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  1. I remember when this expansion was announced, there were some rumors about the missions possibly being linked in some sort of campaign. We're playing the first Path of the Serpent adventure tonight, and I was wondering if anyone who has played it can tell me whether or not the three missions are a campaign. That will help us decide which investigators to use (most likely the ones that came in the expansion -- or Monterey Jack!). Thanks! Steve
  2. It is hard to tell. The model looks like it could be a living statue -- the tail is kind of broken off and there's a chip or two in the abdomen. And the expansion description references statues coming to life. But the punch-out that inserts into the base shows a green snakey-looking dude. I'm splitting the difference and doing an Army Green base coat and dry brushing it in granite grey. Hopefully it will look good either way, given my limited painting skills.
  3. I'm painting the new release, and I can't quite tell -- are the Temple Guardians supposed to be made of stone, or are they giant snake people?
  4. I tried it on my iPhone, which is much newer than my iPad, and it worked. So the app must not work on older iPads. Thanks for your feedback, everyone.
  5. I did get an email back from the company asking for more information to pass on to their developers. Hopefully soon they'll let me know if it's on my end or if it's some bug they have to fix. We had a blast playing the game until it crashed.
  6. I downloaded it from the Apple store, and I'm playing it on my iPad Mini 2. It's a bit of an older iPad, but it has the latest operating system. I never have problems running Mansions of Madness on this device.
  7. Is anyone else running into this problem? Right after we finished Chapter 1 (and lost), instead of going to the campfire scene, the app crashed. I tried a few times, and it crashed each time after giving the end-of-the-chapter text. Is it my device, or are other people having problems, too?
  8. This is fantastic! I'm a new painter, so I will be following your videos. Are the flesh tones used here for the orcs and goblins the common flesh tones in the Lord of the Rings books and moves? In D&D, it seems goblins are green and orcs tend to be grey. That's not a criticism of the color schemes in these videos, they look awesome. I'm just trying to figure out what colors I should use when I start my painting adventure. Also, the goblin miniatures look more like the Moira orcs in the movie. Were those actually goblins? Thanks! Steve
  9. Pure speculation, but what if the reason they have been so slow with releases is because they're gearing up for a second edition of the game? An Endor release could cap off the first edition, and the third movie of the new trilogy can herald the new app-based Imperial Assault (or First Order Fight?). It's all pure speculation, and probably wishful thinking.
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