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  1. Magic: The Gathering has long had milling as an alternative win condition (if you have to draw from an empty deck, you lose). It's never been competitive in all the years it's been around - I don't see how that would change in AGoT.
  2. STRGRRM. It feels all right to me, speaking honestly.
  3. Is there any particular reason it should be italicised? Looking at cards from the 1st edition, that didn't seem to happen there. (E.g. Longship Iron Victory.)
  4. Yeah, I had a WTF moment when Varys turned up in Meereen to talk to Tyrion. "B-but..." thought I, "how will Varys now wield a crossbow in King's Landing?"
  5. Me too, at least with regards to the first edition. Loving the new Aeron Damphair!
  6. So the Insight keyword allows you to draw a card whenever you win a challenge. Nice.
  7. Are we talking about the bit when the narrator explains how characters who die go into the dead pile?
  8. Not sure about this one, but The Lands of Ice and Fire has a map of the known world in it. You can see a preview of it here.
  9. Ooh, interesting. How much?