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  1. I just keep thinking about that scene in Empire Strikes Back where those 3 ISDs practically run into each other.
  2. I'm hoping for an ISD with 2 VSD escorts with as big a fighter screen as I can possibly have.
  3. I'd drop the two tie advanced for more standard Tie Fighters. You may also want to consider having Admiral Chiraneau on that GLA II with Flight controllers so you can get Fel and Vader moving against high priority targets. But thats just me : D
  4. It'll give me time to figure out a storage solution for all my fightercraft. 2 Fighter expansions and counting. Maybe one day I can field all Tie Interceptors instead of the Tie/Ln as the Big E intended...
  5. As costly as he is Tarkin is pretty cool. I can imagine him proving his worth in larger games. But for now, its either Motti or Screed.
  6. The only thing lacking in my FLGS here in Southern California are the Star Fighter packs for rebels and imperials. They've got around a half dozen Frigates and Corvettes, 3-4 GSD and 4 VSD plus 3 core sets. I need more fighters. =\
  7. Having just bought a second VSD expansion from amazon, I thought I'd move from the small 180 points of the core set into the 300 points tier. I have no idea what I'm doing in terms of Objectives to be honest(298 of 300 pts) Flagship: (127 pts) Victory II-Class Star Destroyer(85 pts) Admiral Screed (26 pts) Warlord (8 pts) Weapons Liaison (3 pts) Sensor Team (5 pts) Fleet Ship 1: (84 pts) Victory I-Class Star Destroyer(73 pts) Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts) Flight Controllers (6 pts) Squadrons (87 of 100 pts): 1x Darth Vader Tie Advanced Squadron (21 pts) 4x Tie Fighter Squadron (32 pts) 1x Howlrunner Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts) 1x Sontir Fel Tie Interceptor Squadron (18 pts) Objectives: Most Wanted Contested Outpost Minefields I'd ideally move the VSDI in the lead with the VSDII as a support fire platform. The ties are to eliminate any bombers and the like. I'm also thinking of a variant with a Gladiator SD somewhere along the line, but there is something appealing about two SDs and a load of fighters...
  8. Is there any indication when Wave 2 will be released? On Amazon there's a thing saying it'll be in stock September 30... but I'm thinking of getting my ships from wave 2 it at my FLGS
  9. Now... uh... how about fighter craft ramming capital ships. I mean... look at all these Tie fighters...
  10. For Wave 3? Independentt Ships. Capital ships that can work for either the Empire or the Rebellion would be a neat addition. Could also be the start of an independant or neutral faction? Like pirate fleets or local sector space governments unaffiliated with the Empire or the Rebellion. More fighter craft has already been mentioned, but I'm hoping for the http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Missile_Boat Also fighter craft that have more varied roles. Imagine the http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE/br_boarding_shuttle(I imagine it inflicting a face up damage card when in base to base contact or something?).
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