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  1. I'll second the TIE fighter prep. Having three groups of 3-4 numbered Academy Pilots ready at all times is a massive help (we had enough FOs and Gozanti TIEs to give each wing a different look). I would also consider a quick 8.5*11 damage tracker sheet (ours was crudely written in pencil, with spaces numbered 1-12 large enough for damage cards). This helps keep things sorted for your stock enemies, special foes can be tracked easily enough on their ship sheets. I haven't tried full coop but after playing a solid 20+ missions on different campaigns I could see it being a good idea. The old system did lead to some hilarious XP-grabbing gambits, like diving in and blowing up the Capture Officer shuttle when we knew we'd fail the mission, but especially with new players evening things out would be good. I would also suggest that, despite the urge to add custom stuff and cool new ships, you keep close to what the books and Armoredgear's posts lay out. I see a lot of people modifying things before even playing or after the intro mission, but one of the best things about the campaign is how balanced and challenging it is. It really feels more like a complete product than a fan 'mod', and there's a lot of cool aspects that only really come out a good ways into a campaign.
  2. Might be a tad expensive, but plenty of people have had luck running them with Boba, mindlinked Scyk swarms, or some other heavy hitters. B is the most obvious choice, but C (especially with Swarm Leader coming) has a place as well. Of course, IG88D crew makes it tempting to find a way to get that title back in there... Find a way to get a crew slot on there and it would still be a popular ship at 8 more points with no title.
  3. All right, I know it has been mentioned in the various Wave 10 and Preview Threads, but Inspiring Recruit and Rage make a cheap, powerful combo that I think we've barely touched on. As a longtime Psycho Tycho fan, I'm downright giddy. And unless the search function has failed me (for the last time...again...), there's a whole lot to chew through. On top of streamlined powerhouses like the 40 point Contracted Scout/Unhinged/Rage/Recruit someone pointed out, there's a whole lot of wondrous interactions even excluding the possibility of plopping the recruit on a dedicated support ship: Ships with the System Slot can grab Electronic Baffle (also dirt cheap) to expand their maneuverability options before/after raging since the triggers permit Recruit to clear both stress for one damage. There may be errata on this or exact card wording might change (or I might just be wrong), but until then, it's nasty. Advanced Sensors also opens up some intriguing possibilities with pilots/other ships that grant combat-phase bonus actions, (rage, green, clear both, unstressed for bonus options or other ability triggers). Might be too expensive but could work well in a few niche situations. Sadly B-Wings lack EPT generics, but this could be a huge boon to the Gand Findsman and G1A in general, whose Illicit and open Mod slots allow for further shenanigans (Range 1 Zuckuss Dampeners/Baffle, Rage Baffle again, nuclear facepunch/tractor out of having a shot, K-Turn and repeat). The native Evade could also make a couple Findsmen good companions for a Swarm Leader, which could then deliver some significant punishment on their own. I could also see some devastating and thematically appropriate Kylo Ren murder-buses (depending on Dial) given the wealth of other potent upgrade slots they can leverage. Could also be versatile if not a little pricey on a Shadowcaster, which could threaten enemy moves with a powerful Damp/Stim deterrent on top of its decent primary attack, or Cassian to make a Raging Support U-Wing (Kanan, Recruit, Rage, Baffle) with serious bite for a measly 33 points. Plus some moderately fierce Attack Shuttles (Ezra being of particular note). Plus simple buffs to existing standbys. Hera-wearing Lothal Rebels that might someday take another action (especially if the YT1850+/-550 next to them doesn't need it's Kanan that turn)! Zuckuss crew leaving options open! A cheap way to use Mandalorian Mercs! Downright horrifying RAC! Not to mention Rage has no primary limitation, and so can punch up Ordnance and Cannon carriers as well. I'm sure only a couple of these concept will survive the competitive efficiency grinder, but I would be surprised if at least one of them didn't claw its way into the meta in a couple weeks. So how wrong am I? How DoA is Wave 10 and everything in it? Alternatively, what brutal builds or full squadron combos are you working on? Do you think the Recruit will find his home on a cheap support platform worked into a more conventional squad, small semi-efficient Rage cannons, or tweaks to existing 'fat' ships?
  4. Do we really think another starter is likely? Force Awakens was a massive merchandising reboot for the entire Star Wars universe, and came a few years after X Wing. A starter now would seem both a little hasty (though there HAVE been an enormous amount of hard rules changes and FAQ updates since then) and set the awkward precedent of a new starter with every Star Wars film for the next 658 years or however long Disney has them scheduled. Then again, I suppose it's a pretty good pitch as far as content development goes (since it can act as a patch, more elegant FAQ, and recycling/testing ground for existing ships all in one) so who knows. Anyways... Likely: Partisan X Wing, Rebel Veterans, or Scum Aces Hope: Star Jewel w/Jabba crew that allows for whole new kinds of Scum lists (like Palp). Perhaps: They were asked to cook up a Krennic's Shuttle or Cargo Lambda expansion and someone eventually convinced the powers that be that the Empire didn't need two new Shuttles at once, on top of the one they already had.
  5. I think Karas was on to something that hasn't been brought up a lot - with that Torp slot and room for Sabine we could be looking at a pretty mean 31-33 point Bomber, which might leap over the Warden for Conner Net antics by merit of its second crew slot, 180 degree flips, and bumping-related pilot/crew abilities. Probably a tiny and overcosted niche like Conner Wardens, but with a second crewman or other ships that work together you could be looking at a serious cheap ace hunter that can poot out conventional attacks and eat some hits to boot. As for the whole expansion, as everyone has said Rebels have a LOT of support crew to work with, on top of new additions like the Arcs and M9. Considering Jan Ors and even Lando can occasionally come out swinging, I'm sure some of the people here will 'crack' this expansion before long and deliver some seriously mean combinations. Even just looking at Ray, Jan, and Jyn there are a few opportunities, and the Bodhis can probably find some good use alongside the likes of Shara and M9. Adding in EI and/or IDs could give you some devastating new position options for especially desperate times on top of it, or stay cheap to fit in a pared-down Bossk and Quadjumper. Inspired indeed.
  6. Got utterly stomped at a small local tourney by an interesting Norra/Shara/Biggs list (that went on to snag first). I was running an atypical list and botched my approach, but still doubt I would have overcome the very reliable enfiladed fire and raw durability the list put out. To which I will say Arcs have the advantage of people not necessarily knowing how to fly against them. As a Boba fan, the rear arc on a small base is MUCH more powerful than its larger equivalents, and with it being a relatively new addition to the game it can still come as an unwelcome surprise. The Arc list in question ran the droids a little differently than usual, which I questioned until I was pounded into an agonizing defeat. I'd go into more detail but I'm hoping the guy who made it makes a showing at regionals strong enough to speak for itself. They may not be 'top-tier', but they are certainly versatile little ships and I'm confident FGD won't be the only one to crack them.
  7. Another vote for Heroes of the Arturi Cluster, teaches advanced interactions and flying while still being fun and challenging. The first time I play against someone I'm trying to get into it I tend to run a handful of TIE Fighters escorting a bomber against a largely naked Chewie falcon (so they can see large ships and turrets), some naked A Wings (so they get some high agility/reposition antics) and a built up Advanced Sensors/PTL Keyan Farlander (so they get a taste of what a cool, multi-stage combo looks like, points efficiency be damned). This gives them a few options, a clear objective (don't let the Bomber schwack the Falcon!) and some flying experience. Season to taste. Against very new players in general Z-95s are always a good choice. No repositioning means it's all about predicting flight paths (and helps you fly better as well). If you want to use Scum ones you can always add some cool flavor to make the game a little more interesting, just keep in mind that repositioning and high pilot skill tend to be the absolute bane of newbies. And remember, just because a list is good or even great, doesn't mean it is great for everyone. Palp Aces may be a savage list, but it isn't exactly forgiving of mistakes, and combo-based lists like Dengaroo can come undone in a hurry after one bad play. Dash is great for new players, as are large piles of tough, hard-hitting, easy to use ships (Defenders, B Wings).
  8. It does seem strange to (further) nerf torp scouts by going after Deadeye...let alone in that particular way. Maybe we'll see the Scurrgs from Armada soon and FFG realized the looming horror of 'WE HEARD YOU LIKE LARGE BASE SCUM ORDNANCE CARRIERS...'
  9. I'm also looking forward to the Fenn/Teroch/Zuckuss and Fenn/Cobra/Zuckuss Range 1 Alpha Nuclear Throatpunch...and the several games of Oh God Why Did You Fly There How Did It All Go So Wrong that will doubtlessly follow. Mindlinked Manaroo and Cloaking Palob seem like good company, with Manaroo sporting some defensive upgrades to stay safe. Between Vectored Thrusters and Decloak Autoblaster may even be viable on Palob, giving you a way to deter proper Aces and force them to come at Rau how you want. Really short on overall attack power, though. And a proper Super Manaroo (!?) doesn't quite leave enough points to sneak in N'Dru or anything else worth flying. I keep wanting to make Daredevil/EI work on Fenn after having a blast with Psycho Tycho antics, but it's a lot of points for a pretty marginal benefit. Ah well.
  10. Yeah, I think Rebels get away from 'Pocket Aces' (and true Aces like Fel/Inq costing less than half a list) in favor of some extremely potent support ships. The Stresshog, Stressmule, Biggs, and yes, oft-maligned Warden Squadron all provide abilities that FORCE the opponent to fly differently, despite not adding a lot of raw combat power. Despite BMST, the various Psycho Tychos (Rage+Daredevil being particularly hilarious) have a place. Will Snap Shot/Vectored Thrusters Arvel be a thing? Probably not, but there's a LOT of new options to shake through over the next few weeks. Plus, M9 Tarn and some Snap and Nien Numb builds could well poke their way into the Meta. And who knows, maybe someone will find a particularly creative way to use Seismic Torpedoes with all these errant, empty torpedo slots floating around.
  11. This or something like it has probably been posted, but unfortunately Rey and Poe are too short for search. Anyways, cooked this up the other night and found that it's actually fairly strong. I know well-flown Palp Aces would shred it, but it isn't awful against the rest of the meta and is downright mean in 'casual' play. I'd certainly risk it at a kit tournament. 'Awakening': Rey (YT 1300) -Push the Limit -Engine Upgrade -Finn -Han Solo -Millennium Falcon (S-Loop) Poe Dameron PS8 (T-70 X Wing) -Lone Wolf -R5-P9 -Autothrusters -Pattern Analyzer 100 Points. Anyways, it would probably be a little more efficient with Kanan instead of Han and different EPT arrangement on Poe, but this lets both ships pack a pretty much constant wallop no matter how they fare for actions. It does require some predictive flying (PS8 on both) against Aces, and tends to forecast it's moves (TL a new target before an S-Loop on Rey). That said being able to switch up activation order lets you keep arc or Lone Wolf in some tricky situations (especially useful if Poe has to bug out under the Falcon), and even without a TL for Han the Rey-Finn combo is powerful enough to push Aces towards wasting additional actions arc-dodging...and punish them if they don't. If it didn't rely on so many upgrade synergies I'd just hand this list to everyone I taught the game. Looks and flies like something right out of the film, with the power to back it up. I guess BB-8's still hanging out on the Falcon, though.
  12. No, but pretty much solely as a result of how people voted in this thread. One of the biggest draws for me is how popular X Wing is; any hobby store is likely to have a handful of players or dedicated night, and any sufficiently large 'geek group' is likely to harbor a few players or a few willing to give it a shot. Anything that cuts into that massive player base cuts into why I eventually steered towards X Wing over more obscure but also excellently designed games like Dystopian Wars, etc. I don't mind painting (but I'm terrible at it) and don't even mind playing with bland grey minis, but I do mind having no one on the other end of the table to point wee plastic spaceships at.
  13. 15 fully modified attack dice out of Dengar on a one-hull Dash in a row. ...two hits which were immediately evaded...Zuckuss'd...evaded again. Such is my punishment for running a meta list.
  14. I was sad but not surprised to see that I was the only one who thought Tactician might be rad on Assajj. I was a big fan of Panic Attack and the Boba/Bossk Tactician stuff around Wave 7, two (or three) stress tokens is infinitely more valuable than one, after all. Maybe with a Boba or Bossk sporting Tactician in support? Or maybe we're just at the point where Scum crew are so powerful that the once mighty Tactician doesn't even matter.
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