? I'm going to do that quest and wonder if there are some possibilities...
  2. Eliam shown up too... seems: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/7/27/adventurers-assemble/
  3. Any news about a new Heros and Monsters? I really miss some of the missing heroes...
  4. I was a little afraid of adding water at first, to be onest, but in the end it came out decent. Never paint something before...but I'm studying to be a cartoonist and I have to admit that this help me a little. Tnks u very much for the compliments anyway!
  5. Hahaha! I would not want to ruin your minis! Could be beginner's luck u know! Hehe tnks anyway!! Tnks u very much! I don't know...in many rpg ice is considered stronger than fire/lava, so, I came up with this idea. However I always try to make base monsters as closet to original as I can and masters as I want...so no problem confusing them, also reversing colors! Haha Tnks a lot!!!
  6. Sorry, didn't know they made my post visible! I had planned to enter pictures if I had received a notification...but nothing happened!!
  7. Hello everyone. At first let me apologize for my bad English and the poor quality of pictures, then, let me post some painted miniatures. This is the first time I painted something... So if you can post a comment or some tips and tricks for me I will be glad. Tnks u all!!!!! Ettin will be next.
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