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  1. I'd avoid 0-cost "draw a card" cards where possible.
  2. Close, but we don't bother trying to make the first deck function, it just plays Justice Shall Be Done and dies in the first turn; its only tasks are to play lots of attachments on Aragorn, give the other deck loads to cards and resources from Doomed cards, play Doom Hangs Still so we can skip the first quest phase, and then expire.
  3. Caldara, Arwen, Beregond. But if we really want to disgustingly dominate almost any encounter deck, our strongest team has been pairing (Purple Denethor, Erestor, Balin) with (Sam, Green Aragorn, Blue Glorfindel). Challenge: work out what we are doing with this fellowship.
  4. Your ships have a pretty big health pool that you can "spend" on undefended attacks from enemy ships from time to time.
  5. I like the first Beorn's Hospitality. No orcs are going to come near his house! If you plan to change the Warden in the future, my initial thought would be just make him unique, because he should be, and then you don't need to do much to the rest of him.
  6. Use it on neutral attachments, ignore the silly ruling.
  7. Defending loads of attacks easily with one character is fun, so we'll definitely not be using the Burning Brand change (particularly since we mostly use it as a "make Lore character better defenders" card rather than "make a super-defender Lore"). I feel sorry for those newer to the game who are going to get the inferior version and not be able to have all the fun we had. Don't get the grumbling about combat monopolization at all. If your team-mate has the powerful combat characters that doesn't stop you from joining in the calculations of the best engagement and combat strategy. The person who gets to turn their card sideways at the end isn't really a big deal.
  8. It should probably be read as "An eligible enemy is one that has not yet made its standard attack this round and is still able to attack."
  9. It would give you some information you're not supposed to have, so some people might not appreciate it. The most problematic case is that you're likely to have few neutral cards in your deck, so if you're sleeved them a particular way you'll know where they are.
  10. 1. You're correct. 2. All enemies engaged with you will attack you (the order they attack is up to you, but they each attack every turn). If the enemy is sitting in the staging area rather than engaged with you, it won't attack. 3. When attacking back, you can skip any enemies you don't want to attack. Typically it is more effective to gang up on an enemy until it's dead rather than deal small amounts of damage to multiple enemies. 4. A card that interacts with a Location such as Snowbourn Scout can't be used to interact with a Quest, and vice versa. So the progress should have gone on Old Forest Road, or any other location that might have been in play (Snowbourn Scout doesn't specify Active Location, so you can target other locations if they are in play). 5. Yes, typically only heroes get resource tokens, but some special allies also get them. 6. From one Quest Stage to another, everything remains. Once you've completed the entire adventure and moved on to the next one (e.g. you have defeated Stage 3 of the first adventure and won the game and are now starting stage 1A of Journey Along The Anduin) then everything gets reset.
  11. When enemies are instructed to make an immediate attack, they don't engage at all, they can attack from whatever zone they are currently in. Just resolve the section of the rules about enemy attacks (so declare a defender, etc) and leave the enemy where it is. Note that you should deal the enemy a shadow card for this immediate attack.
  12. That's mostly because the ally version is widely applicable, whereas the heroes are key players only in particular decks (e.g. Ents for Leadership Faramir) or particular circumstances (e.g. Battle questing for Lore Faramir). But in those circumstances they can be very impressive indeed.
  13. I think a similar question has been asked before and the official answer was that combining "reduce to a minimum of 1" and "reduce to a minimum of 0" can get you to 0.
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