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  1. I use the Ultra Pro standard sleeves that are shown in the eBay listing. I give them a thumbs up. If you are unsure then buy a single pack from your local gaming store and try them out before purchasing a bulk lot.
  2. The first couple of posts are fantastic. I look forward to following your blog as it grows.
  3. I would pay the additional resource for a neutral ally. The only source I could find to support my assumption is an unofficial FAQ (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/82879/comprehensive-card-list-and-unofficial-faq), which is quite old, but it says "For Neutral allies, the cost is one additional resource of the type you are already paying." (The part about "the type you are already paying" seems irrelevant, since you can pay for neutral cards from any resource pool...) For Saruman, "after" means immediately after. From the rule book: "Responses are always optional, and can be triggered by their controller in response to (i.e. immediately after) a specified game occurrence. "
  4. Your first two preferences match mine, but I would prefer to be stomped than to do the stomping. Provided I only get stomped once or twice in a row! I like it when the encounter deck chews me up and spits me out on the first attempt. That means I need to rework my deck and figure out how to beat the quest, and makes victory much more satisfying when it eventually comes, since I feel that I earned it. As for the whole house rules thing, I am fine with people tweaking the rules to make the game more enjoyable for themselves, but I personally don't feel that I can be proud of a victory unless I followed all the rules, and that is important to me. It would be like solving the Rubik's Cube by moving the stickers around.
  5. No, the second enemy would be added to the staging area in the normal fashion.
  6. Thanks Seastan. I'm going to give myself a passing grade Although one of my solutions to Balin's Revenge used Palantir in an unorthodox way. Rather than scrying the encounter deck first to ensure that the test failed, I did a blind test and named the "hero" card type, on the assumption that there would not be 3 heroes on top of the encounter deck
  7. Actually... your idea about the timing of Tale of Tinúviel gives me an idea of how I can make my solution to Seastan's puzzle more efficient! Thanks x 2
  8. Sorry to necro this thread. I have returned to the game after a longish break and am enjoying having a crack at the puzzles you devised while I was away. I suspect they are well above my paygrade, so to speak, but I'll give them a crack! I did the Balin's Revenge puzzle first, in which the player starts with all cards in hand and unlimited resources. Earlier in this thread you said about the first puzzle: If there are no time (and presumably threat?) constraints, then presumably at some point the player will have drawn their entire deck and will have a infinitely large pool of resources. Should I approach this puzzle with that assumption (i.e. I can play any card, at any time, without needing to consider its cost), or does my solution need to be along the lines of: "in my starting hand I draw card X, Y, Z... I spend 1 of Denethor 's resource to play X. Denethor now has 0 resources."? EDIT: Nevermind, I have just gone ahead and posted my solution on ringsdb. Any assumptions that I made about which cards are in hand, and my heroes' ability to pay for them, are explained in the solution.
  9. The double boosted defence thing is very clever indeed. Unfortunately I am a full 3 cycles away from owning the card myself, dammit!
  10. Thanks! I am having a crack at figuring out Seastan's "Win Condition: Balin's Revenge" brain teaser and Tale of Tinúviel is one of the cards in the puzzle, so I want to make sure I use it correctly.
  11. I have a question about Tale of Tinúviel: "Action: Exhaust a Noldor character to ready a Dúnedain character, or vice-versa. Until the end of the phase, add the exhausted character's printed Willpower to the other character's Willpower Attack and Defence." If I am have multiple copies of ToT in hand, and am able to use it exhaust the same character twice, can I add their printed willpower to another character's stats twice? Example: - I have a Noldor and a Dúnedain character, each with 2 WP/Att/Def. I have 3 copies of ToT in hand. The Dúnedain character is exhausted. - I play ToT to exhaust Noldor and ready Dúnedain. Dúnedain now has 4 WP/Att/Def. - I play ToT to exhaust Dúnedain and ready Noldor. Noldor now has 4 WP/Att/Def. - I play ToT to exhaust Noldor and ready Dúnedain. After the last step does Dúnedain have 4 or 6 WP/Att/Def? In other words, can Noldor's printed willpower be added to Dúnedain's stats a second time, or can the boost only be applied once?
  12. Thanks Rouxxor, these look great. I have not advanced far enough in the card pool to be able to create the decks for myself, but it is interesting to read your notes and imagine how they might work.
  13. I hope that FFG don't take the same cost-cutting approach with LOTR LCG. If they switch to flimsy cardboard boxes in future then I vote that they rename "deluxe" expansions to "economy" expansions
  14. Personally I do not want a reboot, for entirely selfish reasons. I still have years worth of unplaced scenarios ahead of me, and I hate the idea of the rest of the community going off and playing v2.0 while I am stuck playing v1.0 by myself! Basically I don't like the idea of investing so much time and money into a game only to have it made obsolete overnight. In any case, I agree with previous commenters who have pointed out that the game is not broken, and therefore doesn't need a reboot.
  15. I have always played it that you get to attach the book for free during quest setup. I found this old thread which debates this point: The consensus seems to be that you do attach the book for free, and this post seems quite relavent: "Note that the Book of Mazarbul has 2 parts to it's action, exhausting a hero to claim the objective and THEN attaching the book. The quest text says to attach it to a hero, not to exhaust a hero nor to "claim the objective", just to attach it. It also does not specify to use the action on the book."
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